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Arrests, new info on Manchester bomber’s possible ISIS links

Here is News Insider…

Police in Manchester, England made three more arrests Wednesday in connection with Monday night's concert terror attack. Twenty-two people – some of them children – died in the explosion. The British government raised its terror alert to critical, the highest possible level. "CBS Evening News" anchor Scott Pelley and CBS News correspondent Mark Phillips report.

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  1. sun flower says

    I heard that there was one missing 15 year old female due to this attack.  She attended the concert.  Does anyone know if she was found?  Or was she kidnapped?

    1. Gooners Rule says

      She was killed

    2. sun flower says

      That is so sad.!!!!  Praying for her family.   So her mom was looking in the hospitals hoping to find her and she was in the morgue?????   Well at lest she was not taken by ISIS and sold into the human sex trade in the middle east.    MY GOD COMFORT HER FAMILY AND GIVE THEM PEACE!!!!!!!!

    3. Dylan Mahers says

      well any takers ? waiting

  2. CM Derp says

    Gee, the countries that allowed Syrian refugees are the ones with more and more frequent attacks. Who would of guessed….

    1. Ahmad Almoujarkish says

      Syrian did not do anything the pepole also die there by the president and isis Some pepole in Syria are poor and die by isis some other pepole are monsters evreay day I heard that 200 pepole every day

    2. Light House says

      CM Derp it’s not about the refugees it’s about Islam…. and poor national security…

    3. AA GAMES says

      CM Derp gig

  3. Tiberius Maximus says

    CBS U never mentioned which ideology was behind this attack, guess you forgot.

    1. kevin robb says

      they dont need to we all know

  4. Matthew Harrison says

    Wow. Another Islamic Attack. Who would have guessed?

    1. RockChar Rocker says

      Matthew Harrison , Wait! There’s going to be more. Until you guys do something about it.

  5. Jessie Rankin says

    jail the bombers father and bro . and just feed them bacon rolls 72 times a day

    1. Elza says

      Jessie Rankin bet they wouldn’t care cause they’re not muslims

    2. Ryan says

      They are. All Muslims are terrorist.

  6. Antony Stenton says

    sooo the police know where to go new it was a hot spot for Muslim terrorist yes i will say it Muslim and yet they did nothing because they and the polictian carnt offend anyone no point closing the the gate after the bull has run off

  7. Dorjee Miyake says

    and he stupid government still let the terrorist in …..

  8. Albert Samuel says

    I hope Canada doesn’t experience this

  9. WolfPsx says

    More immigration please, I’m loving it so much. Such a joy and addition to our culture.

  10. Johnnie Boy says

    I hope this guy gets hung for his crimes or at least put a bullet in his rat self head.

  11. M Sheridan says

    they have to make a law to deport the entire family if your involveved in terrorisism.

  12. HOT IN EUROPE says

    u made this war . leftwing news and policies

    1. Gunmetal Grey says

      Are you an idiot? Islamic state made this war because they’re sick.

    2. Lewis Pollard says

      Gunmetal Grey lefties are to blame as much as isis

  13. del boy says

    I heard a bang next door to me,but it was just my drug dealing neighbours keeping the police away

  14. Gunmetal Grey says

    …Muslims…really surprising.

  15. Douglas Elliott says

    Perhaps President Trump is not so far off base with the travel ban he imposed on those Islamic nations Obama previously had declared to be of terrorist threat.

  16. Deb2sing says

    Please world, let’s wake up and eradicate this evil

  17. Hufinn Puff says

    Get used to it UK, just like some of the media is telling you to do. That is your life now.

  18. Steven Mcintosh says

    troops posted too save the elite not the public stupid country ffs

  19. D 1 says

    That was the police and the sas

  20. jrfoleyjr says

    Wow a bombing, time to import another 100,000 terrorist spawning moslems.

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