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America: The Greatest Country on Earth

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Guess how leftists, millennials and 'Black Lives Matter' morons decided to celebrate the 4th of July?

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  1. Chosen One 41 says

    I’m a leftist millennial who isn’t even in the US and I think the US is a
    pretty damn great country. You have all these different types of people
    living together and the government doesn’t mandate that anyone gets stoned
    to death for being born a certain way. It’s like Canada but without the
    healthcare. I guess everyone can’t be perfect but you guys are pretty damn

    1. Tony Conrad says

      If you go to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or any of those countries the USA will
      seem like paradise.

    2. A Handsome Guy says

      +Itspietertime I think that’s the whole leftist values, blaming everyone
      for eveything that YOU did…

    3. Allen Berry says

      Chosen One 41 gave you the 100th like

    4. Darius Bartlett says

      Chosen One 41 your rite good bro(:

  2. Dayron says

    In which part of the UK can I find enlightened Brits like Paul?

    1. impalabeeper says

      +Andy Goldbaum
      It’s called cooperation.

    2. Andy Goldbaum says

      impalabeeper Then why can’t Scotland cooperate with Britain?

    3. impalabeeper says

      +Andy Goldbaum
      I don’t want to go into more Brexit debate but its because Brexiting is

    4. Andy Goldbaum says

      impalabeeper Actually this is an extremely complicated issue with many
      merits on both sides, but you don’t have to debate it if you don’t want to.
      Many of the brightest economists have been debating whether to stay or
      leave and it is one of those things that is extremely unclear. On principle
      though, Britain deserves to have complete control over its economy and
      borders. In no way does Britain owe Germany anything, and in no way does
      Germany have any right to force its delusional agenda down Britain’s
      throat. I don’t have a problem if Scotland wants to join the EU, but they
      have to be honest. It is not a matter of their ‘freedom’, but who will give
      them the most benefits.

    5. mmtot says

      Not in Scotland this is a leftist zombie hell hole.

  3. lillybit882 says

    So right, Paul.. America IS great.,,every other country is Jealous.

    1. Awesomeness says

      lol jealous of a country with childworkers, with 3 VIOLENT crimes every
      minute, terrorist state, full of corruption, biggest climate destroyers,
      biggest nationalist and addicted to power. Oh wow living in US is like
      living in Afghanistan

    2. EugeneStonersRifle says

      +Awesomeness How would you know? You obviously don’t live in the US.Its
      actually pretty safe…unless you live in big cities with large population
      of negro criminals

    3. Awesomeness says

      +Dolphin Shooter Yes you would, if you actually know other countries you
      probably would know.

    4. Dolphin Shooter says

      +Awesomeness Lived in England for two years. Nice place, but not America.
      lived in Switzerland for one year. Also nice, but still not America… just

  4. Thomas B says

    I challenge anyone to name one country in the history of the world without
    bloodshed and/or slavery of some kind in its history.

    1. Maxx Madd says

      you do know the first 4 crusades were sent created by the Vatican
      right?….no they have just as much blood as everyone else.

    2. Che X says

      If AmeriKKKa is so great then why is Edward Snowden on the run? lOL

    3. Thomas B says

      Are you seriously this stupid? do you also refer to Colombia as KKKolombia?
      or EKKKuador? Or maybe we should change the name from Chile to KKKhle? Or
      does your phony outrage only apply to the US?

    4. ItsSullyyz says

      TheA-RabMan I agree. Even the most delicate countries had something to
      shame of it look down upon. If you are more powerful, you are more prone to
      it, thus the British Empire or the United States. The only perfect entity
      is Jesus in my belief, and it upholds to prove yet again, true.

  5. Harry Ireland says

    America; The Greatest Country on Earth indeed…but with a very large group
    of democracy-hating, genderconfused and racially obsessed libtards.

    1. Che X says

      +The Typical Liberal chasing him for speaking the truth?

    2. The Typical Liberal says

      +Che X pretty much, I never said I agreed with the fact that we’re chasing

    3. duron bryant says

      Harry Ireland America is not the Greatest Country you watch to much

  6. FutureJarhead3 says

    I’m not proud of my country’s accomplishments 1 day of the year, I’m proud
    of my country’s accomplishments 365 days a year.

    1. William Turner II says

      sparky Tuttle I thank you for your sacrifices for our amazing country and
      agree with you to the fullest extent. My brother is a Iraq veteran and I
      know how you feel. I believe that everyone should get to have their own
      beliefs, which is one thing you can find in America and not Islam.

