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Barcelona vs Eibar 4-0 HD All Goals & Highlights 06/03/2016

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Barcelona vs Eibar 4-0 Highlights

Munir El Haddadi goal
Lionel Messi goal (2)
Suarez goal


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  1. Niramay Batra says

    Forca barca!

  2. Marcello Suryadi says

    Suarez is so terrifying in front of goal

    1. Saikat Kar says

      +Sexy Beast Whats your point then? Even Messi and Ronaldo have missed
      sitters, every great players have at some point in their career. If you
      compare Suarez with an Average striker then he is miles better than them.
      Why criticize him then?

    2. Sexy Beast says

      +Saikat Kar i am talking about this season and those were open net, dude…
      Nobody of MSN and BBC missed anything similiar as Suarez did THIS season..
      I am not saying Suarez is worse because of it…. i am just saying it. I am
      stating obvious.
      I don’t criticize him,…. just saying.. calm down.

    3. Sexy Beast says

      There is no hidden meaning behind it, there is no alluding in there,
      nothing.. pure note, nothing more

    4. Saikat Kar says

      +Sexy Beast I haven’t seen Suarez miss many open net goals. And so you are
      saying that if he hadn’t missed those then he would have more than 26
      something goals that he has already scored? As far as I have seen this
      season, Messi has missed a lot of matches, Neymar has missed a lot of
      chances, but Suarez has been as good as a striker can get. I wouldn’t rate
      Benzema better than Suarez this season. I wouldn’t rate Ronaldo above him

    5. Sexy Beast says

      +Saikat Kar Just look at those two videos i posted in the comment above.
      It’s open net. And all you have to say on that is:
      “I haven’t seen Suarez miss many open net goals.”
      Hahah dude, he should miss NONE of this kind of chance. That’s not everyday
      thing. We are talking about OPEN NET!!… Messi or Ronaldo make that kind
      of miss once in their career.. and Suarez missed few allegedly while he is
      at his peak.. just sayin..

      I didn’t put Benzema or Ronaldo above him, do you even know how to read? I
      am not even talking about any comparison. I don’t care about it. I am not
      mentioning those misses to compare him with anyone. It’s a fun fact, that’s

  3. Phoenix12 says

    Who else got playback error?

    1. Da 1 says

      not me

    2. EdwardSnowdon says

      +Phoenix12 Worked fine for me.

  4. Brandon Sanelli says

    We’re on fire ??

    1. Titaniumbeatle 2 says

      ?best team

  5. Mohammed Kaki says

    Suarez might be the best in the world. 

    1. Sexy Beast says

      To prove my words, just look at Munir… 4th best goalscorer in Barcelona
      squad with 8 goals in all competition… fucking MUNIR!! Name me one great
      goal he scored.
      Mostly tap ins… now you are telling me that player such is Aguero, for
      example, wouldn’t score 35+ being first team whole season, when Munir with
      so little time given scores 8 goals???

    2. Saikat Kar says

      +Sexy Beast I didn’t say Suarez is better than Messi or Neymar. But Barca
      showed us they can do pretty well even without Messi. Even without Neymar.
      Messi was injured for a major part of the season. Neymar is a great
      creator, but has problems in finishing. I don’t agree that any great
      forward could do as well as Suarez did just because they have Messi and
      Neymar. And Benzema? He too has, Modric, Ronaldo, Bale and others. He
      rarely has spectacular solo effort.

    3. Saikat Kar says

      +Sexy Beast Wow, Munir isn’t that bad a player. He is no Aguero, but he is
      a decent substitute. No one is going to criticize Messi or Ronaldo for
      simple tap-ins they why should we do it for munir? Any goal is a goal.
      Barca could absolutely live without Either of the three strikers. Messi is
      the absolute best yeah. But barca has enough talent to do great even
      without him.

