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Your president Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump is for America and America First — he wants to bring back jobs to the American people, create high-paying jobs and cut taxes across the board. He is and always will be your champion.
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  1. Confedertarian Rebel says

    Trump 2016

  2. My name is Jeff says


    1. My name is Jeff says

      Trump 2016

  3. bonnie the bunny says

    Good if i were 21 i would vote for you

    1. Kalev Lemus says

      18 is the age just register

    2. bonnie the bunny says

      My bad thanks

  4. FreeMatter4TheBlind says

    I am so excited to see Trump dismantle hillary tonight. Please please Trump
    speak the truth no matter how crazy it is!

    1. Jean Phidorme says


  5. Nesswantstobattle/Leafysalt says

    I rather have plastic be presadent than donald scrub over here

    1. Jean Phidorme says


  6. andres zilli says

    Donald Donald Trump you are stupid

  7. The Fader Official says

    oh yeah, your for America alright, maybe you shouldn’t have you love War?
    oh wait, you like Russia, not America.

  8. 张茂 says

    yeah, America is going to limit its area control and hand it to others like
    China. I can see it.

  9. Henry Zayas says

    MATTHEW 17:11

  10. Christiauna Thorpe says

    We need a president that love God A good man steps Is order by god

  11. Brenda Baylor says

    a change man excepted, high hopes for america

  12. Marta Morales says

    i hate trump

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