Bacon Jalapeño Deviled Eggs


Crispy bacon crumbles and fiery jalapeño peppers make classic deviled eggs even more devilish. Ever wonder why they’re called deviled eggs? In the 1800s, the term “deviled” was used to refer to zesty dishes. Yellow mustard makes traditional deviled eggs plenty zesty, but we wanted to really turn up the heat. So we mixed jalapeños in with the egg yolks for an extra kick, and threw on some smoky bacon — because bacon.

Making stuffed eggs is incredibly easy — most of the time is really just spent hard-boiling the eggs. (Tip: cook the bacon while you’re waiting.) You don’t need to fuss with perfectly piping the yolks into the whites either, because you’re going to sprinkle them with bacon bits anyways.


No covered-dish supper, picnic, or holiday party would be complete without the deviled eggs, but everyone will be even more delighted if you give the retro recipe an upgrade. You can count on these savory, spicy deviled eggs to disappear from the cookout as soon as you put out the platter. Watch our video to learn how to make the best deviled eggs you’ve never tried.


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Recipe adapted from Real Housemoms