    2. sparky Tuttle says

      William Turner II , HOW is your brother today? I am angry at the way we
      have handled our vets. The guys coming back from the middle east are fairly
      tore up. I was first aware of our lack of truth and help back when lots of
      guys came back from Vietnam after being near agent orange. Besides the lies
      they were told, the complete lack of empathy from a lot of this nation was
      gut wrenching. I was a hippy child believing love would save us all.
      However, my disagreement with that war was never turned towards the
      soldiers. When I realized that this poison not only destroyed the
      servicemen but also the generation that came next, then I was pissed. So
      many of the guys had perfectly normal kids before the war but disabled kids
      after. God only knows how many generations after. But make no mistake, the
      garbage in the middle east makes agent orange look like peanut butter. If I
      had any reservations regarding my country, I would be for the last maybe 50
      to 100 years of corruption in our government. The corruption of money and
      lobbiest has brought the US to where we are now. And that’s why I ask about
      your brother, is he doing alright? I have had a theory that if you bring a
      collection of mothers and grandmothers ↩(that’s my group) together, we
      would figure out away to keep all of our children out of harms way. We
      could figure out ways to cooperate with each other. And we would have no
      problem doing what needs to be done with the evil and vile ones. We do all
      of that everyday. lol. But the fact you and I and everyone else can text
      what we want without fear of being pulled from our beds by the secret
      police tonight, never to been seen again, still makes this a beautiful
      nation. We are so young as a country that we have some changes still ahead.
      But for the most part we are a kind, tolerant people who fall down but
      always get back up and strive to do better.

    3. William Turner II says

      sparky Tuttle thank you for asking, my brother was a combat medic and
      served two tours. Luckily though he came back with no major physical
      injury. Although he has lots of trouble with crowds and loud bangs, but he
      is still doing alright.

    4. Tappy Tibbons says

      well said POG

    5. Harlley Gurrola says

      FutureJarhead3 Libtard!

  7. Nate Sassoon says

    british imperialism was very good you basically brought western society to
    two continents

    your colonizing was good.

    long live western civilization

    1. Jay Saenz says

      +Che X​ Slavery was America’s greatest mistake… without slavery…
      America would be 99% white… no guettos, no gangs, no welfare, no fat mad
      single mothers, no Obama… no African Americans, no Black Panthers or KKK
      or BLM… and probably it would be the greatest country on Earth… you are
      right… bringing black people was a terrible mistake.

    2. EugeneStonersRifle says

      +Jay Saenz No doubt. Biggest mistake EVER!

    3. Frozen Tundra says

      EugeneStonersRifle You guys are racist.

    4. HybridJack Jonesy says

      Sorry auto correct mistake – Resent the majority of the people was meant to
      be Represent the majority of the people… Durp

  8. hugospiegel says

    God bless America! I wish I was born there but I was born in another
    america continent shithole country.

    1. MrOktoberfest 00 says

      +Johnny Tobifour Well, you just dumped yourself in a trash bin.

    2. Ultra Force says

      Also, if any of you South Americans want to move here, feel free! Just do
      it legally. Don’t let idiots like Johnny turn you away.

  9. Joseph Lau says

    Yes, America is the greatest country in the world.

    1. RoyaltyFreeAbuser says

      +Bottled Windex Sony is japanese.

    2. Bottled Windex says

      Joanne kiwigal thats funny because like 80% of your videos in your
      favorites are American. All of the music you listen to is American.

    3. DatPCgamer says

      +Bottled Windex i listen to def leppard, the beatles, led zeppelin, oasis,
      love and rockets all british bands

    4. RoyaltyFreeAbuser says

      +Bottled Windex I love many American musicians. And so do I love many
      non-American musicians. What’s your point?

    5. Tactical Hillbilly says

      Joseph Lau yes it is i love America

  10. Chris Windham says

    Does anyone notice the humor in this ? A fucking brit having to tell us how
    great we have it? Move to America Paul we need more people like you.

    1. Stan Reydams says

      You don’t…

    2. COMMON SENSE says

      Maate the founding fathers were basically British. The USA/UK thing was
      essentially a civil war. Not all Brits want a Royal Family.

    3. Volka Gaming says

      Stan Reydams We do for now but that is in huge danger and has already been
      half fucked up by Obama+Bush the 2 worst presidents ever.

