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Barcelona vs Deportivo Alavés 1-2 HD All Goals & Highlights 10/09/2016

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Barcelona vs Deportivo Alavés 1-2 HD All Goals & Highlights 10/09/2016


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  1. Andrew O says

    Barcelona are you fucking kidding me what the hell smh ?

    1. Matias Simon says

      they don’t have a good team in the bench… they just win with the 11 first
      players. That’s the thing

    2. Tmzu says

      +Matias Simon Na, they underestimated the opponent and the opponent took
      advantage of that.

    3. Matias Simon says

      Yes, also, but they don’t have a good bench at all. At least compared with
      Real Madrid

  2. Husain Alhayki says

    I was the first to tell everyone that this match was going to be the “shock
    match” of the season ,n it did .barca played very bad it was really awful
    to see .just before u criticise zizo look at what Louis does he clearly
    underestimated the opponent n God oh God how much he deserves this
    embarrassing defeat …

    1. John ALBERTS says

      NAH ….. Well to a better club yes..

    2. Benjamin Okai says

      +Brandon Sanelli oh ur a fake brandon sanelli because brandon sanelli had
      lik 2000 subs but u have 0 subs so i know ur fake

    3. Umais Siraj says

      Luiz tried to do Zidane with this tactical lineup lol but he’s not a
      football genius

    4. Geo says

      So if you knew it was going to be a shock, how much money did you bet on it?

  3. Zubair AL-Amin says

    step 1: try not to cry

    step 2: cry…

    1. Colin Cameron says

      Hala Madrid

    2. Zubair AL-Amin says

      +Colin Cameron ❤❤

    3. jojuMD says


  4. haini in tha house says

    Hahaha Real Madrid will be first place

    1. VideoGamer VideoGamer says

      after few years of hardworkReal Madrid will finally win the league?????

    2. haha 7567 says

      hahaha Atlético Madrid will be first place

    3. Hammersmith Mainz says

      beginning of the season: Madrid will win la liga hala madrid!
      end of the season: lol whatever the UCL is more important anyway 32 liga
      hala madrid!

  5. tiberio135 says

    Que se deje de huevadas Luis E….tiene que mandar al IMBECIL de Neymar ,
    negro favelero inutil, a la banca. Solo sabe emputecer el juego, no puede
    dar un solo pase bien. Es una remora TOTAL. Messi, Suarez y Turan tienen
    que ser los titulares. Odio decirlo pero prefiero verlo lesionado al hdp
    del brasuca.

    1. tiberio135 says

      +:3EmberCak:3 vc q ja esta queimando seu brasuca ignorante e nem sabe….vc
      mora ai, ne?…vai tomar o trinche no rabo.

    2. Alan Ortega says


    3. tiberio135 says

      +Alan Ortega not ‘looser’…..you fdp, LOSER.

    4. paulo henrique Santos says

      tiberio135 GOLPE DE ESTADO? kkkkk você deve ser a ser humano mais burro do
      mundo alem de ser burro e racista eu lamento por sua vida inútil seu lixo
      humano, e só, uma pergunta de que país você e mesmo?

  6. The-Great-Minx says

    Barcelona Bruh how tf did you loose…u have a more deep squad,the referees
    were on your side and u still lost smh

    1. Aldo MIguel says

      OMG Barcelona fans complaining aboubt other teams parking the bus! Why
      shouldn’t they, it’s a tactic and it worked perfectly!!

    2. Isabel Flores says

      The-great-minx exactly omygod I think it’s because all of the players that
      are low on skill level man I’m fr smh

    3. Nizar Aljanaby says

      +Aldo MIguel thats the one of the only ways they can beat barca. Noone
      likes playing against teams parking the pass

    4. Nizar Aljanaby says

      +Isabel Flores its because luis enrique took like 7 starters out.

  7. c ronaldo says

    Real madrid in first place 🙂 they are the only team in La Liga to win
    their first 3 games this season. Hala madrid!

    1. Jhansn Wasf says

      Big quarreling only about football

    2. Scheherazade says

      Madrid got blessed by Lord Bendtner

    3. Nathan Kinuani says

      we’re coming for ya

    4. Hammersmith Mainz says

      so when you bottle la liga for the 5th year in a row wyd?

  8. Andrew Guerrero says

    Alaves are winning the World Cup. You heard it here first

    1. GamerzGameplays says

      The Leicester of Spain? ???

    2. Michael Vargas says

      +GamerzGameplays the leicester of Spain is either Leganés or Las Palmas lol

    3. Brandon (bgrams7) says

      +Andrew Guerrero And a poor joke at that.

    4. Adrian Salazar says

      HAHAHAHA Real Madrid!!! Este es el equipo que perdio ante un equipo de la b.

  9. V4r4myr says

    Barcelona have the best starting eleven, but their bench is a joke compared
    to Bayern’s or Real’s.

