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APPALLING BBC bias: Reporter GLOATS UK election result could WRECK Brexit

@EuroTyranny responded: “Such a poor analysis.”

@Oxicute added: “Brussels feeling strong? Merkel??? Which EU are you following? You must’ve missed the last 12 months in politics!”

@Kamzara added: “Yes well done to you for working so hard against the UK. Will mean a hard Brexit much more likely now.”

It is not the first time Ms Adler has been accused of bias towards the EU. 

When she was appointed in 2015 it emerged she had “chaired debates” and done “public speaking” for the European Commission and other EU-backed bodies. 

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said at the time: “This apparent cosy relationship between the BBC’s new Europe editor and the European Commission is a big cause for concern and calls into question the BBC’s impartiality on the issue of Europe.”

In a subsequent letter, Conservative MP Philip Davies urges Rona Fairhead, chairman of the BBC Trust, and Lord Hall, the corporation’s director-general, to investigate. Mr Davies says: “Miss Adler has openly advertised the fact she regularly hosted events for the European Commission over a period of 15 years and I can only guess the generosity of EC propagation.

“This cosy relationship between the BBC and the European Commission severely undermines your editorial integrity and ability to report matters in a strictly objective manner. The BBC claim to operate a strict editorial code of conduct and these revelations appear to be a serious breach of the code.”

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