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Barcelona vs Sporting Gijón 5-0 HD All Goals & Highlights 24/09/2016

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Sporting Gijon Vs Barcelona 0-5 24/09/2016

Suarez (29'),
Rafinha (32'),
Neymar (81'),
Turan (85'),
Neymar (88')


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  1. Brandon Sanelli says

    Good performance ??

    1. Imane Rhattas says


    2. Imane Rhattas says


  2. GoisBR says

    NEYMAR THE BEST, great performance!

    1. GoisBR says

      Im still 5 star class, PENTA ★★★★★

    2. Myth says

      11/09 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    3. yahya salah says

      neymar is better then messi but not ronaldo ronaldo is better then him

    4. Tamonash Sarkar says

      Messi and Ronaldo is very much better then neymat

  3. Francesco Donato says

    the barça without messi don’t win never cit blancos

    1. Francesco Donato says

      poor kid

    2. AlexGiaq 27 says

      +Francesco Donato the only poor thing here is your life.

    3. Francesco Donato says

      look this baby is soo funny <3

    4. SamplingMastersXLR8 says

      KNOCK IT OFF YOU IDIOT , you ignorance and stupidity are not welcome here

    5. Francesco Donato says

      at who? me or alex?

  4. JSVKK says

    sergio was the best player today.

    1. nasser yousif says


    2. German Molero says


    3. Ibrahim Ismail Mohammed says

      +nasser yousif him

  5. Luis Horst says

    Neymar mejor que Messi.

    Lo mismmo que el año pasado, el mejor barcelona se vio sin Mesii.
    Grande Neymar !!!!!!!!!

    1. cristhian Camacho says

      Muuy cierto de doy mi gran like

    2. jose villalba says


    3. adria diaz says

      messi > neymar hahaha LOL neymar> penaldo

    4. Luis Horst says

      shhhh, CHARNEGUILLO, a lo tuyo, vuelve a España

    5. Jjmora Gamer says

      para mi messi mejor neymar 2 sugun yo ok

  6. Wilson Jaramillo says

    Esa es la posicion correcta para Sergi Roberto….

  7. Albin Högberg DRe says

    Hate spanish commentators can’t they take it easy?

    1. Drew Treak says

      we feel the football more than the others dude, relax your nipples

    2. rachaela Barton says


    3. Daniel Pesantes says

      coz u dont know spanish, poor guy

    4. Roberto Fernandez says


  8. Bradley Lisao says

    Sergio Roberto was in form.

    1. German Molero says


  9. kenny90519 says

    10/10 Sergi Roberto

  10. Match Time says

    The quality of Arda revealed.

    1. Viper Nerazzurro says

      revealed? Arda was the star of Atletico for many years and without him they
      would never have won that league in 2014, and if he didn’t get injured they
      would have probably won that champions league final

    2. Hiep Phung says

      Match Time

    3. Match Time says

      +Hiep Phung ?

  11. Elie Abou Jaoudeh says

    so there is no way to close the red ad on top…nice work with that…

    1. Thims says

      ……………turn annotations off……………

    2. Elie Abou Jaoudeh says


    3. Nooploy Puriphai says

      Elie Abou Jaoudeh จย

  12. Venom HD says

    Sergi Roberto is way better at RB great player with great assists

  13. Sinjo Kurenai says

    sergio the best in this match

  14. SSİDEMEN Football says

    Sergi Roberto , suarez. , arda turan they play good

  15. fırat yıldız oyunda says

    arda helal

  16. John PR says

    Naymar is a pro

  17. Antonio Diaz says

    where is the best player of the world
    LEO MESSI :)

    1. Lion Roar says

      Best player in the world is Neymar.

  18. Lucas Buhl Larsen says

    Messi Neymar

    1. Secundino Peralta Liverato says


    2. Carlos Cesar Peducci Barcellos says


  19. Alfredo Lopez says

    Sergi was amazing!

  20. svfutbol20 says

    Neymar is great at finding little areas of space, and controlling the ball
    amazingly well in these areas. And mad props to the midfielders who can
    predict his runs. Neymar is one of those players that’s impossible to
    track, and his unpredictability makes him dangerous to defenders above all

    1. Lise Zijda says


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