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Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Emma Stone Asks: Who is Kofi Outlaw?

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Emma Stone takes a break from Spider-Man 2 interviews and attempts to figure out the mystery of Kofi Outlaw's name.



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  1. Cristian Araujo says

    This is too funny

  2. moviebuzzrocks says

    haha she is so cool

  3. VarsityPuppet says

    Dude, this is what I said when I first saw Kofi Outlaw on ScreenRant!

  4. AreTuda EDub says

    Hahahah aha…….I love this…. PS Kofi your homie! Love the Podcast w/
    Ben, Rob and Ant!

  5. James Garcia says

    See, and this whole time I thought maybe Kofi Outlaw was a pen name. 

  6. eon001 says

    Emma Stone seems like the most chilled and down to earth girl in Hollywood.
    Instantly likable unlike Meagan Fox. Stone should have been April O’Neil. 

  7. eon001 says

    I thought it was an alias or rap name. I demand to see his birth
    certificate! :P

  8. Philly Mancave says

    This is Funny dead serious i went to highschool at Harriton with Kofi
    Outlaw, Looks like he is doing alright for himself

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