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Be Careful What You Think and Speak… You Will Attract IT! (Law Of Attraction)

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We (YouAreCreators) created this channel to share one of the greatest secrets of the universe, and the secret is, we literally create our reality! (Quantum Physics now proves this) We are all governed by a set of Universal Laws, and these laws were created by GOD, to aid us in creating the life we desire. One of these laws is known as the "Law Of Attraction", or the law of "Reaping and Sowing". This law simply states, whatever you give out in Thought, Word, Feeling, and Action is returned to us. Whether the return is negative, or positive, failure or success, is all up to what you give out. Many authors and celebrities such as, Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Rhonda Byrne, and many others have testified to this amazing Law Of Attraction. Its time you learn this wonderful secret…

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  1. Navi Afzal says

    2e commentaire,2e dislike c est nul

    1. vérité veritas says

      Pourquoi tu dislikes ?

  2. Wave S says

    its perspective and true for a single individuals reality but not in the
    entire world.

    1. Jason says

      Wave S Thats how it starts off but eventually it can affects those close to
      us or within our circle

    2. Lyneice M. Lush BLACKTOP HOOPS MAGAZINE says


    3. Lyneice M. Lush BLACKTOP HOOPS MAGAZINE says

      Wave S yes I see that with behaviors science

    4. Wave S says

      Lyneice M. Lush BLACKTOP HOOPS MAGAZINE how could somebody apart of
      something say that the thing its APART OF an individual?

    5. florica dunca says


  3. Alec El says

    This is Andrea Fiore’s voice, What book is she reading Justin?

    1. Mymusicvideosss says

      Michelle C

    2. Robert Mugabe says

      Michelle Christidis I love you too Michelle. Come and let me give you the
      love of Zimbabwe personally 🙂

    3. Michelle Christidis says

      +Robert Mugabe Glad it’s mutual.Yay! . ??

    4. Emmaoh Watts says

      Robert Mugabe

    5. Robert Mugabe says

      +Emmaoh Watts I love you too Emmoah!

  4. some body says

    Mr Screwitz you missed the whole point. What you just wrote is exactly why
    you have no money. When you hoard your little money because you believe its
    not enough, you are sending a thought to universal mind not in outer space
    but your inner space which is connected to outer space and the messsge is
    received. Thus lack over comes you. Of course you should pay your bills
    first, but also release money. When you do release, you will see it comes
    back in ways you didnt expect.

  5. nick lozano says

    May the force be with you

    1. Simon O'Conor says

      And also with you Nick.

    2. Lillie Hamilton says

      You can attract your desires easily. I’m successful and happy with all of
      the amazing things I attract.
      Find out how easy it is to succeed. It can be so simple if you want to
      succeed, simply click here => ManifestationMiracle44.blogspot.com >>>

    3. Jyoti Greenwold says

      Lillie Hamilton

    4. Mohamed Yasin says

      Lillie Hamilton

    5. Donna Henry says


  6. derreck taylor says

    What’s the name of this book?

  7. Amanda Mitchell says

    I think this is beautifully put and sadly hard for so many to take in
    because of conditioned beliefs learned through those around us and what we
    take in media wise. I only came to this realization as I surrendered all I
    had left, I was trapped in suffering.. the truth does set you free but not
    until you except it! A definite clearing has been taking place within me
    over the last few years..

    1. I A m Chazz Matazz says

      Amanda Mitchell well said

    2. Gracie Shellito says

      In childhood I was taught that it was “blessed to be poor”. This has been
      hard to erase.

    3. I A m Chazz Matazz says

      God chose u to have nothing. Yes makes perfect sense

    4. Quentin Fernandez says

      Gracie Shellito Never use negatives. your subconscious mind will follow
      what ever you tell it. start feeding it with positive thoughts in the
      present tense. do that 5 mins before you go to bed and for about 3 mins as
      soon as you wake. you will see changes come over you Believe in what you
      say and good will come your way. Good luck

  8. Dave Stone says

    Narrated by Andrea Fiori

  9. Al Gil says

    I genuinely thought the opening words were fart currants

    1. Nia says

      Al Gil you just made my day, Sir xD hahaha cant stop laughing xD

    2. I A m Chazz Matazz says

      Al Gil careful what u say, u might do a smelly fart soon

  10. Raven One says

    I want a single woman from God.
    I want a good paying job
    I want a big house near the ocean
    I want happiness, love, and to serve God
    I want people to work together to end hunger,disease, and crimes in the

    1. Zander Smith says

      Raven One
      i would like, or it would benefit me if i had, or i require, make things
      much less negative and much more achievable..

