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Backup & Restore Kodi with ADB Fire

New Tech Evo

How to backup and restore Kodi with ADB Fire.

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  1. KodiLover says


  2. Gary Norman says

    now are you backing up form the stick

  3. L J says

    What’s that website? I have the APK in my Dropbox but curious where you
    went to download this.

  4. L J says

    Also, this work on Shield if we have the IP address?

    1. newtechevolution says

      +L J check out my shield video on the shield utility that’s out.

  5. DEMR1992 says

    Is it just me or is there a whistle noise in his last two videos??

    1. newtechevolution says

      +DEMR1992 whistle? lol? which ones?

    2. DEMR1992 says

      +newtechevolution lol like those ones you put inside a class room to annoy
      the teacher ?

  6. Rivermaq says

    I think they have updated to a 2.0 version now is there a reason you chose
    the older version or did you just do this awhile ago and now posting?

  7. GContent4U says

    when I click restore, it says “org.xbmc.kodi not installed”, even tho I

  8. wanderyngypsy says

    Hey Newtech … (1st) THANK you for all you videos! My question – why would
    you want all your “thumbnails” they repopulate don’t they ? It seems like
    this is a “waste” of time and space/storage – or am I missing something ? ?

  9. wanderyngypsy says

    When “cloning ” a Kodi build, can you use the “clone” you created to a
    Nvidia Shield and “visa-versa” from Nshield to Firestick and also to
    Windows ?? are they universal you can put it into another system ?

  10. Claire Southgate says

    I have been using kodi from my USB portable stick,
    I have backed it up on my pc but how i can transfer the backup to my
    firestick? Any help is appreciated guys

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