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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Randy DeSoto for Western Journalism reports, Top trump adviser Kellyanne Conway confirmed Monday that she is under Secret Service protection because of suspicious “white substances” being sent to her home.

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Conway Says Under Secret Service Protection Thanks To Press

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  1. Deplorable Rob says

    She’s a sweetie so protect her at all cost, go Trump!!

    1. Richard Armes says

      It’s incredible how unintelligent and uneducated Trump supporters replies
      are, to people who actually have brains enough to make valid points, and
      DON’T sound like petulant little children who can’t get their own way!!!

    2. Wayne Kurr says

      Cut them some slack. English is not their first language. They speak
      Russian better.

    3. Wayne Kurr says

      Cut them some slack. English is not their first language. They speak
      Russian better.

    4. Wayne Kurr says

      Cut them some slack. English is not their first language. They speak
      Russian better.

    5. Wayne Kurr says

      Cut them some slack. English is not their first language. They speak
      Russian better.

  2. Francis Facciolo says

    I will go after all these liberal assholes with a vengence,i will never let
    up,Trump president ,thank God

    1. Mr JONES says

      Francis Facciolo, I think it’s too late to fix many things with such an
      immoral nation, but I hope you are right and Trump some respect and
      morality to the nation. The republicans in general seem to have a higher
      sense of right and wrong so I pray this spiral of immorality will have the
      breaks applied.

  3. Michael Baia says

    This just proves that liberalism is a mental disorder…

    1. Mr JONES says

      Michael Baia, I hate when people use the word liberal for these perverts.
      They accept every wicked thing and despise order and discipline. Liberals
      can accept everything in their big broad vision EXCEPT what’s right.

  4. John Anderson says

    Entire Trump team needs protection.

    1. John Anderson says


    2. GNUFZ says

      +cappy1ish Well – if “leftist” means being reasonable in terms of relying
      on actual facts, such as global warming, lack of gun control leading to
      excessive gun violence, income inequality, the failure of ‘trickle-down
      economics’, Obama’s inauguration crowd size being the biggest ever,
      evolution, the earth revolving around the sun as opposed to Kellyanne
      Conway’s “alternative facts” – yes, I am a leftist, and I’m fu&$ing proud
      of it. Because I have brains that I can rely on!

    3. John Anderson says

      Your prayers have been and answered, and so have mine.
      If Hitlery had been elected, I would have crawled into the bunker with you.

  5. Manuela Melton says

    why not call for him to be fired too? Just like the other 2 people? because
    her life is in danger!

    1. jmaedl027 jmaedl says


    2. Mr. Nick b says

      jmaedl027 jmaedl yeah we don’t who he’s talking about

    3. Evan Engelkes says

      Mr. Nick b guess she’s talking about any male on this planet.

    4. jmaedl027 jmaedl says

      +Evan Engelkes If you click on her youtube profile she explains it all in
      her video. .”a confession “

    5. Manuela Melton says

      +jmaedl027 jmaedl I was extremely vague there… the reporter should be
      fired just like the SNL writer and the Comedy Central guy. Even though it
      was heinous to target Barron Trump, this guy (the one who said the bust of
      MLK had been removed from the white house) put lives in danger.

  6. HonoluluTita says

    The real Deplorable’s are the crybaby Democrats. I used to be a Democrat
    but no longer after seeing the party’s true nature. Hateful and hurtful.

    1. MrGchiasson says

      They are the ‘Despicables’. It has been amazing to watch the meltdowns,
      the threats of suicide, threats to leave the country, falling down tantrums
      and utter breakdowns. Most of it has been making me ROFLMAO! But then
      there’s the violence…Police..start shooting the rioters, vandals,
      arsonists and those who commit assault

    2. Randy Miller says

      HonoluluTita I I agree with you

    3. HonoluluTita says

      Mr. Nick b I’m more a supporter of Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard, but
      respect that we must work together as best we can with our President. All
      this open defiance and intentional subversion to force Trump to fail will
      only cause the whole of America to fail.

    4. HonoluluTita says

      stinkyfungus We have a champion in Tulsi I hope.

    5. HonoluluTita says

      nicholas Akubariki Such a true Hitlerian response, sigh. Euthanized is the
      incorrect word for what you propose, by the way.

  7. Lory D says

    it is disgusting what these people are doing.

