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New Tech Evo



REPO: http://endlessflix.co.uk/repo

TO REGISTER for ACCOUNT: http://www.endlessflix.co.uk/members/register.php *** PROTECTION YOURSELF FROM GETTING NOTICES FROM YOUR ISP****

Always use a VPN when watching IPTV, MOVIES etc.

I recommend IP Vanish, due to their Zeo LOG policy and speed.

Click the link below to protect yourself:

https://www.ipvanish.com/kodi/?a_aid=newtech&a_bid=48f95966 *** PROTECT YOURSELF FROM ISP SPYING AND GETTING ISP NOTICES****

Always use a VPN when using your favorite add-ons. VPNs encrypt your online activity and allow you access to blocked content.
I recommend IPVanish, due to their zero-log policy and fast speeds. Click the link below to protect yourself:


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  1. Chauncy Wilkins says

    Can you tell me how to get your widgets to display like that?´╗┐

    1. newtechevolution says

      It’s part of the build. Should install like that ­čÖé

  2. Beeju says

    Nice one bro ?´╗┐

    1. newtechevolution says

      Thanks Beej! ­čÖé

  3. Dennis Mora says

    Is exelent thank !!!!!!!´╗┐

    1. newtechevolution says

      Enjoy Dennis :0

  4. Brian Zuniga says

    would this be good for a firestick?´╗┐

    1. newtechevolution says

      Brian Zuniga would not recommend it

    2. Brian Zuniga says

      thanks newtech!

  5. Dene. F. (Dodge) says

    In case any body was wondering. ‘flix’ is a word we use in Manchester.
    England for ‘films’ or movies as you Americans call them. lol.´╗┐

    1. scott schrader says

      Dene. F. we use the term “flix” in the same manner here in America…lol
      Have you never heard of Netflix?….lol

    2. newtechevolution says

      scott schrader lol

    3. Dene. F. (Dodge) says

      scott schrader Lol. Indeed I have but I was not merely aiming the
      explication to Americans. I was pointing out you call films ‘movies’
      because i know many people who speak English as a second language would use
      your term of ‘movies’, especially those from south America. Whilst doing
      this and being helpful to those people I was using the correct word in
      England which is ‘films’. This mildly educating three possible sets of
      people with many possible variations of world languages. Typical of an
      American to think the world cantered round it.lol

  6. tw1tch says

    cant get endlessflix to login to firestick will it not work?´╗┐

    1. newtechevolution says

      tw1tch it should

  7. Aleko130 says

    thanks mate´╗┐

  8. The Beast Build Kodi says

    You da man??´╗┐

    1. newtechevolution says

      The Beast thanks beast ­čÖé

  9. Kodi101walkthrough says

    nice looks good´╗┐

  10. Kodi101walkthrough says

    can you help me with Bob. not opening on fresh kodi installation.´╗┐

  11. Jose Rodriguez says

    how can i go to menu..??´╗┐

  12. J Ruiz says

    Hey NT how can i get in touch whit you?´╗┐

  13. David Parker says

    This build is absolute shite. Didn’t think the beast could get any worse.
    Then this came along.´╗┐

    1. David Parker says

      Sorry to offend you Chris blowjob but just been truthfull. You just seem to
      have let all this kodi beef get in the way of you having the best build.
      You leave certain add-ons out which are a must have and you just keep
      pushing paid services. Go back to how you started the beast, with only the
      best of best add-ons regardless of what you think of the devs.

    2. The Beast Build Kodi says

      David Parker chris blowjob??? very original ???

  14. BTechnology 2016 (BTECH) says

    nothing special that isn’t in 100 other builds….´╗┐

  15. Gunnerkoll72 TKoll says

    tis true…there is a post from mixdoctor and chris from the beast showing
    the bad code´╗┐

  16. SeniorBombero says

    Install problem:
    Raspberry Pi 3 system

    After downloading, when I try to install the beast, I click Open and it
    always goes back to downloads, I downloaded it 3 times and the same thing
    Why does it go back to downloads instead of installing ? ( Yes, I signed in


  17. TaminoQT says

    Can i watch Movies & Series in German with this Repo too?´╗┐

  18. Nelson De La Rosa says

    Will this build work on firestick´╗┐

  19. Ricardo Robles says

    who took over the beat´╗┐

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