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Song + Inspiration at the end: https://youtu.be/PzMO-hIv9AM
SDMN Clothing: http://www.sidemenclothing.com/

My Twitter: http://twitter.com/wroetoshaw

How I record my gameplays: http://e.lga.to/wroe

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  1. Random stuff Oh yeah says

    I got a 190 draft st Suarez lw neymar Rw messi lm ronaldo cm iniesta rm
    turan lb alba lcb pique rcb godin rb Gomez gk navas :)

    1. Hamdan Ronaldo says

      Debbie Aitken Same but I packed pogba and ronaldo in the same pack toty

    2. Theodore Sterling says

      Debbie Aitken q

    3. Matt Garrelts says

      Today is January 20th 2017

    4. Random stuff Oh yeah says

      Luke Vlogs no I went Jordi alba

  2. FTTM says

    why didnt he take purple ronaldo in the second draft

    1. Blue Woopy says

      FTTM because he got 98 Ronaldo

  3. adyan malick says

    why didn’t he take the purple ronaldo?

    1. Jake Watson says

      adyan malick because he wouldn’t have linked to coutinho

    2. adyan malick says

      oh thanks for that reply, for a second when i was watching that i thought
      he was moutinho who is portuguese and he would link to ronaldo

    3. Luke Vlogs says

      adyan malick ?

  4. Donna Limai says

    This is the worst video from w2s in my life

  5. Keenan Dick says

    he should have put SUAREZ FOR BENZEMA

    1. Jamie Baker TheGamer says

      No cause if he Pogba Benzema links cause there france

  6. Tracy Eslick says

    who’s watching on December 24, 2016

    1. Liam Smith who supports Plymouth ARGYLE says

      Tracy Eslick I’m watching on the 28th of December

    2. VG EliteZ says

      Liam Smith im watching on January 1st

  7. Sharheen Aung says

    I got Fifa 16 but my mum sold Fifa 17

    1. Ainis Garzadin says

      Sharheen Aung sorry ?????????????

  8. Jay Overton says

    My biggest draft is a 187

  9. Liam Gyde says

    I am the one that doesn’t need a gun to get respect

  10. Matt Garrelts says

    Harry is legit.

  11. Matt Garrelts says

    Anyone know what song he used for the part with Barack Obama?

  12. Jag är ZLATAN says

    this stupid montages are crap

  13. Calvin Johnson says

    You are so bad at fifa

    1. BesekHades859 , says

      Calvin Johnson LOL

    2. Luke Vlogs says

      Calvin Johnson and your really bad riddling with cancer

    3. SebastianTheKing Gamer says

      Calvin Johnson you’re bad at life

  14. Steph Frew says


  15. Joshua krishnan says

    Nice vid your really good at making the draft but once it comes to the most
    important thing winning the draft your just my dad trying to play Fifa! I

  16. Mr Blackmamba says

    4:40 lucky goal

  17. Rootuber05 Tinsley says

    Your crap at Fifa ?

  18. Finominal Shaaban says

    you fucking suck u bich

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