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Barcelona vs Leicester City 4-2 HD All Goals & Highlights 03/08/2016

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Leicester Barcelona 2016
Barcelona vs Leicester City 4-2 HD All Goals & Highlights 03/08/2016


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  1. Gyan Lee says

    Messi is blonde

    1. Bear happs says


    2. gustavo fabregas egino says

      not only Super SaiyanMessi SSM

  2. Brandon Sanelli says

    I hope Denis gets to start sometimes this season. He reminds me of Xavi.

    1. Crishtun says

      +Cartel MesNeyBar link the article ?

    2. Nahid Habib says


    3. lucas maia says

      e em Portugal? ??

    4. Yusuf Haneef says


    5. Aaron Martin says


  3. Karlo Karlo says

    The Leicester attack tho?

    1. Karlo Karlo says

      +Jarno Veldman hahahaha are you mad???

    2. Jarno Veldman says

      +Karlo Karlo I’m witnissing or a extremely bad troll, or a 9 year old who
      can’t spell.

    3. Jarno Veldman says

      +Karlo Karlo It’s cool bro

    4. Karlo Karlo says

      +Jarno Veldman haha sorry man?? Here i subbed you man?

  4. Titan Coral says

    10:08 he was so excited to score ;] nice to see.

    1. The Retro Show TV says

      i was at the stadium and i got excited when i saw him get excited too , i
      stood up and pointed both my fingers at him and screamed , life changing
      experience to go to a barcelona vs leicester game

    2. sean paul says

      we have a grammar nazi here

    3. Crishtun says

      +Linda Ventura What exactly did you correct, other than a capital, that is
      also incorrect.

    4. Dan luffs says

      if you look closely enough,theres an (edited) caption next to his name
      what do you think that could mean ?

    5. Andrea Scimè says

      17 year old boy… everyone being that age would be so excited after
      scoring playing with FC Barcelona

  5. MookApparel says

    Musa is gonna be awesome at Leicester

    1. chris skuse says

      +ale lagos i don’t really care about who you think is dumb i’m Canadian i
      was just just guessing your nationality because you insulted the English

    2. ale lagos says

      +chris skuse
      mm who dosent hate the english? they are pirates!

    3. chris skuse says

      +ale lagos they were pirates 200 year ago and so were other countries but i
      cant really hate the english because that’s where most of my family is from

    4. ninja prime says

      I agree

    5. Eko Swandono Suripto says


  6. Jack Read says

    What a goal by Musa. If that was Messi we would be talking about it for

    1. discouniverse says

      +chris skuse yes and by a margin

    2. chris skuse says

      +discouniverse no Suarez’s goal was good but Leicester defense wasn’t very
      good on the play Musa was a beautiful run past the defense and it’s
      something that fans would remember for years if it was scored by Messi bale
      Ronaldo Neymar

    3. discouniverse says

      +chris skuse nope, musa’s goal wouldn’t be remembered since most of Messi
      goals are better, same with other not only these you mentioned…goal
      itself was a simple one

    4. Kenneth Flaming says

      Warning!:this message wil selfdestruct in 5…

    5. discouniverse says

      +Kenneth Flaming you should swear on yourself somewhere else and not here

  7. Chief Keef Sosa says

    Munir has been playing really good hope he gets more playing time.

    1. espben360 says

      +chris skuse he does look good, but it’s going to be similar to what
      happened to pedro

    2. jason yours says

      Keef u ain’t welcomed here, go play some basketball

    3. jovaughn stephens says

      Hey Chief Keef hows life at Bayern??

    4. Felix Sanchez says

      Hope Fifa will adjust his rating 😛

  8. Chinasa Onwuka says

    Ahmed Musa is amazing!!! He scored twice against Argentina at the World
    Cup, but the headlines were stolen by Messi who also scored twice in that
    game, now he has scored twice against Barcelona, but everyone is talking
    about MSN!

    1. Crishtun says

      +warofmankind Only world class players on Leicester are Vardy and maybe
      Musa, rest are nothing special

    2. warofmankind says

      Mahrez? Schemicheal?

    3. Crishtun says

      +warofmankind Good but not world class. You can’t just drop World Class on
      every player you think is decent.

    4. Deez Nuts says

      +Crishtun Leicester is an actual club. Just because they aren’t like
      Barcelona doesn’t mean that they are bad. Kys

  9. Juan Carlos Rivera says

    6:46 was that guy sticking the middle finger??

