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Arsenal vs Manchester City 3-2 HD All Goals & Highlights 07/08/2016

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Manchester City Arsenal 2-3
Arsenal vs Manchester City 3-2 HD All Goals & Highlights 07/08/2016

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  1. Rhys Wyss says

    There are currently 3 comments saying first and one saying third. Please
    report all these comments

    1. bloody minds734 says

      +Rhys Wyss I agree tho

    2. Daniel Lee says

      +Yumge Padu Jesus christ calm your tities bro

    3. Antonio Garcia says

      +Rhys Wyss but remember people need to feel important, so they need to let
      everyone know they were 1st 2,3,4 and so on. If they want you to sub let
      them, plus they sub to you with 20 accounts. Let those peasants be who they
      are, without them, who are we going to make fun of. So now off you go

    4. Rhys Wyss says

      +Antonio Garcia I guess it is fun to report them. OK

  2. Hermon hazard says

    Good goal by Walcott ?

    1. Ali Amir says

      I think you mean world class goal!

    2. pao gate13 says

      It’s about time that little cup cake scored! If he has a good season
      Arsenal should sale and get more value for that Pansy

  3. bill sway says

    Pep wears stone island ?

    1. Hassan ali says


    2. Cloud says

      He is a level 1 roadman

    3. Frankie Moore says

      green street wannabe

    4. Alex says

      he spent an arm and leg on this stoney

    5. BoxingB0oda says

      It was a sign to the board to get him stones

  4. Ogap idrazK says

    wow hart is sooo baaad

    1. katerin Correa Nuñez says

      +helpmeiambreathing Lee

    2. Zack Lane says

      +Nick Trovato ???

    3. Frank Bond says

      He’s gone

    4. Frank Bond says

      +helpmeiambreathing Lee wanna write more? U must have no life unless ur
      like joe harts boy/girl friend

  5. Mayank Gupta says

    I think Joe hart is definitely going out and finally Walcott show why he is
    pace master….definition MOTM

    1. Tom Tom says

      +matty games they are far of from peps ideas they nee so much time at least
      2 years

    2. melvin diaz says

      Dude its impossible for hart to block that if the defense is messing up

    3. matty games says

      well he could of got one as he touched and he comes to far off his line the
      defence can’t always look out for him

    4. [Soul Beast Tv] says

      or Rui patricio

  6. Mike H says

    4:47 Aguero 0-1
    6:02 Iwobi 1-1
    8:20 Walcott 2-1
    10:04 Akpom 3-1
    10:58 Iheanacho 3-2

    1. Ro McManaman says

      Did I hear a nacho?

    2. Hejsa med dejsa says

      what about the other two goals??

    3. Clément says

      hejsa din sæk

    4. Hejsa med dejsa says

      lol luk røven

    5. Maura Lawton-Smith says

      Thanx ???

  7. Demon626 says

    Its a friendly match?

    1. Travis Miller says


    2. tiarnan says

      I thot u were kurt cobain

  8. Duch Scheefer says

    Ohh man. Hart is a joke of a keeper.

    1. Nick Trovato says

      +Kevin Doyle Well your Joe Hart is on his way out the door, replaced by the
      amazing Chilean international Claudio Bravo.

    2. Duch Scheefer says

      +Nick Trovato Clearly better than Hart.

    3. Kevin Doyle says

      +Nick Trovato if you actually read articles rather than read the title ,
      its likely that he will go out on loan as he requested due to only being
      with Pep for such a short time. And this “replacement” is not because of
      shot stoping ability, but due to ball distribution. Hart and caballero are
      not good at it, but Willy tries, and that’s why he plays. Hart wants to go
      on loan and work on it (probably Everton or Sevilla). Bravo is 33, there is
      know way they would give up hart when Willy is also 30+.

    4. Nick Trovato says

      +Kevin Doyle Yes we both know goalies retire at 33-35, oh wait Claudio
      Bravo is a world class goalie that could still play another 7 years. This
      is Man City giving up Hart, and guess what, it’s a smart move. Joe Hart
      makes too many mistakes, Claudio Bravo has more experience and trophies
      then Joe Hart will ever have.

