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‘Back the party or DISAPPEAR’ UKIP frontrunner Paul Nuttall fires grave warning to rebels

He added: “If Ukip doesn’t stay on the pitch as an electorally viable cause, then I guarantee that the Brexit that we get will please absolutely nobody.

“If we want to get a real Brexit, where we can control our own borders, where we can make 100 per cent of our laws, where we can spend our own money, our own tax, in our own country and not hand the money to Brussels, the only way you’re going to get that is if there is a strong Ukip to hold the Government to account.”

Mr Nuttall, who has the bulk of the party members supporting his leadership bid including two former party leaders, all three Ukip House of Lords peers most council leaders, claims he is feeling “confident but not complacent” ahead of the election, which is set to be announced November 28.

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