The J-Band is a great tool for creating and maintaining arm strength in or out of season. This rotator cuff exercise program is the key to preventing arm injuries while promoting arm health, strength, endurance and recovery period.

Product Features

  • A pitchers best friend – it strengthens and stretches
  • Prevents injury while throwing a baseball or softball
  • Exercises increase arm strength and pitching stamina
  • Bands are pitching aids for more powerful throwing


  1. Resistance level is good for teen & young adults Resistance level is good for teen & young adults. The Velcro cuffs can be detached so you can hold different for comfort, though it’s not recommended by Jaeger. The clasp is strong, but I’d like it to have a larger opening so it could fit more fences/bars. The color card that shows the exercises is particularly helpful. We have a youth Jaeger and it has been great for warmup prior to throwing. Not sure if it adds strength to the for rotator muscles.

  2. Jaeger bands were recommended by multiple coaches to us and have been an … Jaeger bands were recommended by multiple coaches to us and have been an important part of our arm health program. The blue bands are a little easier to tell apart from the other player’s bands – a help when many players have them.

  3. Jaeger bands are awesome As a college baseball player, arm care is a big part of my routine. I use these bands every single day and they keep my arm feeling healthy and loose. I would recommend any throwing athlete to do some kind of band exercises no matter what age, as it can be a great tool to strengthen the throwing arm and muscles that are used in a lot of athletic movements. Jaeger bands are also a great way to strengthen your core and balance, which are both excellent tools in any sport.


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