    1. Cheeseburger 694 says

      Oh yeah

    2. SNAKETDTBOSS .S says

      That bastard was sticking his middle finger

    3. Curtis I says

      typical barca fan

    4. chiponiz says

      maybe he doesnt like africans

  10. Ian Leo says

    I am excited for Barcelona vs Liverpool. Suarez is gonna trash us lmao ??

    1. GripGrass says

      Hopefully he eats before hand

    2. Benny Marley says

      loool liverpool lost to burnley

    3. The Real Deal says

      +Tony Montana Liverpool is a joke man They will never be in CL to face
      Barca in a real game
      If you think Liverpool is a better team then Barca then you are fucking
      Or mentaly retardet. IT must sucks for Liverpool fans to not see them in CL
      every year like Barca

    4. Elias R. says

      When it ended up being 4-0 to you guys

  11. Oncle Ben says

    Tbf a team like Leicester scoring two goals against Barcelona isnt so bad

    1. walid sahraoui says

      looool liverpool scored four goals against barcelona

    2. Clean Versions says

      +walid sahraoui You know the team (Neymar, Xavi, Pique et…) is on
      vacation right now right? Messi could have been in vacation too but he
      didn’t want to.

    3. walid sahraoui says

      barcelona isn’t only messi…there are other 10 players do you know that?

    4. MannequinStep says

      +TheHitman™ Tbf Leicester started with 7 of them, Vardy, Mahrez,
      Albrighton, Drinkwater, Huth, Morgan and Simpson all played. Only
      Schmeichal, Fuchs, Mendy and Musa didn’t start.

  12. James Lan says

    who is Musa ? his goal is very beautiful

    1. Murat Namal says

      +BanterMonsta Calm down man,why u get mad:?That’s not stupid game,millions
      player playing most realistic football game.

    2. Forever In Our Shadow Everton says

      fifa 16 is literally dead…

    3. Forever In Our Shadow Everton says

      oh ok. I thought you were one of those guys that bases football off fifa
      like positions and ratings.

    4. Murat Namal says

      +BanterMonsta Ahah no mayne,real football is more excited then games.

  13. Van Iyke says

    Did ManU not see Musa before picking Ibrahimovich????

    1. BootBank says

      +Lazzy Troops I find that very hard to believe

    2. Tatiana Cobo says

      +BootBank Man thinks he can spell

    3. BootBank says

      +Tatiana Cobo 😀

    4. Lazzy Troops says

      +WOO WOO lol


    suarez is a BEAST

    1. luis vasquez says

      Suarez is the best

    2. LESTA JESTA says

      Your teeth are offside, your teeth are offsideeeee Luis Suarez your teeth
      are offside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    3. Bálint Háda says

      suarez is a ratata pokemon

    4. John Fajardo says

      Suárez is god

  15. Lumi Kare says

    Leicester are not making champions league next season. they have too much
    on their plate this season to handle with not too much experience.

    1. LESTA JESTA says

      Alright Nostadamus.

    2. Kittipan kill says

      champion or top 5 and not last top 10

    3. Inderjit Singh says

      you never know. Its not like they got lucky last year. They played
      brilliantly. Lets see what happens. Would love to see them do well.

    4. Villa Fan says

      A top 10 spot would be a great season for Leicester

    5. Lumi Kare says

      +inderjit Singh Mahrez vardy and musa can finish no doubt, but when there
      is no workhorse in midfield (Ngolo Kante) winning balls for counter
      attacks, they would struggle against big teams. Their loss to hull (tho
      early in season) shows it may be different this year.

  16. marcio azevedo says

    BPL is not a good league, any team from la liga can win BPL

    1. DoesNotExist305 says

      Are stronger than any team Madrid and Barca play in La Liga

    2. Jehovas says

      +DoesNotExist305 atletico de madrid* sevilla*

  17. imDuring says

    10:50 “pokemon go”?

    1. Tasting the Rainbow says

      LOL!? That’s what I heard too!?

  18. Bardh Kadilli says

    Pokemon go is a bad game

    1. μ' 6 - Marco says

      Wtf that has to do with this match? u stupid idiot

    2. Lumi Kare says

      Imagine watching a live game at Old Trafford and a wild lengendary pokemon
      appears on the field in poke GO would you go on the field? lol

  19. CHiLLzz4lyFF says

    Who woulda thought that Leicester would ever face Barca, amazing match!

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