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America Hero Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell Shows His Support For Donald J. Trump At RNC

Your president Donald Trump

Marcus Luttrell is a true American hero! Thank you for your support. #MakeAmericaSafeAgain

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  1. Reaper9567 says


  2. Critiqued says

    DJT 4 2016

  3. Stacey Jacoby says

    TRUMP 2016 ? We are tired of the media’s manipulation and lies. Clinton
    for PRISON

  4. The Big F U says

    I trust Trump

  5. Elcyde gaming says

    subsribe to me if you support trump!!!!!

  6. Tony's Games says

    Seal should be all capitalized as so – SEAL

    1. Lazy Lapras says

      should also be American

    2. Stacey E says

      So should LIAR and SELLOUT and SHAME.

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