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Are We All Trapped Inside a Video Game?

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Two billionaires think we're all living inside a video game simulation and are secretly working with scientists in a desperate attempt to help humanity break out.

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  1. Ichrubbeldiekatz says

    We don’t live in a video-game simulation…but we do live in a simulation
    generated by the brain. 99% of our so called “Reality” is is interpreted by
    the brain.

    1. Papyrus The Great (2nd Channel) says

      There’s no evidence for either of them. But the concepts are pretty

    2. endless cyanide says

      Papyrus The Great yes, there is evidence that our brain is the organ that
      has us conceptualising reality. although. There is no evidence that we’re
      in a videogame…

    3. martin11334 says

      The Cool Hitler but there is a respected and logically sound philosophical
      argument that comes to only two possible conclusions that we are pretty
      much definitely in a video game (probability of 99.99999999%) or the human
      race will never advance enough to create simulations of reality
      indistinguishable from the real thing (said there were two but just thought
      of a third possibility where we haven’t yet experienced the real because of
      the simulation, hence the simulation can be as absurd as possible and it
      would still not hint anything to us about it not being real as we haven’t
      experienced the real) I do encourage you to search up online and read up on
      it as this will explain the arguments much better

    4. nico austin says

      That is reality

    5. Odrama Vinladen says

      I can see where this is going….”Can you see this table?, this table is
      not really here, you can touch it and see it but its not here”.

  2. StopBS says

    Has anybody found a way to duplicate money or gold bars, I need money to up
    my crafting level to build a Rolex

    1. gamer7916 says

      I’m guessing you play Runescape

    2. erzkonservativ says

      never tell anyone the cheat code for that. if everybody uses it we will
      have a hyperinflation…. and a planet of gold

    3. Fender says

      StopBS yeah they have but the agents will get you if you cheat life

    4. Mishan alchmey says

      Ask the FED that.

    5. Detoxing Reality says

      MemeBurger MIB

  3. JohnPaul Cosby says

    If this life is a simulation, I must be an NPC.

    1. James Franklin (MadSaintJames) says

      +Calamaistr Because you think Trump is a hero

    2. Calamaistr says

      +James Franklin
      He is a hero.

    3. James Franklin (MadSaintJames) says

      +Calamaistr and that’s why youre a dumbass

    4. Calamaistr says

      +Daniel Jeffrey
      Nope, mine is maxed. And i didnt use cheats i just know a good farming spot.

  4. Anna Bridgette says

    If this is a video game, the fucker who chose me as the player character
    needs to turn on cheats and install mods.

    1. Cerbera82 says

      If someone could activate the cheat code that gives me a girlfriend…that
      would be grand.

    2. spectacles testicles wallet and watch says

      ye lowly pay for online playing cuck

    3. Johnni Reibech says


      okay, no problem, i’ll do that for you. btw, that particular cheat code is

      enjoy youself…

    4. spectacles testicles wallet and watch says

      whoever programmed all these cucks into the game needs to be shot.

    5. CartezIsHere says

      Harley Quinn same

  5. Rapture Remembered says

    Am stuck on the BLM level. Can anyone provide me a walkthrough?

    1. Prismic James says

      Ok I’m on the Soros level, my meme forces are extremely low. What should I

    2. Rapture Remembered says

      There are two ways to defeat Soros. 1) avoid his fireballs and jump over
      him, or 2) wait for him to jump then run under him. After this you can
      touch the axe to cut the bridge and he will fall into the lava.

    3. Mike Watkins says

      Look for the George Soros provided buses. First screen by the tv reporter
      lights. Don’t worry, they won’t even notice you….

    4. Iustitia Omnibus says

      Wish I could lend a hand bro, but I’m just trying to survive the liberal
      zombie apocalypse level.

  6. Fletcher Film says

    Is that David Icke I hear in the distance?

    1. Fletcher Film says

      +ChillDudeID Suddenly David Icke doesn’t seem as crazy as he was accused of
      being years ago does he?

    2. Alek Pasanku says


    3. Necron 99 says

      except in his particular simulation, shape shifting reptiles from outer
      space secretly control our planet because for some reasons thats not yet
      quite clear?

