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America First Is Americans First | Donald J. Trump for President

Your president Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump talks about the importance of placing American citizens first — in jobs, education, healthcare and more.

Find out more about Donald J. Trump for President:
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  1. Tommy Frankfurter says

    1 comment

  2. Mr. Gamer says

    My God his daughter is beautiful!

    1. SmokyMountainOutdoorsman says

      Yes she is. Her husband is one lucky dude.

    2. segaprophet says

      Good genes.

  3. Nesswantstobattle/Leafysalt says

    hillary 2k16

    1. pizza ice says


    2. Nesswantstobattle/Leafysalt says


    3. Professor Severus Snape says

      the Clinton campaign pays more for bigger words & more responses ?

    4. Jahiro Garcia says

      how do you pay for bigger words

  4. Dinar Chat Voted #1 by Dinarians says

    Trump is smarter than the politicians.

  5. Matt Gane says

    This was from my hometown!

  6. MrSnipers101 says

    I would like to take this moment to personally thank Donald Trump for all
    of the time, energy, and money he has spent to help make this country great
    and less corrupt.

  7. j38ish says

    Trump 2016!

  8. Low Santos says


  9. TOM says

    Donald all the way to the Whitehouse 2016!!!

  10. Daniel Morales says

    ill fck her daughter

  11. danny huller says


  12. Ridley Taylor says


  13. Barry Shaw says

    what did happen to great U S A

  14. Mary says

    President-elect Donald Trump, All’Alba Vincero! Thank you, God Bless you
    and Congratulations!

  15. Gladys Salaz says

    God bless America , God bless you and God bless all the people who are
    against you amen

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