    1. cappy1ish says

      I think there policy is…….if we can’t win…….kill them til think
      like us. Isn’t that the isis theme ? The mad Muslim theory ?

    2. Lory D says

      cappy1ish watch Hillary’s America you can find it on you tube it is the
      entire history of the democratic party

    3. Jay Roark says

      cappy1ish I love your thinking,hm let’s put them all on a ship,hell in

    4. MrGchiasson says

      It’s because they are disgusting people and this is what they do best. I
      hope the FNI finds the scum who did it..lock them up for life…

  8. Ted Turner says

    I hope they find who is sending these suspicious white substances and throw
    them in THE BIG HOUSE!

    1. Dan D says

      Read your history books before they get rewritten. The wanker is spot on.
      Everything but the Mexicans part is historically accurate. Look it up for
      yourselves. I’m still a Trump supporter, but he is right.

    2. Dan D says

      The Hitler speeches thing has not been verified, but two of his wives have
      said that.

    3. Ted Turner says

      Yeah this Hitler speech is a bunch of B.S.!

    4. Jay Roark says

      Ted Turner What fk that,and pay for them fkrs with my taxes dollars,hang
      them fkrs cheaper and done on time under budget Trump theme got love it.

    5. Scott Todd says

      No the trials are first unfortunately, if we would start punishing people
      would stop being such idiots. And just like Islam to Muslims, when one does
      they all take the blame. All democrats are not radicals, even though we are
      fed up to the hilt, we do have decency about us and we are Americans who
      respect democracy, that is why we are democrats. Stop persecuting us all
      for what a few do, please.

  9. Crystal Flavin says

    Time for the new administration to put the paid propaganda as CNN out of
    business, they are damaging the country and poisoning american people also
    MSN website is trying to put americans against TRump, he has the power to
    stop that, the paid cable “news” are just propaganda from the demorats.

    1. Douglas Binge says

      Crystal Flavin what’s Fox news then….fair and balanced…lmao

    2. Albert Bales says

      Trump just announced that the great dumb down has been completed and is a
      rousing success. The comments here are 100% proof that 32% of Amerikans
      and 100% of tchumpussies are less intelligent than a cockroach.
      Congratulations, you have trashed a civilization that took eight thousand
      years to achieve. Now please move to Alabama.

    3. J Striker says

      Albert Bales- Actually, we thought for ourselves instead of buying into all
      the MSM lies. Did you not see things getting worse+worse as the years went
      on, regardless of a Dem or Repub as potus? Our people have been divided,
      pay not increasing for the past 40 years(accounting for inflation), new
      wars starting in the Middle East, and our Sec of State being caught in lie
      after lie+running a multi-billion dollar global mafia organization(the
      Clinton “Foundation”).
      The elites used all of their resources to buy yet another election, but
      this time we had a man run who couldn’t be bought b/c he was already rich,
      and he was already known to all Americans.
      They fed America truck loads of their lies+false promises, but some of us
      saw that these were the same empty promises we’ve been hearing for the past
      30 years, and things have only gotten worse.
      We also saw that one candidate was not concerned about Americans…not
      women, Latinos, blacks, or the poor. She only cared about one
      thing…getting rich while advancing the elite’s agenda.
      We looked through the lies+voted for Americas last hope. Please give Trump
      a chance. He’s working to make our lives better. The only people he’s not
      trying to help are criminals, terrorists, and people who came here
      illegally. Is this a bad thing?

    4. Mr JONES says

      Crystal Flavin, what you are is undoubtedly true about CNN, CBS, etc. but
      we don’t want to give our politicians power to act as the thought police.
      Things are already going to far with people having to walk gingerly with
      having an opinion. CNN is garbage, but the liberals will some day be in
      power again and they would use that same power against the remaining
      inkling of morality and common sense.

    5. Jay Roark says

      Mr JONES Be long timeeeeee, Republicans will always be power, regardless of
      president.its been that way for decades

  10. Daniel Flores says

    I pray for Kellyanne and her family for protection in Jesus Mighty holy
    name. Amen

    1. Kate F says

      Ivan m YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!???

    2. Mesalonika says

      take your fucking bible and put it between your vulva!! Oops that is what
      trump /pence do to women!

