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An Interview With Trump Campaign Manager- Kellyanne Conway

Your president Donald Trump

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  1. Fresh Dr Pepper says

    Happy Halloween

    1. Toob247 Toob247 says

      Fresh Dr Pepper Happy Holloweiner

    2. American AI says

      Toob247 Toob247 LMAO

  2. blondishasp69 says

    In my opinion. They should get a studio. The echo is real. Look into
    getting better mic’s if that doesn’t work. Also look into anti echo foam if
    you need it.

    1. Mas9510 says

      It’s the damn waterfall in the background.

    2. blondishasp69 says

      ^. Very distracting.

    3. Skyz Blu says

      I think it’s a beautiful waterfall and reflects what Trump creates. Great
      backdrop ( not green screen) and sensible reporting. Trump 2016!

    4. blondishasp69 says

      Thats not the matter. Its the damn sounds

  3. Darock Darock says

    Trump 2016

  4. Rick Harrison says

    I’m voting for you in New Hampshire!!!

  5. Tyler C says

    She’s done a wonderful job! Together we are going to Make America Great
    Again! Trump for president! #lockherup. Huma’s “life insurance” will see
    Hillary in jail for the rest of her life. The dipshitcrats are trying to
    say “theres no path to victory.” I say we BLAZE a path! We go out there and
    we make OUR OWN PATH straight through their corruption, aided by truth! Get
    out there and vote for Trump!

  6. Nathan Baker says


  7. Kiiro Sagi (Verified) says

    We love you Kellyanne!

  8. silverwing4562 says

    Conway is incredible. So true. We the people!

  9. Gaven Rupert says


    1. Ramon R Almeida says

      Noooooo Clinton

    2. Lt. Christopher says


    3. David Schwartz says

      May be the mistake by the lake, but I’m your biggest fan if you guys go for
      Trump! 🙂

    4. Lt. Christopher says

      +David Schwartz We all should love Trump in this comment section and not be
      a Hillary supporter throwing a rip roaring fit

  10. Skyz Blu says

    I think the waterfall is beautiful. Great REAL background, not green screen
    and sensible reporting. Voting Trump!

  11. Skyz Blu says

    I think the waterfall is beautiful. Great REAL background, not green screen
    and sensible reporting. Voting Trump!

  12. FaqUrNwoBS says


  13. Mario Rossi says

    kellyanne …laser-sharp intelligence…making history !

  14. Ko Ko Lay says

    Watch out vote fraud. Cunning George Soros so called voting machines.

    1. Carlos Vargas says

      there is no connection to him or his supposed machines…

  15. Christine Madrazo says

    Brava kellyanne, brava.

  16. Shalon Jackson says

    I’m gay and proudly voting and supporting my man DONALD TRUMP!

    1. xBernie Trump Voter says

      Good for you I’m straight but I gave you a like for your comment welcome to
      the Trump train. Americanism not Globalism

    2. Stephen Mitchell says

      Good. Gays and women should not have to live in fear of any more mentally
      instable islamic immigrants.

    3. John Barleycorn says

      We are all Americans and need to unite against this threat of poor, and
      criminal governance.

    4. Vanessa Costa says

      You are also voting for Pence with him. That must feel slimey. lol

    5. xBernie Trump Voter says

      Vanessa Costa+ Pence is an angel, he never even got a parking ticket tell
      me one thing about him. Hilary kills and starts war what do you know go
      read the email. Or do you not know how to read english yet.

  17. troy krepps (TLK) says


  18. Not A Good Robot says

    (((Boris Epshteyn)))

    Look at that fucking schnozz,

  19. Dorilian Mendoza says

    trump dump ??�??????❌

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