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Barcelona Vs Sampdoria 2-0 ● Lionel Messi Goal

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Barcelona Vs Sampdoria 2-0 ● Lionel Messi Goal


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  1. Rayan Kannou says

    Bonne vidéo !

  2. Rayan Kannou says

    La facilité de Messi est impressionnante

    1. Florian says

      Il a un sang froid impressionnant

    2. Rayan Kannou says

      +Florian tu as raison

  3. nathancastillo says

    umm I don’t know what to say
    I’m on time

  4. Brandon Sanelli says

    Great goal.

  5. RobertB 4 says

    Messi better at freekicks than penalties lol

    1. Visca Barca says

      lol true. “He makes free kicks look like penalties”

    2. Max says

      he is great at penalties too.

    3. sjaak van de broek says

      +Max no

  6. Stone Zone says


  7. Taha Footgame says

    messi is the best player in the world

    1. Ana Sabuza says

      u must be drinking alcohol

    2. Lionel Andres Messi says

      +Ana Sabuza And u must be high

    3. Ana Sabuza says

      u must be low

  8. Harby romero says

    excelente , messi ! ♥

  9. Jonathan Davoren says

    At least the got back from the Liverpool game 4-0 ;(

  10. jonh 777 says

    Few glimpse of things i found out about BARCA today. Rakitic plays more
    Attacking now since Alves left. Digne is actually pretty good. Turan needs
    more support from the fans. BARCA need to defend better. And Messi seem to
    have forgot about that nightmare in the summer. VAMOS BARCA

  11. Rivaldo vardy says

    He is a good play er

  12. Rivaldo vardy says

    He is a good play er

  13. Clash With Ano says

    he was offside

  14. i like Alahuakbqr says

    wow messi amazing goal against a big team lol

    1. King Louie says

      top scorer against puta madrid dickhead

  15. Mirza kashir says

    Lv messi

  16. Juju Borges says


  17. Juju Borges says


  18. 303gamer says

    messi died his hair

  19. Matrionic says

    como en las finales con argentina ?

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