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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Meets MTV Punk’d

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge meets MTV Punk'd – I had to upgrade the Ice Bucket Challenge to version 2.0. See how much fun I had, and I still donated money to http://alsa.org ! You need to see the faces of the people that I targeted. Priceless! It was worth the money and the payback that will be coming!

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I'm calling out: Mitch Bergsma, Cameron Manwaring, And my friends at http://Vidangel.com Neil and Jeffery harmon.

Donate to ALS Association – http://alsa.org
Help fight Lou Gehrig's Disease and families that are affected by this horrible disease so they can get compassionate care and support.

Special Thanks to the Following People:
My Victims: Joseph, Michael and Stephen Eves
My Help: Adam Ferraro
Joseph Punk'd Team: David Eves and Steve Houston
Micheal's Punk'd Team: Dustin Dayley, the Custodian Crew, Hurricane Middle School
Stephen's Punk'd Team: Nate Esplin & Crimson View Elementary

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The Ice Bucket Challenge Upgrade. – 2.0
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge meets MTV Punk'd

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  1. TheBrunoTT says

    Very original!! :D

  2. Derral Eves says

    +MicBergsma I called you out in this video, but in a different way! Watch
    the video to find out!

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Rebecca Happy I would have to do the work If I tagged the Redhead Express.

    2. Rebecca Happy says

      they are empowered women!! I am sure they can find a way.

    3. Derral Eves says

      +Rebecca Happy its true… I will be with them for a week in Alaska
      shooting 2 videos!

    4. Rosalidia Ramos says

      U always do great video!! This was fun to watch!! +Derral Eves

    5. Bibiana Parker says


  3. DanTheMan says

    Pretty Funny : )

  4. BrowneyedGirlmjd says

    Great twist on this very good cause – but you are you going to post your
    brother’s paybacks? 

  5. MicBergsma says

    :-O!!! Will see when I come back next week, still in Cancun for work.
    Ropeswing cracked me up 🙂 

    1. Derral Eves says

      Can’t wait to see your video +MicBergsma

  6. AyMen Artistry says

    That’s awesome! You need to make more videos like this :)

  7. Ash Almond says

    Oh that’s hilarious but fun ALS ice bucket challenge prank, Derral! Great

    1. Derral Eves says

      thanks +Ash Almond I love my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Meets MTV Punk’d
      idea! I hope it takes off! 🙂

  8. Ask Ram says

    +Derral Eves great to watch this video, its really very fun. you always do
    fun in your videos. :)

  9. DirtHog365 says

    Loving the Ice Bucket Challenge v2.0, great idea +Derral Eves!

  10. Pang Christian says

    Dude he has so many brothers

  11. Alicia Castellano says

    I think im the only one who hasn’t got nominated yet lol

  12. TheALOwens says

    Great take on the challenge +Derral Eves ! Loved it!

    1. Derral Eves says

      +TheALOwens I had so much fun!

  13. Joseph Eves says

    Derral You punk’d me but Jocelyn and Myah are challenging you. So man up

  14. dekthaiklaibaan says

    This is soooooooo funny hahhahahahahahahahaahahaha
    Great to see such good relationship between brothers haha

  15. Montclair says

    I’m at 5k subs now and I thank you for being one of the great youtubers to
    motivate me! Guys if you could check out my content & leave feedback id
    greatly appreciate it! Lets get to 1mil subs together!

  16. LemonofthePie says

    Best video ever!!

  17. Balisticflashvlogs says

    Lol nice that was really funny

  18. MichaelSerial says

    I forgot about this video!

  19. nour altobasi says

    Hahahaha this is sooo funnny I love itt !! I love the idea, well done! 

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