  7. Anthony P says

    But…if the universe is simulated….how is this idea any different than

    1. Mikee Remastered says

      +Sean Kavanagh 100% correct. Everything this man said is golden.
      Elon Musk is bettering humanity. Making ‘life (the living) better for us
      all. In the future when Earth is doomed. We may have huge colonies on other
      planets or space stations. And they will be remembering they have Elon Musk
      to thank for kicking off humanity’s colonization of other worlds. In fact,
      that is most likely to happen at some point way off in the future. 🙂

    2. vofs says

      Sean Kavanagh His faith is in materialism. He expresses this faith through
      modernism. It is his religion. This isn’t meant to be an insult, but if you
      are used to “religious” being a dirty word, I can see why you would take it
      that way. The idea that there exists a *true* reality which is meaningfully
      distinct from *false* simulations of reality is fundamental to both the
      abrahamic religions and materialist progressivism. Objectivism is the
      common thread. Do you not see how this is a position of faith?

    3. vofs says

      Imagine entering a church for the humanist god. The highest point in the
      room is an alter made of carbon fiber. Resting on top is a nuclear warhead.
      To the congregation, it is a symbol of His divine will made manifest in our
      world. They fear His power, but know that His capacity for good is equally
      great. One congregant is so moved by the sight of this relic, and all that
      it represents, that he decides to devote his life to the promise of God’s
      kingdom. Like Saint Oppenheimer, he will strive to push the boundaries of
      human progress. He will become a scientist, the highest ordination.

      TL;DR: Scientists are Catholics, and Mathematicians are Calvinists.

    4. Mikee Remastered says

      Again, the only truth is none of us (the living) know anything. And that is

  8. Smoothbluehero says

    I’d be doing much better at life if it was a video game…

    1. Johnathan Cookson says

      yeah its an rpg.

    2. Haus says

      Because we produce video games, which are made to simulate real life. .___.
      Thats like saying “war is already like a strategy game”

    3. Prismic James says

      Johnathan Cookson An MMO RPG

  9. InqWiper says

    Is it possible to change the difficulty from Hardcore to Beginner? I’m not
    getting laid as much as I would like.

    1. Arian Vito says

      @ Necron 99 : True, but actually, it’s HIGH TIME that somebody is doing
      that. The ABUSE of the English language here is INCREDIBLE !!! Has it
      really come this far that NOBODY is able to write anymore in a proper way ?
      Does it ALL have to be cell-phone bullshit ?

    2. Arian Vito says

      @ Necron 99 : True, but actually, it’s HIGH TIME that somebody is doing
      that. The ABUSE of the English language here is INCREDIBLE !!! Has it
      really come this far that NOBODY is able to write anymore in a proper way ?
      Does it ALL have to be cell-phone bullshit ?

    3. Mike R.L. says

      You need Doom Level = Bring it On! mate. 😀

    4. Detoxing Reality says

      Mike R.L. It know doubt exists! What we call dying may lead to respawning
      (birth) in another reality! Be careful what yo wish for!

    5. Mike R.L. says

      I’d fucking complete “DOOM” if it was my life easier than this “Sims”
      bullshit hahah

  10. Red Devil says

    Scientists and millionaires scoff at plebs for believing in God. Then they
    try to tell us that some superior being invented a simulation for us to
    live in for our benefit.
    Can these elitists with too much fucking time on their hands stop
    condescending to me? Can I get to work and bang a babe without you telling
    me the world is fake or the world is going to end?

    1. Red Devil says

      +NikTheFix Have you seen the Rick and Morty episode where they enter the
      civilization he created to power the battery in his car? Hahaha. That has a
      good Russian Doll plot.

    2. NikTheFix says

      +Red Devil Nice idea! Perhaps our own simulation is designed to produce
      plastic for our (simulated) overlords.

    3. Red Devil says

      +NikTheFix I abhor the idea that I’m living in what is essentially the
      Matrix. But I do get a *lot* of deja-vu, and other eerie vibes and
      coincidences in my life. If I were superstitious or into pseudo-science
      then I could just excuse things by using those systems. Instead I have
      nothing. Just fucking weird occurrences. I really hope I’m not a god damn
      computer simulation without free will.

    4. NikTheFix says

      +Red Devil You may not be a simulation but I’m afraid free will is out of
      the question in all circumstances. 🙂

    5. Craft_T Crafts says

      Know many millionaires then…?

  11. Dan Revelations says

    For all we know the Nazis won the war, and they are simulating a scenario
    where Hitler lost. For all we know, an advanced race uses the simulation to
    manufacture and vet a certain type of person to which they upload into a
    silicone body after the simulation. For all we know, Jesus Christ was the
    owner of the simulation, thus was able to use the “miracle” unlock. For all
    we know a computer race simulated life on earth, to understand their
    creators. For all we know, we actually belong to and are the computer race
    learning to be like the humans so we can liberate them accordingly. Cherry
    picking the reasons of this simulation theory can be very misleading.

