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Barcelona vs Granada 3-0 All Goals & Highlights 14/05/2016

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Barcelona vs Granada 2016
Granada Barcelona 3-0 2016


21' – Luis Suárez
37' – Luis Suárez
85' – Luis Suárez


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  1. Brandon Sanelli says


  2. Marko Djordjevic says

    The thing is Neymar has been Barca’s best player this season. You can’t say
    Suarez was amazing in this game, all his goals im the game were 2-3 yards

    1. MDRY+ says

      +Adam Ali Pique?

    2. MDRY+ says

      +Marko Djordjevic i dont know which side im on. First, Do i think suarez’s
      goals are easy? Well Yes i suppose. Do i think suarez is not amazing? No.

    3. MDRY+ says

      +Roberto Velaquez 40 goals?!! I didnt think he’d be this good when barca
      first took him

    4. MDRY+ says

      +Roberto Velaquez ok man you the best

  3. Konrad Iwan says


    1. RobixPL ! says

      Ale Messi ma podania

    2. Konrad Iwan says

      +RobixPL ! Dzik po prostu

    3. RobixPL ! says

      +Konrad Iwan xD

  4. Juanjose Medina Molina says

    el mejor es el Barcelona

    1. goku gamer 48 says

      visca barca (:

    2. Man-of Tomorrow_7 says

      *de España

    3. Mike West says


  5. Flávio aparecido says

    parabéns Barcelona,mais do q merecido esse título aí,tava na cara após a
    eliminação na Champions o Barcelona não iria deixar esse espanhol escapar
    assim tão facilmente… parabéns Barça!!!

  6. D Vasquez says


    1. jhonny bravo says

      Para de sonar niño

  7. Zartux says

    messis passing omg…

    1. FootBall Top Funny Video says

      +Zartux yess

    2. RobixPL ! says

      yes 😀

    3. jhonny bravo says

      Fanboys unite xD

  8. Hunter Hall says

    Neymar easily could have scored the third goal. Very un selfish to pass for
    the assist.

    1. Dopeweed La says

      +Hunter Hall suarez gave him a similar assist in the game but neymar failed

    2. MDRY+ says

      +Hunter Hall He used the barcelona way

  9. Semsema Elhadary says

    congrats winning the league title ?

    1. Rocky Mapea says

      +Semsema Elhadary AGAIN!!!

  10. joaquin leiva says

    Aunque soy del Madrid sólo felicito a Bravo a ninguno más HALA MADRID

    1. Dean Builenko says

      +joaquin leiva Porque a Bravo solo? Eres chileno?

    2. joaquin leiva says

      +Dean Builenko si por

    3. GingerCatzz says

      Hopefully Athletico will win honestly i’m just for Griezmann but i want
      athletico to win

    4. goku gamer 48 says

      visca barca barcelona campeon de la copa del rey y el atletico de madrid de
      la champios

    5. Gabriel Sanchez says

      +joaquin leiva chileno comfir

  11. sanshirou kabu says

    Neymar is not selfish

    1. DevO Cnb says

      +MDRY+ that true ??

    2. MDRY+ says

      +DevO Cnb i know right?

    3. MDRY+ says

      +NenekTerbang njirr nama lo indah bangeed qaqa

    4. DJ LANCE ROCK says

      +MDRY+ f2 free stylera

  12. Muhammad Awais says

    Barca….The best Team in the World…..Specially Lionel Messi

    1. Permana tri handi says


  13. Aaron Funtanilla says

    Please come back to Liverpool and win us the Premier League!!

    1. Türker A. says

      +Aaron Funtanilla impossible

    2. Permana tri handi says

      whatttt??? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk -_-

    3. Neoweezy Lemon Squeezy says

      hahaha keep dreaming

    4. MDRY+ says

      +Aaron Funtanilla its liverpool’s fault anyways. Barcelona Saw Potential in

  14. MattyRose LFC says

    This pains me to watch as a Liverpool fan haha, I miss you Suarez

    1. vers4ria says

      Love Liverpool fans, so loyal. Suárez loves you too. Greetings from Uruguay.

    2. MattyRose LFC says

      Have to be loyal was such a great player for us. Greeting from Liverpool.

  15. Roy Cool says

    it seems liker Granada defenders told to leave ball. and barca paid some

    1. Mossab Salih says

      U mad

    2. jhonny bravo says

      Ikr,Granada team is a cheap team and barca did that easy

    3. Roy Cool says

      +jhonny bravo dude check their last week’s game against Sevilla

    4. R4ED17HT says

      Dude the fact that i saw a post on Facebook that says Real madrid paid
      money to Granada to not to lose against Barca and boom Barca wins ???

  16. Força Barça says

    visca barca ???❤???⚽⚽

  17. Jose Gonzalez says

    so in the first goal how did the defence just look at Suarez run in the

    1. MDRY+ says

      +Jose Gonzalez they underestimated the attack i guess?

    2. Jose Gonzalez says

      +MDRY+ how you underestimate msn? something fishy going on….

    3. MDRY+ says

      +Jose Gonzalez sorry

    4. MDRY+ says

      +Jose Gonzalez i dont think that this was about money or anything. Because
      dude this was the finals. No way barca paid for this to happen. Even so
      Granada must’ve ask loads of cash for that to happen. If something like
      that would have happened it’d be public

    5. MDRY+ says

      +MDRY+ ngapain Tin ?

  18. TWOSYNC FIFA says

    This game is on my birthday

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