Barnet diabetic’s Bang Bang Chicken is a recipe for healthy lifestyle


Wednesday, 31 May 2017

By Adrian Colley
in Local People

A diabetic who once weighed 22 mill is now a print child for healthy eating.

Robin Swindell, 47, from Woodside Park, Barnet, facilities in a gift promotion campaign.

He is showcasing Bang Bang Chicken and is one of 5 people in a campaign, all of whom have not let vital with diabetes mount between them and their favourite food.

They are pity tips that have helped them conduct their diabetes.

Robin was diagnosed 4 years ago though after his initial regard he is indeed feels diabetes has had an intensely certain impact on his lifestyle.

He says: “I would never wish a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes on anyone, though for me there have been some life-changing and certain outcomes. we have done some good friends and had practice we could have usually dreamed of.”

The pivotal was his find of running, a passion that has led him to run several marathons, set adult an bureau using bar and even start training to turn an England Athletics using coach.

Bob has remade his lifestyle given his diagnosis, losing an startling 8 stone.

He said: “I schooled a prolonged time ago that not violence yourself adult is a unequivocally critical partial of creation healthy long-term changes to your diet. Managing a condition is about enjoying a bit of everything, in moderation; it’s about carrying a offset diet, it’s not about dos and don’ts.”

Charity Diabetes UK hopes a easy recipes and tips will enthuse some-more people to make tiny changes that can make a large disproportion to how they conduct their condition.

People can pointer adult to perspective giveaway recipe videos and some-more accessible during between now and Jul 15.

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