Are YOU certain Federica? Eurocrat held exaggerating border of EU troops competence but UK


However, counterclaim spending total gathered by a reputable Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) do not support her assertion.

In Mar a Swedish researchers published the many present statistics accessible on counterclaim spending, detailing how most money governments dedicated to troops matters in 2016. 

The ‘current’ figures, chronicling accurate spending, uncover that a US is approach out in front as a world’s biggest troops power, devoting a whopping £470 billion to defence. 

America was followed in a tellurian joining list by a European Union as 28, including Britain, that total spent £190 billion on the particular inhabitant militaries. 

In third was quick rising China whose counterclaim contributions ballooned to a large £165 billion, signalling the ambitions to turn a truly tellurian player.