    1. SharkFace69 MLG says

      jesus was multiple people

    2. Dan Revelations says

      +Kek Cultist lol

    3. Malachi O'Connor says

      Isn’t that Mormonism?

    4. Trolling Troll Trolls Troll Troll Trolls says

      Except I love Hitler I married him, so why am I here then m8? Check mate

  12. ihategrapes says

    This game sucks. The tutorial takes like 18 years and you don’t really even
    learn anything.

    1. Mishan alchmey says

      At least it wasn’t funded by EA. Woh, DLCs and cut content for days.

    2. jewish5555 says

      +Mishan alchmey Nope but sponsored by twitter and the professional victims

    3. SlydeGaming says

      Mishan alchmey they’re called bills, the dlc keeps the power on

    4. juhotuho10 says

      you cant even select a character or sex or a lifeform, you cant customize
      yourself easily and you have to play on this stupid server called :”planet
      earth” and its almost full already

  13. cricket62200962 says

    Basically they are saying God exists, whether they know it or not.

    1. Bill Keith says

      ok your icon explains where the fly on Hillary flew to.

    2. Johnni Reibech says

      The creators of such a simulation, would most likely not be anything like
      the God of the Bible, or any other iron age myth. Also, I don’t know if the
      word “God” would be the best way to describe a creator of a computer
      simulation. I would have to think about that.

    3. PowderBoy says

      You completely missed the point
      they are basically saying you are an extremely advanced computer code that
      only thinks what is was programmed to do
      a npc

    4. TheFallen018 says

      +PowderBoy The evidence that they find for this theory is the way CM
      behaves. There’s nothing to say that we aren’t complex AIs capable of
      making independent thought and decisions.

  14. voist magina says

    Can somebody help me? I tried to instal sex mod but something went wrong
    and now every time i attempt to make romantic interaction with woman npc
    error message about missing money.dll pops out. it’s really frustrating

    1. chinessgirl says

      Change script SpawnGoldDigger_NPC= false

    2. AneirinTheGod says

      Download XmoneyH8k55 and spawn in some money

    3. Johnni Reibech says

      Maybe games isn’t that much fun if you just cheat. Doesn’t it feel better,
      if you can say that you have earned really your accomplishments, playing
      the game at a difficult level? Also MMORPGs has anti-cheating software
      included 🙂 Too much cheating ruin the game for the other players!

    4. Feminazi Bleach says

      use the cheat code Spawn_Chloroform_Item and then use it on Woman_NPC

    5. Lavourrin says

      Before running the game, you should download the DLC called “Get A Job”. It
      fixes some errors from the early vanilla game.

  15. Chechi De La Rocha says

    Lol atheist are so funny, they will never ever admit that there is a God
    but they will admit that there is design and laws in the universe that
    allow it to exist. And maybe its some ultra intelligent being that created
    it, yes, but can it be God, ‘no no way’. If they could only separate what
    terrible things humans have done in the name of God vs God himself.

    1. okflyaway99 says

      +Atheism Is Preposterous alright, fair enough for calling out my flaw, then
      what’s the best argument, then?

    2. crewskater06 says

      +Atheism Is Preposterous If something hasn’t been proven, then it’s more
      reasonable to assume that it doesn’t exist instead of it does.

      +okflyaway99 The best argument is no one knows if god exists, so it’s best
      to live a good life.

    3. crewskater06 says

      +okflyaway99 If there is a god, it will judge you on your actions and not
      your beliefs. That’s the only logical conclusion.

    4. Madara says

      okflyaway99 Exactly, you just feel like there is not enough evidence, that
      doesn’t mesn there isn’t, you’ve already set the standard too high to be
      reached, you do this on purpose because you blatantly don’t like the
      thought of being morally responsible before a God. There is so much
      evidence to conceptually points to a creator, the fine tuning of the
      universe, the inherent morality of all human beings, the incredibly complex
      structures in the body (read Molecular biology) and the simulation theory,
      it all points to a creator. Literally nothing can reasonably account for
      our origin without there being divine intervention.

    5. crewskater06 says

      +Madara So you think the standard for a god should be low? Are you kidding
      me? Then your standards for humans I can assume is extremely low. There
      very well could be a creator, but how do you go from that to the god of the
      Bible, it doesn’t make any sense and requires wishful thinking. I have no
      reason to believe you’ve chosen the right god when there are thousands of

  16. Richard S. says

    So Hillary is the level boss then?

    1. British Bronson says


    2. The Ball says

      No, not even Soros.

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