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Barcelona vs Sampdoria 3-2 (Joan Gamper Trophy) HD All Goals & Highlights 10/08/2016

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Barcelona vs Sampdoria 3-2 Joan Gamper Trophy HD All Goals & Highlights 10/08/2016


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  1. Titine GWADA says

    Barça is the best team

    1. bebun says

      4 ucl in the last 10 years.Not 11 and 8 of them when you weren’t even a

    2. SpirosGaming 141 says

      +HunterGamingHD what the hell are you talking about? They won the league
      last season and they are going to win again! GO BARCA

    3. TomoCooking says

      so what winning the league has to prove, i rather win something that means
      best team in the world than best team in the country

    4. Random Name says

      +TomoCooking But Real aren’t the best in the world if they aren’t the best
      in their country.

  2. Joban Saini says

    Messi is amazing and better than Ronaldo if you agree than like this

    1. paul pogbq says

      +kofi agyapong ??? more than ronaldo u should mean**^ cause I could
      argue that on that but don’t have time for that?

    2. paul pogbq says

      +paul pogbq on that*

    3. Greatest Ever says

      +jefri mario Ronaldo never won the treble with Man U lol he won the double.

    4. Waj Yousuf says

      People like you are just so annoying. Why don’t you just admit the fact
      that both are amazing player, instead of comparing them.

    5. High Frequency says

      They are both great players why always this debate

  3. Hamza Toufliht says

    Crazy bicycle kick assists !!! WTF are you Messi

    1. shoaib siddiqui says

      U r too stupid perhaps zieg

    2. Jack Roland says

      del Piero/Trezeguet vs Milan the best bicycle Kick assist

    3. Nikhil Khatri says

      +Ziegen Bart #facepalm

  4. Shandy Gunawan says

    Agains Sampdoria? Oh,come on Barca are u kidding me?

    1. luca marco says

      Barca try to be forgiven after the great stealing in 1992 (Champion Final
      1-0…the referee gave a free kick to them instead was clearly for

    2. TomoCooking says

      but the italian league is more rough and hard to win expect juventus, if
      messi goes there, HE GONE!

    3. Lionel Andres Messi says

      +TomoCooking Didn’t you see the 2015 ucl final

    4. TomoCooking says

      yes, most ppl saw it

    5. ShittyAnimeHater says

      Sampdoria is a great and historic team, and was bc of the anniversary of
      first champions of Barcelona

  5. JSVKK says

    Barca should buy some good defenders.Last 2 games 6 goals conceaded.

    1. ZLAFootball says

      +Adrian very true

    2. Jack Bointon (Jackoasta) says

      This is why they’ve worried me before the season even started. Thrashed by
      Liverpool (way too easily), conceded a few goals to Celtic, Leicester and
      Sampdoria. They seriously need to beef up their defence…

    3. ZLAFootball says

      +Jack Bointon (Jackoasta) I think the main reason why Barcelona lost 4-0 to
      Liverpool was that Mathieu sucks and that LB, Camara, also is bad. They let
      Liverpool run right past them

    4. ZLAFootball says

      +ZLFootball that doesn’t give an excuse to the other defenders thou

    5. ZLAFootball says

      +ZLFootball wow Barcelona was on point during the first leg of the super
      copa, the goals were perfect that Barcelona back line too. Digne and Denis
      are amazing signings

  6. des says

    When Messi plays at Camp Nou everything comes!

    1. Da Gamer says


  7. MrScopes says

    Messi has gone Super Saiyan!

    1. Majeed Haroon says

      +Artiom Syrovatskyy you mean super saiyan rose(Black transformation)

    2. renu singh says


    3. Zubair Khalid says

      +Khadija Majait you have gone super mad and super stupid!

  8. Ethan Coalition says

    He’s simply the best (u know who)

    1. Active Ayaan says

      +J10 I didn’t get it ?

    2. Ethan Coalition says

      +Welcome to the wizardry world wtf is a mom?….

    3. Ethan Coalition says

      +J10 yeah… I don’t get it either…

    4. Welcome to the wizardry world says

      +ethan coalition​ YOUR M O T H E R . YOU GET IT NOW ?

    5. Ethan Coalition says

      +Welcome to the wizardry world what does M O T H E R stand for?

  9. Karol Rogel says

    messi conta liverpool estaba muerto

    1. David Rodriguez says

      +Luis Navarro se ve que eres conformista y mediocre. JA JA JA

    2. Karol Rogel says

      +DerKatalane1899 este equipo es una FARSAA

    3. David Rodriguez says

      +Luis Navarro mesi lleva 4 champións desde que juega profesional , el
      Madrid cuantos de 10 años para acá?

    4. Luis Navarro says

      +David Rodriguez man eso no importa si el balon es para cristiano este año
      y cuando llegue ese dia messi dejara de serlo ahora messi es el mejor lo
      reconsco tiene el balon de oro por ahora

    5. David Rodriguez says

      +Luis Navarro podrá ganar el balón de oro Ronaldo gracias a sus compañeros
      del Real Madrid o de la selección de Portugal por que en ninguna final peso
      o si?, pero aún así no es mejor que mesi. en su Liga directa de los 2 que
      es la española mesi ganó en sus 2 torneos . lo que hace mesi con el balón ,
      jamás Ronaldo lo va a hacer . contestame algo, por que nunca se a escuchado
      que comparen a Ronaldo con Pelé o con Maradona y a mesi si?

