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Astrology In Real Life

I have a friend who is involved or rather she is associated with a man who finds women everywhere he goes. He finds mother substitutes, specifically and it’s just uncanny. He finds these women… or they find him and they pretty form a line, waiting to meet this man’s needs.

And there is nothing you can do about something like this outside of observe it… and people do. The women don’t really compete. Instead they remark to each other… “Look at how many mothers he has…” The man is in his 40’s and anyway, I told her this story…

When my daughter was a baby… about 3 years old or so, she used to like to ride on those mechanical grocery store ponies. Around here, they cost a penny which I think it pretty cool. One cent and you can actually buy something worth having.

So one day, after paying for my groceries we headed over to the pony per our ritual and found the pony occupied. There was a little boy on the pony… dark haired, grinning and seriously over-fed. You know. This was a well-loved kid, if you know what I mean. A lot of people do this with their first baby, right? They spoil them. And this boy in particular was from a culture where boys are revered… girls not so much.

So anyway, this kid is on the pony and he’s happy. And his mother is clapping for him… she enthusiastic about her son, to say the least. So they make quite a pair these two, and they the pony stops. Uh oh!

Kid starts screaming his head off. The mother looks at me and I keep a blank face. None of my business, right? She shrugs and puts another penny in the pony, making a point to focus on this little boy… her little prince, clapping and cooing and so forth. It’s in her body language see. She turns slightly so my daughter and I and obliterated from her reality… some.

See, never mind my daughter and I are waiting… maybe our ice cream is melting, we are going to stand there and wait while these two have their… thing.

So the pony gallops and gallops and gallops and mother coos and coos and coos and the boy grins and beams and grins and then the pony stops.

No crying this time. He has his mother trained, or so it seems. Because all this kid has to do is look at her expectantly and next thing you know, she’s got another penny and she’s putting it in the pony and I couldn’t believe it.

“This is ridiculous,” I said to my daughter. “Something is wrong here. These people are never going to get off this pony. Sorry, babe but let’s get out of here. You’ll have to ride next time…”

The mother acted like she was so involved with her son she couldn’t hear me even though I was standing 3 feet from her. She didn’t so much as look over her shoulder. And my daughter is a sophisticated little chick, don’t think she’s not. And I actually think she could glean the situation. But anyway, here is my point:

Little boys with mothers like that, grow up and become like this man my friend knows. And they are so profoundly crippled. Because the pennies just keep coming. And this is what I mean, every blessing is a curse in exact proportion (and vice versa).

Because as far as I am concerned this man and that little boy on the pony are the same person. The forty year old boy does nothing but wait for various women to deliver whatever he needs… well bells on. And when one goes away, there are three more waiting. Actually, there are ten more waiting and this kind of ease is promised in a natal chart.

I guess this is why they say Saturn / Capricorn / difficulty builds character. Because if every time you put your hand out, someone fills it for you without a second of delay, you wind up something akin to an amoeba. You just don’t form or become an adult.

Do you know any adults whose development is completely arrested like this? And how would you have handled the pony ride situation?

Source by Elsa Panizzon

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