    3. Kate F says

      Daniel Flores I think we should all agree in prayer for Mesalonika.
      Heavenly Father, please help Mesolonika lose her anger. Let her find peace
      and light in her life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    4. Wayne Kurr says

      Although I appreciate the sentiment, I believe that your suggestion is
      anatomically impossible.

  11. Michael Ledford says

    The horrible behavior from leftists is driving away all moderate democrats
    like it drove me away ,the more moderates like me who see the Democratic
    party is now the radical party the stronger we grow .

    1. Michael Ledford says

      +Mr. Nick b glad to be on the Trump train & part of President Trumps
      Republican party ,which just happens to represent the values of the
      Democratic party when I joined in 1957 ,now the Democratic party is the
      party of radicals and anti US socialists .

      Now we need to help President Trump end these sanctuary city’s democrats
      announced they intend to fight tooth n nail to keep ,once the wall is built
      ,and strongly enforced ,then America will see a huge drop in crime .

    2. Mac Jordan says

      Michael Ledford That’s the true spirit. It’s not the politicians that form
      the strength of a nation or business or team.. It’s the people. Democracy
      is resistance. But truthful resistance. Thanks for that. You have guts.

    3. Douglas Binge says

      Michael Ledford there are 3 million more libs …get over it

    4. Dan D says

      Fascism creeps in like twilight, at first your eyes adjust.

  12. White Wolf says

    Man, this is just so sad to happen. That is why we need to not only boycott
    the crappy channels, but something needs to be done directly. I do not know
    if a lawsuit for racketeering nder the RICO Statutes could be done for
    their collusion with the DNC is attainable, but something needs to be

    1. Mr. Nick b says

      White Wolf yes I agree. Let’s see if we can find a way to take appropriate
      action to eliminate this type of behavior

    2. White Wolf says

      Mr. Nick b Yes, we need legal and financial help. Jay Sekulow comes to

  13. Diana Campanella says

    Unbelievable! And after all the damage Obama had done, there was none of
    this. That’s how corrupt the media is. If the masses really knew what he
    had done, he would have been lynched in public.

    1. Mr JONES says

      Diana Campanella, you are correct that many people would be angry, but many
      would not because our nation is sick.

  14. Deutschland Dexit says

    Liberals are peaceful just like Islam! LMAO!

    1. mmmmmmmmmmhhhhhh says

      Sick Pat Sick Pat ‘but the Christians did kill an estimated 9 million
      people.., where they wiped out a great deal of Europe.’

    2. Sick Pat says

      +mmmmmmmmmmhhhhhh I told you that is what my grandparents used to say.
      Actually THEY used to say 12 Million, but I thought 9 was probably more
      charitable and conservative.

    3. Dan D says

      Wayne is right. Look into the “crusades”

  15. Steven Greeson says

    the brave men and women of the Secret Service is on the front line against
    the evil in this country. Very thankful for them. May the Lord keep you
    safe and protect them. The liberals have lost their minds.

    1. Clyde Simpson says


    2. Steven Greeson says

      +Clyde Simpson thank you brother for coming into agreement. God Bless

  16. Frank Elyar says


    1. Mr. Nick b says

      Frank Elyar there’s very few smart and sane dems left at this point, I know
      only a few btw I upvoted your comment

    2. Jay Roark says

      Mr. Nick b Fk,Mamma he’s crazy

  17. Shelly Hansen says

    are we talking anthrax ?? !!

    1. Louis Accardi says

      They didn’t say, it could of been, but I think it was probably drugs. Then
      they could implement her in a scandal and smear and degrade her reputation.
      They are real dirt bags.

    2. Kate F says

      Louis Accardi that Is their mo. Blackmail..

    3. fuzzy wuzzy says

      Shelly Hansen i bet is seamen

    4. Mr JONES says

      Shelly Hansen, she doesn’t want to make a false claim so she is only giving
      a description of the substance, but we all understand the sender wanted her
      to fear it was Anthrax.

  18. Elena Brio says

    This is liberals are all about: fascists, criminals, murderers and

    1. John McGehee says

      Elena Brio
      Lets be clear these people are not liberal by definition they are
      communists. I say im fiscally conservative and socially liberal and these
      people are not liberal that’s what they claim to be!

    2. Albert Bales says

      Fascism is extreme right wing government, like trumpism. Extreme left is
      commie. You sad, pathetic, microcephilic, bed wetter.

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