    1. Nizar Aljanaby says

      Their bench is better now

    2. shahid sulaiman says

      Hahaha Real Madrid 15-0 Barca

    3. Herbert Schwakoviak says


    4. haha 7567 says

      and Atlético’s

  10. players_vip21 says

    lmao, Barca lost at home to a team just promoted from the second division.
    hala madrid!!

    1. Jhansn Wasf says

      Second division?Ahahahaha…That is funny …Sorry,can I asked you
      something:Who is the win of leauge in the last two season

    2. Luisinho Grauwels Alva says

      my friend check Alavés 2001 against liverpool, one day they were great and
      they will be great again

    3. Nizar Aljanaby says

      What happened last time when they lost to newly promoted team?
      They won UCL and la liga Double

    4. Brandon (bgrams7) says

      +Luisinho Grauwels Alva I just did check that out, in addition to Alaves’
      history and I wouldn’t say that they were ever great. Yes their match
      against Liverpool in the UEFA Cup Final was a good one, however besides
      that, they’ve made the Copa del Rey semifinals once, their best finish in
      the Primera Division has been 6th place – the season before their UEFA Cup
      run – and a couple of seasons following that they finished 19th and were
      relegated to the Segunda Division after the 2002-03 season. Since that
      relegation, they were promoted once for the 2005-06 season – when they were
      relegated again by finishing 18th – and spent four seasons in Segunda
      Division B as recently as 2012-13. I’m assuming you’re an Alaves fan, and
      if so I wish your squad the best of luck, but they have never been great,
      and that’s the cold hard truth.

  11. Alex10DelPiero29 says



    1. Wrya says

      Yeah I agree only if their midfield do their best w the lost of pogba, I
      like how higuain all ready stated scoring… I’m chelsea fan

    2. Tommaso Buffa says

      i maledetti gobbi non la vincono la Champions

    3. GPS says

      +Wrya The lost Pogba but got Pjanic

    4. Wrya says

      +GPS True, I’m rooting for Juventus or Atletico love both of them…

    5. Scheherazade says

      Its gonna be Notthingham forest because of Lord

  12. tupac shakur says

    hala madrid

    1. Mr Nobody says


    2. haha 7567 says

      yes ATLÉTICO madrid

  13. Umar Khan says

    having one of the coolest squad with all the refrees providing assist to
    them..they still lost

    1. malcolm willie says

      What the…

  14. Johnny Depp says

    Who should be blamed for this fucking lose 1. barka’s shitty defending 2.

    1. Tryptic 77 says

      And Missi don’t forget

    2. Johnny Depp says

      +Tryptic 77 Messi is kool.. sometime he does not score but when he does, he
      keep on scoring lol..

    3. Burç Ateş says

      Probably the worst goal keeper in Barca’s history. No idea they signed him.
      Paco needs a little bit more time to adapt Barca’s attack style. He things
      he can be “Centre Forward” but no, he has to change his play such as Suarez
      to play much like a “Dribbler, passer forward”.

    4. Umais Siraj says

      Luiz Henriquez…..he tried to do Zidane with this tactical lineup lol but
      he’s not a football genius

    5. andy capry says

      first goal was their skill but second goal was a blunder from defender.. it
      wasn’t cillessen fault at all!

  15. Matias Simon says

    Not Enrique’s fault, the first 11 players need to rest, they have a lot of
    matches coming on, Champions, la Liga, la copa, national teams… So I
    think he made a good decision to let them rest against an “easy team” so
    avoid possibly injuries.
    However the mistake I see is that Barça just have 11 players, the bench is
    a joke, so they cannot play with them, even against Alavés.

    Then you see Real Madrid and you see a high level/quality in the first 11
    players and in the bench.

    1. Umais Siraj says

      exactly!! Zidane turned that bench into world class winning team!! RM has
      the best back up players right now!! they won super cup with it and their
      defenders are scoring goals too lol!!

    2. andy capry says

      +Umais Siraj DAMN RIGHT!

    3. Anderr Montx says

      Or alaves is a good team??

    4. Yolo Polo says

      Atl. Madrid did tied with them…just saying

    5. haha 7567 says


  16. KVP Hayranı says

    Cıllesen is the worst transfer bad goalkeeper

    1. haha 7567 says

      no you are the worst

  17. X_MTGAMING_X says

    Neymar is a fuking idiot copying messi for his hair

    1. Lucciano Hunter says

      I think Messi convinced him, they want Suarez in on it haha

    2. Scheherazade says

      And it looks fucking terrible on both, i just hope this stupid fad dies
      soon and never comes back, what are they? barbies?

    3. Gabriel Fransson says

      +Scheherazade rofl ikr!

    4. Nizar Aljanaby says

      Neymar did it cause he won Olympics gold.
      Messi did it to start from fresh

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