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#AskDerral – Live Event Episode 3

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#AskDerral is a new YouTube live video segment on his channel where Derral Eves will answer questions for his subscribers. He get’s thousands of questions on a regular basis and honestly, really wants to answer them but to individually answer every question would take more hours than there are in a day and so Derral has come up with a solution.

He will select from a list of submitted questions that have been tagged with the hashtag #DerralEves.com from YouTube comments and Twitter. He will answer those questions once a week in a Live Video Segment called #AskDerral. So if you have a question for the Youtube expert, Derral Eves, then go to YouTube or Twitter, ask your question, be sure to include the Hashtag #AskDerral and then watch the Live Segment each week for the answers.

#AskDerral Live Event
July 9th @ 11 am Mountain

#AskDerral on Twitter

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  1. TOON Voice България says

    Sorry that i spamed the chat, i didn’t see that you answered my question.

    1. TOON Voice България says

      +TOON Voice I beg for forgiveness.

  2. Abraham Animations says

    arg missed it

  3. AdNaN LeGeNd says

    Youtube deleted one of my video what to do

    1. MutaKino says

      Did u use anybody elses video or music?

  4. Tamera Weeks says

    #askderral Thank you for the live time, Derral! ! I was with you but
    couldn’t ask a question because I was on my phone. The video turns off if I
    try to switch apps or go to comments. Go for 3 times a week! Yes!

  5. stunninglad1 says

    Excellent video, Derral. On the subject of dealing with nasty comments: I
    disagree with you on that one. My advice is to block and report.haters.
    This lets the community know that making inappropriate comments is plain
    and simply not tolerated on You Tube. If a viewer wants to give some advice
    or say that they don’t like a video, then that’s fine, but it should be
    done in a polite way. Examples; Your singing is good, but the music quality
    is poor. You need to lower the volume on the music.. Another example:
    ‘Your videos are good, but are way too long.’ Now, the video maker is
    getting some encouragement…Please also note that the dislike button is
    there for a reason: It stops negative and hateful comments. So, haters can
    use that instead of being nasty.. Sorry for long winded comment. .

  6. MattV2099: Guns & Food says

    Oh man. comments are huge. and from what I’ve heard they may be the most
    valuable engagemen to help rank your video upt. I encourage the trolls as
    hard as I can. I get thousands of comments that would make a normal person
    cry. I just see youtube money and ask for more.

    1. MattV2099: Guns & Food says

      +Jarhead6 I’ve never once had that intention. I have a good job. I wouldn’t
      quit my job unless my channel earned millions and set me up for life. not
      going to happen. my channel makes in a day what I earn in one hour of
      overtime. and I work mega hours of overtime!

    2. Jarhead6 says

      +MattV2099: Guns & Food Cool bro! I started making videos just for fun and
      next thing I Know I have a bunch of people watching LOL

    3. MattV2099: Guns & Food says

      +Jarhead6 ya man. it’s weird. I started because I wanted something
      productive to do after work and on the weekends. my CPM is crazy low. and
      my views are way down this month. I couldn’t imagine living off this! hahaha

    4. Jarhead6 says

      +MattV2099: Guns & Food I get less tham you so I can probably buy some ice
      creams for my boys a month LOL.

    5. MattV2099: Guns & Food says

      +Jarhead6 oh man! kids are expensive!!!!!!! ahahhaha

  7. MattV2099: Guns & Food says

    I have a questions. I always get companies approaching me who want to
    license my videos for use on TV, etc… I turn them down or quote them
    astronomical prices that I know is absurd and they will say no. if I do
    license video I want to collect the money legally and pat taxes…. Just
    wondering a strategy that doesn’t involve me giving them too much info on
    me. ie w9 contractor pay or something. would it be wise to create a
    coorporation that sells the video? or are there companies that act as
    agents who will just take a fee, send me money and deal with all the BS.

    1. MattV2099: Guns & Food says

      +Booze and Bullshit Show that’s my point. I don’t want to sign anything or
      have a w9. I want to go through a corporation. or a business already set up
      to do this for you. then just get money/tax info from that one business. I
      don’t want to waste time dealing with all the different company that want
      to license my stuff. I’d rather deal with one agent.

    2. Hustler's Kung Fu says

      +MattV2099: Guns & Food Go to your secretary of state form an S-Corp and
      then form an LLC through the S-Corp. If you just form an LLC you will be
      taxed as a sole prop. The S-Corp- LLC sandwich gives you better tax
      advantages. Do business in the name of the LLC and use the S-Corp as a
      holding company May cost you $250-$500 if you are getting that many
      requests – gun channel I can see it – you might be leaving $20K-$30K on the
      table each year. Well worth the investment of setting up your corp.

    3. MattV2099: Guns & Food says

      +Glendon Cameron I don’t get that many requests. but I get enough. and the
      most that tv shows or company want to pay is 200-250. which isn’t enough
      money for me to waste my time and give them my info. thanks for the
      response. good info. I appreciate it.

