More Jesus Diet offers 30 new devotions designed to encourage, challenge, and motivate people to put Jesus first in everything, even their physical health.


  1. Personal help This book is an easy read, that should be read over and over and over and over again. It’s not your ordinary “diet book”, but a litany of Biblical truths that reaches to the core of the overeating problem. It is a book that will transform thinking about not only overeating, but any other addiction or compulsive behavior a person may be struggling with. It’s helpful, useful, and a necessary acquisition for any library.

  2. The Jesus Diet This is an amazing devotional book! I recommend it for anyone struggling with a habit they want to break, not just those trying to lose weight. Using a daily Bible verse, thoughts from Ms Merrill, and a closing prayer, this is the perfect companion to letting God help with breaking your habit.


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