  10. LS Draws says

    Messi is still improving

    1. battlefield/socom ps says

      +TomoCooking and i bet u think ronaldo s better cause he only played for 2

    2. TomoCooking says

      3 teams actually, sporting,manu, real
      1 team – messi
      ronaldinho – more than one team
      zidane – more than one team
      zlatan – more than one team
      kaka – more than one team
      robinho – more than one team
      brazillian roanldo – more than one team
      neymar – more than one team
      suarez – more than one team

    3. Leo Contreras says

      +battlefield/socom ps you mean 3 teams sporting cp Man U and Real Madrid

    4. Jennifer Zarhinger says

      +TomoCooking actually messi played for two teams newells old boys as young
      kid and barca

  11. Sonic Praa says

    Everyday I go to sleep I ask my self, ” why do I hate barcelona so much?”

    1. TomoCooking says

      right now in winning the best team in the world award is: 1.rm 2.ac milan
      3. bayern munchen,barca and liverpool. and i’d research it

    2. King Louie says


    3. Jehovas says

      They always say that barcelona will not win nothing, but they always fail.

    4. Random Name says

      Because you’re sad…

  12. Greatest Ever says

    If Luis Enrique don’t get a fucking right back.

    1. TomClacy5871 says

      Bellerin? He’s good

    2. LolcatHD Gaming says

      +TomClacy5871 no way. staying at arsenal

    3. Ryz Random says

      +LolcatHD Gaming He’s a gunner at heart, not like Fabregas.

  13. yukimura zizouka says

    messi troed to go super saiyan… but instead went super gay.

    1. iturtlez ok says

      +Pudde Putte you asked about my age

    2. Pudde Putte says

      +iturtlez ok umm no I didn’t???

    3. iturtlez ok says

      +Pudde Putte ll quote the message ” how old are you ?10″

    4. Pudde Putte says

      +iturtlez ok Yeah, but that wasn’t for you… There is no “+iturtlez ok” on
      the front…

    5. iturtlez ok says

      +Pudde Putte ok fine

  14. aBram Bam says

    Messi > penaldo

    1. Waj Yousuf says

      +hussein marshall You’re right I’ll let them be.

    2. Ziegen Bart says

      hahah Ronaldo won the CL and the Euros hahaha Messi lost everything

    3. Ziegen Bart says

      he was the best Player of the Euros after Griezman

    4. battlefield/socom ps says

      +Ziegen Bart lol, oh man. u gus arw something. ronaldo was the best player
      in euro. oh god. ronaldo got a ride to the finals and sooner he came out,
      portugal scored.

      sonetimes i come here just for people like you. lol

  15. David Santiago says

    another freekick goal. Ronaldo is the best in the world, because messi is

    1. Da Gamer says


    2. Woof Dog says

      Neymar is the best in the world*

    3. Infamous Otaku says

      +Woof Dog no just no.

  16. Alejandro Ortiz says

    what team is neymar in is he still In Barcelona

    1. Alejandro Ortiz says

      +Larry Myers hey I didn’t know don’t be rude

    2. silva_surfer135 says

      +LoOoDa DWOZ hey man not to be rude but u came here swearing and all…

    3. LoOoDa DWOZ says

      serves them right .. he was asking a simple question

    4. LoOoDa DWOZ says

      jk 😛

  17. Clash With Ano says

    look the first goal of sampdoria..what o team work..


      tic tac

    2. MoviesHD 2016 says


  18. Joe I says

    I’m done how can people say Ronaldo is better than this, I mean messi
    proves that he can do everything better than Ronaldo here, score, assist
    and free kicks, man is he special, GOAT

    1. Random Name says

      They all say that because he won a UCL and a National tournament.

    2. Supreme Lasagna says

      +Gfresh844 it’s funny b/c let’s say Portugal lost euro & Argentina won copa
      America but higuain scored the goal to win 1-0 … Y’all would be saying
      messi the greatest he won the copa blah blah blah… I fucking hate how if
      Ronaldo does something like score a hattrick in champions to get to semis
      he gets no credit. Ronaldo always has the hard way.. Messi passes it to
      fucking Suarez and it’s magical

    3. Supreme Lasagna says

      messi proved to us he’ll quit if things don’t go his way .. With Ronaldo
      he’ll get mad but hey he still tries to win ??? I have a lot of respect
      for messi but damn what a shame

    4. Supreme Lasagna says

      I admit though messi is far better at playmaking and FK & dribbling then
      Ronaldo but I still think Ronaldo is way better to watch and would take him
      over messi if I had to chose.

    5. Erdito Ernesto says


  19. Will Tran says

    Barca has big problem in defense.

    1. The Fallen says

      yep and now without Dani alves.

    2. odddFruit says

      +The Fallen Dani alves played a major key in their defensive

    3. The Fallen says

      +rapidflame221 i know

    4. Will Tran says

      With the money they have I think Barca should buy 2 real defenders for next

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