    4. Hustler's Kung Fu says

      +MattV2099: Guns & Food Sure thing. I just checked you can set it up
      yourself for $200-$250 so one requests and nothing but money from there on.

    5. MattV2099: Guns & Food says

      +Glendon Cameron awesome, thanks!

  8. BurgundyBelle says

    Sorry I missed this. We had a death in the family. Do you know of a good,
    free Registry Cleaner I can download? I am a firm believer that it is
    imperative to have a registry cleaner to help keep a computer/laptop
    running smoothly. It seems that the two major programs have done away with
    the registry cleaner and I am a bit upset about it. Thank you for your
    time, Susan

    1. BurgundyBelle says

      +Reflection Ofpower Thank you so much for your reply. I have never
      defragged my registry…only cleaned it. Thank you again 🙂

    2. Reflection Ofpower says

      +BergundyBelle (Susan SomewhereinIdaho) I mentioned it because this program
      can defrag as well so don’t do it. It can do other stuff too.. M sure you
      have your restore point and such enabled. Always a good thing to have
      because it can save you in case something goes wrong.

      I have defragged like I said, it would start, then it would lock up or
      hang, I’d reboot and then get the sweet message, “OS (operating system) not
      found. Had to reinstall winDOZE all over again.

      You should make a backup of your OS because if something goes wrong and it
      WILL and your OS is on the hard drive (used to get the disc, no more) and
      you can’t get into windows you’ll have to go out and BUY windows. Get a
      16GB thumbdrive and put the OS on there.

    3. BurgundyBelle says

      +Reflection Ofpower
      Thank you again for your information. It is very much appreciated 🙂

  9. Jarhead6 says

    3 times a week Derral!!!

  10. Jarhead6 says

    +Derral Eves you said not to do 2 or 3 times videos a day about 26:00
    minutes in but I see guys like +Evan Carmichael producing GREAT videos 2
    times a day and are doing very well. Any ideas? You rock man, thanks so
    much for your help!

    1. Evan Carmichael says

      My 2 cents: Quantity is irrelevant. Quality is the game. You could post 1
      crappy video per week and nobody would watch it or post 20 amazing videos
      per week and people would watch them. There is always room for quality…
      now the challenge of actually making 20 amazing videos per week is another
      matter…. 😉 #BTA2

    2. Jarhead6 says

      +Evan Carmichael lol 20 vids per week is a challenge for sure man! Thanks
      so much for the input! I am learning a lot from you guys!

  11. SERGE says

    Wondering where your videos are at Derral! yeah 3 times a week would be
    pretty awesome!

  12. Howto.com says

    #DerralEves.com Why is my video getting views when it’s ranked low in the

  13. SuperHeroLifestyle TV says

    Hi Derral! Really enjoy watching your videos. I have a question for you
    concerning THUMBNAILS. I just started a youtube channel called
    “StoryTimeToys TV” and I noticed alot of other similar channels using
    thumbnails with brand logos on them (i.e. PlayDoh, Spdierman, Minions, and
    more). Is it ok to monetize my video when I have a the real digital toy
    logo on my thumbnail ?? I hope my question makes sense… Thank you!

  14. YOYTubeHD YTH says

    #AskDerral Hey Derral I need your help how do you add your videos at the
    end of your video where you say check out some of these other videos and it
    shows the video playing and when you press on it, it takes you to that
    video how do you do that maybe you can get back to or maybe make a video

  15. BlackGoku2547 says

    hey can you make a video telling how to use all the different things in

  16. LadiEmma says

    Hey there, Love your video and would like to know if you know of a movie
    maker that allows for 100th of second editing. In other words it needs to
    be able to allow for a .75 or .89 level of editing. So far, everything I’ve
    looked at either only cuts at the second mark, the half second mark or only
    goes up to .24. For the videos we need to finish requires literally split
    second editing function. Also, we have 32 bit os for both computers. We did
    have Movie Maker from Windows but lost it when my computer broke and could
    not get files out of the hard drive. Thanks for your help

  17. hooya67 says

    its an omen. you’ve got an ipad. thanks. tues thurs take your time. 2 3
    times… slow down or are you just getting started? like tina turner… you
    win that T-shirt? nice…sweet

  18. Antonio Kocevski says

    +Derral Eves Hi when i try to log into my facebook acc it says Sorry,
    something went wrong….We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we

  19. lucy ball says

    Can I hum someone else song and just put 4 words in it.? Enjoy what you do.
    Lot’s of info. Denise

  20. ADRIQOS says

    Hi my question is how can I get YouTube to ban from my channel permanently
    some abusive people ?ive banned them but they seem to post comments as
    responses to other people’s comments. They constantly create fake accounts
    to troll and spew hate on a regular basis.

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