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‘Be HONEST with British voters!’ Andrew Neil rounds on Rebecca Long-Bailey for floundering

Appearing on the Andrew Marr show, the shadow foreign secretary was confronted with a clip from 2011 where Mr Corbyn branded Nato a “major problem”. 

Dismissing the footage, Ms Thornberry said: “I think that’s a quote from six years ago. And Jeremy has been on a journey to coin a phrase. There have been a number of discussions.

“It has been made – it is quite clear that the predominance of opinion in the Labour Party is we are committed to Nato.”

Marr pushed the politician on the issue, as he insisted Mr Corbyn had repeated those sentiments during his first leadership campaign. 

Rounding on the BBC host, Ms Thornberry said: “It’s not fair if you heard what he said at Chatham House he did not say this.

“He is clear that we have a commitment to Nato, and that is that. You change your mind. You’ll find that lots of politicians change their minds.”

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