    4. COMMON SENSE says

      +Volka Gaming Haha Obama-Bush were like good cop/bad cop. They really effed
      things up. They helped the globalists takeover, piled up the USA with an
      insurmountable level of debt, destroyed industries, stirred up race wars,
      gender wars, drugs wars, flooded the country with undesirables, filled up
      the prisons. created fantasy wars, etc

    5. dginsd says

      Chris Windham seriously we’ll trade the Brits 40 of our libtard SJW’s for
      every one PJW you give us, and it’s still a ridiculously lopsided deal in
      our favor.

  11. Lewis Martin says

    america is great because america is good

    1. I don't Know says

      Lewis Martin knowledge

    2. Carl Geijer says

      i like your knowledge

    3. Chris Is Gaming says

      Lewis Martin KNOWLEDGE

    4. Lewis Martin says

      K N O W L E D G E

  12. Tom Elwood says

    normally, I hate British people, but you’re alright in my book.

    1. Tom Elwood says

      angry guy from Boston you skinny motherfucker god your fucking stupid, I
      said my entire PROVINCE is covered in snow., and you think I’m from the
      united STATES?

    2. angry guy from Boston you skinny motherfucker says

      +Tom Elwood oh Canada, I actually like Canadians but You’re an exception

    3. angry guy from Boston you skinny motherfucker says

      +Tom Elwood *you’re, go to school

    4. Jack Ganbat says

      What book?

  13. Ixeeyl Prieml says

    were the most powerful free country and for that most are jealous.

    1. MrStig691 says

      No you aren’t you moron. You’re neither.

    2. MrStig691 says

      No, Bull.

    3. Ixeeyl Prieml says

      What are you trying to say? We were the first free country. And we are the
      most powerful free country. Without our influence Europe would of still
      been full of a bunch of tyrannical cunts(monarchs).

    4. RUSTY NEEDLES says

      +Ixeeyl Prieml Your influence ? what when the US was selling arms and
      equipment to Germany … lmfao …

    5. Donald J Pepe says

      florida is the greatest state ever to exist top kek

  14. Dylan The German says

    I maybe a German but I live in America and it’s great

    1. Volka Gaming says

      William Better than a vast majority of other countries and in my opinion
      all others as of now. Until the libs take over and the economy collapses
      I’ll love watching them starve because they are worthless without welfare
      and free college.

    2. Jack o says

      btw if you left the US bc you don’t like it then you just made the day of
      every single American. lol bye felicia

    3. Uros Opacic says

      you cant be human beign if you live in america american are aliens

    4. tassinmonkeys says

      Dylan The German I am an Eastern European and live in America as well!
      Fucking love this country! proud to be an American citizen now!

  15. MrMeanderthal says

    I’m Canadian and Americans are our brothers

    1. American Eagle says

      MrMeanderthal hello my brother of the north

    2. Unknown X X says

      MrMeanderthal YOUR brothers… not mine.

    3. Emma Smith says

      MrMeanderthal yes I am American and I love Canadians

    4. Jimmy Hawkins says

      MrMeanderthal Hell yeah bro

    5. CanadianMapleGamer says

      Emma Smith thank you for that

  16. Valeria Daneva says

    Americans can get cocky at times, and they deserve criticism for some
    things; but to blatantly ignore their accomplishments and importance to the
    world is ridiculous, pretentious and ignorant.

    1. Maxx Madd says

      America whether you like it or not is what stands between you and the
      devil….don’t believe me …..go watch the video about a world without
      america….it will enlighten you.

    2. Frozen Tundra says

      Valeria Daneva Maybe the Americans from before, but today Americans are
      just retards.

    3. Felix Gutierrez says

      Valeria Daneva please don’t think all Americans are there Twitter idiots we
      have a lot more vary educated people here that’s why Trump won

    4. Link Dolphin says

      Valeria Daneva I’m stealing this quote for later use.

    5. Sarah Hudock says

      Valeria Daneva THANK YOU

  17. Dacus Decebalus says


    1. Darius Bartlett says

      angry guy from Boston you skinny motherfucker. If you dont like America.
      Get the hell out!!!!

    2. Frozen Tundra says

      Darius Bartlett America is great…depending where you live in it.

    3. Billy Mays says

      angry guy from Boston you skinny motherfucker Nice b8

    4. angry guy from Boston you skinny motherfucker says

      +Billy Mays having an opinion isn’t bait you fucking nonce.

    5. angry guy from Boston you skinny motherfucker says

      +Darius Bartlett when did it become illegal to have an opinion?

  18. Vadim Karnelovsky says

    jump of a building please

    1. Billy Mays says

      Vadim Karnelovsky So triggered

    2. Dylan Frazier says

      Triiggly puff

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