#AskDerral – Live Event Episode 2


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#AskDerral is a new YouTube live video segment on his channel where Derral Eves will answer questions for his subscribers. He get’s thousands of questions on a regular basis and honestly, really wants to answer them but to individually answer every question would take more hours than there are in a day and so Derral has come up with a solution.

He will select from a list of submitted questions that have been tagged with the hashtag #DerralEves.com from YouTube comments and Twitter. He will answer those questions once a week in a Live Video Segment called #AskDerral. So if you have a question for the Youtube expert, Derral Eves, then go to YouTube or Twitter, ask your question, be sure to include the Hashtag #AskDerral and then watch the Live Segment each week for the answers.

#AskDerral Live Event
April 29th @ 2 pm Mountain

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  1. #AskDerral I blocked someone on my channel.But he still comments on my
    vids, but i cant see it. Is there a way from preventing him from commenting
    for good?

  2. Hi Derral, Thanks for answering my question. You always have a different
    way of looking at things, I was thinking “How do I get subscribers to watch
    more?” and you were thinking “How do you get the 80% of viewers that are
    not subscribed to subscribe?” I love the idea of a live stream, esp for ask
    a crafter, I think the format you have here would work for me and my
    co-hosts. Thanks Derral, Your evaluation really moved the needle for me;)

  3. Hi derral ! PLEASE help me! Everytime i comment a notification pops out
    saying it will be public. But it is soooo annoying! How can i turn it off

  4. #AskDerral Hi there Derral, I’m Thedeus I am a young Youtubers here… I
    struggling to get more subscribes same as you but I don’t know how to do
    it… Can I meet you face to face on Boardcast if you don’t mind?

    Please reply me I need you! Derral Eve!!! 

  5. #AskDerral Hi there! I recently started a channel (3 months ago today),
    and your tips have been incredibly helpful for me! I have experienced a
    problem with my channel today, and wondered if you knew the solution. So,
    my channel is a gaming channel and a new game was released on Wednesday
    (Papa’s Cheeseria). Anyways, I recorded some gameplay of it and uploaded it
    to my channel. I gained loads of views on it (559 two hours ago, which is a
    LOT for someone with 138 subscribers). The reason it gained so many was
    because it was the first gameplay video when you search “Papa’s Cheeseria
    Gameplay”. Two hours ago, my view count on the video dropped from 559 to
    135… I have not cheated for views in any way and I was wondering if you
    knew why I lost so many (I have never lost video views before and I am
    still in good standing for everything). Could it possibly have been a bot
    watching it over and over again, and YouTube removed the views thinking it
    was me or something?

    I would be extremely thankful if you could respond to this comment ASAP.

    Thank you for reading.

  6. You mentioned that youtube was planning on letting people buy things from
    YouTube pages. Few people know this but YouTube had a store where partners
    could sell products it appeared as a store tab on the channel home page.

    The YouTube store mysteriously disappeared and I am unable to find any
    evidence it even existed..

  7. I have 35,000 email notifications from youtube notifying me of new
    subscribers. Is there any use for this data? Can I just delete all these
    emails or should I save them? They are clogging up my email.

  8. Question what are some good keywords to get alot of traffic for my channel
    I’m into working out and motivating others too? thank you 

  9. Hello, Derral I need your help I was wondering how do you add those little
    tags on the side like in this video on the bottom right it says subscribe
    and when you put the mouse on it, it will subscribe and I really would like
    to learn how to do that. And also on some of your video I would like to
    know how you add another video saying “give me a thumbs up” I would also
    would like to know how to do that.

  10. #AskDerral Hey Derral I need your help how do you add your videos at the
    end of your video where you say check out some of these other videos and it
    shows the video playing and when you press on it, it takes you to that
    video how do you do that maybe you can get back to or maybe make a video