  9. ratedjosh says

    City’s colors are disgusting…

    1. Nick Trovato says

      Why did they switch out of their light blue kit?

    2. Munir Hussain says

      this is the away kit

    3. Matthew Davies says

      I don’t know why I like it so much…. Oh, wait I’m a city fan.

    4. Ali T says

      i like the kit and i am not a City fan

    5. Man City says

      IT’S THE AWAY KIT bro

  10. Josh Cayetano says

    I’m a city fan, but arsenals movement was just so beautiful to watch

    1. PJK TV [Games & More] says

      +Teemuli1 totta veli <3

    2. Adam Khan says

      you guys are fags

    3. MaskedGuy112 says

      +atletico Nope:) Their defence is already solid with Bailly, with
      Smalling.they will become one of the best in epl

    4. MaskedGuy112 says

      +atletico Same goes for la liga and ligue 1,aren’t it?

  11. Compadre Moncho says

    so many missed opportunities by Arsenal on the first half

    1. Compadre Moncho says

      nunca xdddd

    2. Compadre Moncho says

      I 100% agree with you man

    3. Maikol Gallardo says

      Sure no mayo, please :v

    4. Jona G says

      sacate unas putas

    5. Compadre Moncho says


  12. JUNGamePlay says

    NOooooooooooooooooooooooo… This mean Wenger won’t buy new world class
    player :'(

    1. SH says

      +Fortune Zibane hahaha you’re clueless about finance. I’ve got nearly 20yrs
      experience in the finance industry. I haven’t the time to educate you so
      remain ignorant. you know nothing about Arsenal or how our club operate.
      City are not a self-sustainable club. You basically have rich owner that
      gives you everything. It’s not generated by the club from within but rather
      external money poured in by Mansour. That’s ok kid. Give it a few more
      years when you actually reach adulthood!

    2. SH says

      +Fortune Zibane Clueless and ignorant!

    3. Fortune Zibane says

      SH u a miserable Gunner.. a suicidal one in fact ????

    4. SH says

      +Fortune Zibane hahaha yeah you’d make me want to commit suicide if the
      human race had your IQ level. There’d be no hope for mankind.

  13. phillip rose says

    City should go for one of Barcelona’s goalkeepers

    1. Matthew Davies says

      Did you forget ter Stegans name? I don’t think we’re going after bravo xD

    2. RoMario Salmon says

      Suarez won’t leave

    3. Paras Gandhi says

      u r dense

    4. Scott Burgess says

      +RoMario Salmon nobody said anything about Suarez…..

    5. RoMario Salmon says

      +Scott Burgess life of the party

  14. Believe says

    Basically Walcott created or scored all of 3 goals. Top quality, I hope he
    has a good season!

    1. Nathan Gibson says

      +Vajinder Dhillon Why on earth was Walcott not taken to the Euros

    2. Vajinder Dhillon says

      He just wasn’t playing well at the time, he was low on confidence you could
      tell he would make no effort to take people on and was getting the simple
      things wrong. Second half of the season it went down hill but if he keeps
      fit and injury free, he could do very well

    3. John Smith says

      i hope too, but id bet that he ll get injured in no time.

    4. ThisGuyRobin says

      Me too!

    5. matt says

      Are you all joking? He’s one of our most expensive players and he was
      literally our worst player last season, he’s under performed so much from
      the hype that surrounded him when we signed him.

  15. Miraak says

    Iwobi is sick

    1. Miraak says

      By that I mean he’s good not ill

    2. Bryan Chacon says

      Lol yeah

    3. Ali Amir says

      though ill means good right ? 😉

    4. Mohammad Sattar says

      He is low rates on FIFA but should be like 80 rated because he is amazing

  16. Sho G says

    City to finish outside top 4 mark my words

    1. Callum Royle says

      Guardiola needs to buy a decent Goalkeeper at the end of the transfer
      window for defo.

    2. lil mouse the best says

      ye playing our youth and expiermenting yeah man utd gonna finis outsisde

  17. Andrei Ciobirca says

    Wonder if this was peps plan to let arsenal win so they won’t buy a new
    striker ?

    1. Jack Tam says


    2. Scheherazade says

      Arsenal wouldnt buy one anyway

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