    4. Sexy Beast says

      +Saikat Kar
      You are missing the point.. did you see what kind of goals Munir scores?
      The point is that anyone would be able to score in this incredible
      Barcelona side and any world class striker would be killing it along side
      Messi and Neymar….
      Of course they would still be the great without Messi,.. Bayern is great
      without him, Real, Atletico, Psg, Manchester, etc… all of them at one
      point were great, amazing and none of them had Messi in their squad. Messi
      is not football.. it’s stupid to assume Barca wouldn’t be great without
      him, BUT 28 thropies at the age of 28… By far the most successful player
      by that age. 2007/08 ROnaldinho still plays, wears number 10… next year
      he left, Messi gets number 10, becomes first violin in Guardiola system.
      Since then in 8 years he has won 21 thropy with Barcelona, being officially
      claimed as a best player 90% of the time. That is BY FAR the most
      successful period in club history by any team ever. It’s not coincedence
      that Messi plays in the same time.
      Barcelona is great without Messi, but it’s undoubtedly the greatest team
      ever with Messi.
      Suarez, Aguero, Lewandowski, Benzema… it wouldn’t make so much
      difference. I believe Barcelona with Aguero intead of Suarez would be even
      better. Aguero is technically superior, he adores Messi as well, also from
      South America, very friendly guy, he would fit more into tiki taka than

    5. Saikat Kar says

      +Sexy Beast Thats your perception. Messi and Aguero play for Argentina, I
      haven’t seen Argentina demolish other teams. Why? Its not that they don’t
      have good players. Angel Di Maria, Messi, Aguero, these three are more than
      good enough to romp through most teams. But they never do. This is why I
      said all of them are dispensable. Even Messi. Suarez connects well with the
      other two, I doubt many others would do that. Barca would still do great if
      they substituted Neymar for some other high class winger. Sanchez or
      Hazard, these guys could easily take his place. But that’s not the point,
      the point is that these three do well TOGETHER, I don’t think anyone is
      replacing either of the Three. And as much as I adore Aguero, I don’t think
      he is superior technically in any way from Suarez.

  6. Vanlight05 says

    Es una bestia, Luis Suárez está muy cabron!

  7. UltimateKakashi5 says

    Bruh they made 4 goals in the 1st half! Imagine if they kept going in the
    second half.

    1. Louis Mostacero says

      2 goals first half 2 goals second half. It’s a little weird how set up the

    2. UltimateKakashi5 says

      +Louis Mostacero Oh damn I’m wrong. Didn’t see the “1st” and the “2nd” up
      on top of the screen. Man I was about to say. Thanks for the correction.

    3. Brockor says

      +UltimateKakashi5 :3

  8. TheMrLandon says

    Barca is the best show in sports.

  9. Weliton silva says

    Vai Messi vai que vc alconça o cr7

  10. Henry Kurniawan says

    Suarez body balance are amazing. But Messi still the king.

  11. Renato Majsec says

    Visça el Barça <3 ! Messi is the best player in history of football <3 !

  12. Mark Bauer says

    wow, messi played amazingly well this game

    1. Sexy Beast says

      +Mark Bauer
      You are surprised about that?
      Best of Messi is yet to come, believe me 😉

  13. comiic co says

    Best player in barca based on attack skill :
    1. Messi >100
    2. Suarez 100
    3. Neymar 90-100

    Let’s disagree! Lol

    1. Sexy Beast says

      +comiic co
      define “attack skill” then i might disagree

    2. TJ Star Whitter says

      All 100 but Messi just can’t get 100 though that’s not the level for an

  14. Peter Manji says

    Messi is just amazing how he plays, setting up teammates… Suarez is just
    a beast on goal, best striker so far

  15. javier josefides says

    Let’s go Suarez! Let’s go Uruguay!

  16. Abhyuday Singh says

    Munir has a lot to learn

  17. Francis Perfecto says

    The team play of Barca is a celebration of all that is beautiful

  18. Yousef Sherif says

    when i see 4:0. i remember the match of real madried vs barcelona. when
    barce R.I.P madrid

    1. lilian de souza says


  19. suvskaya says

    Suarez is a tank!

    1. Moyukh Datta Roy says


    2. Saikat Kar says

      +Moyukh Datta Roy A futuristic Laser pistol perhaps. Doesn’t matter, he
      fires Barca win, he doesn’t we still win.

    3. Moyukh Datta Roy says

      +Saikat Kar he is called El pistolero as far as I know

    4. Saikat Kar says

      +Moyukh Datta Roy Oh. I thought you were mocking him saying he was a pistol
      not a tank. I just remembered he is called that.


    Porque o Neymar nao jogou????

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