    2. Ирина Рубин says

      Raven One You shouldn’t say: I want! You should say: I have and I’m happy!

    3. William Brown says

      Raven One I want what you want, KNOW

    4. High Vibe FreQz Show says

      Harry Sheridan Saying “I will have these things” will keep them in the
      future tense outside of your grasp which iz in the now. That’s all we truly
      have iz NOW. Not the past or the future as those are always experienced
      only in the now. It’s not just the words that you say either. If you say,
      “I have,” but quietly in your mind say, “If I keep saying ‘I have’ then I
      will have them,” that iz a revelation that you still hold a belief that you
      don’t already believe you have them. You do have but simply not aware that
      you have them and must adjust your frequency to seeing them. Do not judge
      by appearances for by judging your current circumstances of lack you will
      only continue will continue to create the same lack over and over again.
      Know that it already exists before you even ask for it, it has been
      answered you hold it within but the belief that you don’t will keep it from
      manifesting physically.

    5. High Vibe FreQz Show says

      Zander Smith That still expresses negativity or the lack of therefore you
      will continue to experience the lack of. Place it into the present tense of
      already having it. It iz not lying as we do already possess all that we
      desire within us which iz the first manifestation and everything physical
      iz merely a reflection of the true reality that exists within.

  11. lynn clark says

    I don’t get it I was sick and never new what I was doing ? so how can you
    be held responsible for what you may of thought ? ty

    1. Emmaoh Watts says

      lynn clark

    2. Emmaoh Watts says

      lynn clark

    3. Iluv Merengue says

      Just like in real life ignorance of the law is not an excuse and can land
      you in jail or with a fine, so it is with the LOA, it’s always working
      whether we’re aware of it or not. The reason it was easy for me to believe
      in it is because I could tell I’d been using it all along, even in the
      positive for years, only I’d knew it by another name: faith.

      We can’t dwell on what already happened, our “job” now is to release all
      that no longer serve us and reprogram our minds so we can attract what we
      really desire.

  12. adele banks says

    I already have everything I ever wanted thank you so much universe ….

    1. Regal Leo says


    2. Kat Kat says


  13. kina michaelz says

    Multi Millionare, Great Health and wealth, Highly Successful Children, GOD
    centered Marriage to A Sexy, Thoughtful, patient, Respectful, Loving Man of
    God Who is Great with kids!!

    1. Regal Leo says

      Count me in!

  14. Pet lover says


    1. Weilun Kang says

      Pet lover. What are the other 13 Universal Laws then ?

    2. High Vibe FreQz Show says

      Pet lover It’s not crazy that it works. It’s always worked and has always
      been this way. We were the ones who were or still are crazy, mentally ill,
      but the healing iz taking place globally today.

  15. Angela Paul Hosein says

    Am a single woman. I want a good paying job. I want to be financial well
    off. am talking to a man for a while. He wants to come to my country for
    Christmas. I want everything to be good. I want peace joy happiness love
    togetherness health wealth success and Prosperity for my family me and this
    new man in my life

    1. Nikki Sartor says

      Angela Paul Hosein change it to I have instead of I want.

    2. Allyson Sixx says

      Angela Paul Hosein by saying “I want” you are reinforcing that you are in a
      state of lack or that you are lacking something. By being in a state of
      lack, you manifest more of the same or more feelings of wanting a certain
      By viewing or feeling that thing that you want as something that you
      already have or feel it as if it’s already happened or is already yours is
      a sure way of manifesting it as such. FEEL or BELIEVE that the thing you
      want it is something that is already yours and it will be because you’ve
      manifested it!
      We are creators and we create every aspect of our reality – whether it’s
      individually or collectively. There’s NOTHING that is in our reality that
      isn’t if our own creation.
      Best to you.

    3. Malik Martin says


    4. Angela Paul Hosein says

      Thank you

  16. AN2 says

    This is the moral lessons of the bible in a secular tone so that all can
    understand, so beautiful

  17. Quentin Fernandez says

    A very good message. will help change ones lifestyle

  18. dgmoocher D r says

    What a beautiful upload! Thank you and God Bless!

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