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Apple’s massive, glitzy new headquarters

Here is News Insider…

A few weeks ago, the doors of Steve Jobs' dream corporate headquarters opened for a number of Apple employees. Some say the massive complex looks like a giant spaceship landed in Silicon Valley. Backchannel editor-in-chief Steven Levy joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss his exclusive tour of the tech company's glitzy impressive new campus for Wired magazine.

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  1. trefader32 says

    Are they hiring? I don’t mind just being part of the janitorial staff.

    1. Michael Gaspar says


    2. Sonny Graham says

      Haha, for reals, right?!?!

    3. Shamar Coke says

      trefader32 ???? boy stop

    4. Scott Roth says

      trefader32 I would be the employee with a Lenovo ThinkPad laptop running Ubuntu Linux on a 2 TB HDD.

    5. RandomTube NOT-HD says

      trefader32 you have to be the manager of janitors to work there

  2. Isa M says

    that guy sounds like tim cook already

  3. Cactus Tweeter says

    We have plenty of people that like to go for a walk or run during their lunch time. Imagine being able to go for a run in the park that’s right outside your door.

  4. Lowell Ford says

    Time to bust-up Apple? It used to be standard practice for the U.S. to bust-up large corporations to generate competition and stop monopolies.

    1. cmer says

      Lowell Ford That applies when a company controls the entirety of a market. Apple does not.

    2. Dylan Thabest says

      Lowell Ford hi communist… stfu

  5. teknodisko says

    Does it come with a headphone jack?

    1. Manutd2456 says

      teknodisko it is a headphone jack

    2. teknodisko says

      Manutd2456 Clever boy

  6. chimpakawanzelu says

    stole Microsoft’s Halo

  7. Patrick says

    great Engineers But bad drivers………….. more traffic in my area 🙁

  8. bclarky12 says

    They should have used the money to give their chinese workers who actually make their products a raise

    1. Robert Smith says

      bclarky12 Little kids don’t even need to be paid, they will only spend it on candy..

    2. Olante says

      bclarky12 they don’t really control the production employees.. They give the production contract to Foxconn

    3. Arin I says

      na its ok, they already get paid more than the average chinese worker.

  9. Philip N says

    They make phones for 150$ sell them for 800$, doesn’t surprise me that they have build such a huge and expensive building!

    1. Apple Apple says

      Philip N Fake News. Your numbers are totally wrong.

  10. JPD says

    i’m sure you must be liberal to work there.

    1. chizplayaz says

      JPD what makes u think that?

    2. Apple Apple says

      chizplayaz Apple doesn’t support idiotic liars that get nothing done.

  11. Alex Penney says

    Google earth, cbs throwing shade on Apple maps smh ?

  12. Shamar Coke says

    The last fingerprints of Steve jobs oh boy

  13. Downstream01 says

    I wonder if they got a discount, now that the British have prototyped circular headquarters with GCHQ. 😛

  14. James Humphrey says

    a 3 dimensional office building would actually be more efficient. surprised jobs came up with such a simplistic plan……

  15. Morning Glory says

    The building doesn’t come with doors and you wanna know the reason? Courage.

  16. Muslim Mahmood says

    Thanks for sharing

  17. ExperHax says

    can’t wait for terrorist to blow it up!

    1. Ryanh631 says

      ExperHax why would you say something like that?

  18. Chivo says

    Hopefully now they can design and invent something good?

  19. miker6570 says

    I am surprised they are reporting on this now. They have been building this for over a year now.

  20. 19EHF says

    Calling it, Apple not NASA is gonna build the first time machine or interdimensional portal

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