‘Be HONEST with British voters!’ Andrew Neil rounds on Rebecca Long-Bailey for floundering


Appearing on a Andrew Marr show, a shade unfamiliar secretary was confronted with a shave from 2011 where Mr Corbyn branded Nato a “major problem”. 

Dismissing a footage, Ms Thornberry said: “I consider that’s a quote from 6 years ago. And Jeremy has been on a tour to silver a phrase. There have been a series of discussions.

“It has been done – it is utterly transparent that a rule of opinion in a Labour Party is we are committed to Nato.”

Marr pushed a politician on a issue, as he insisted Mr Corbyn had steady those sentiments during his initial care campaign. 

Rounding on a BBC host, Ms Thornberry said: “It’s not satisfactory if we listened what he pronounced during Chatham House he did not contend this.

“He is transparent that we have a joining to Nato, and that is that. You change your mind. You’ll find that lots of politicians change their minds.”