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Bench Slide- The ONE TIP Missing From Your Chest Workouts!

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When it comes to getting the most power out of your bench press shoulder positioning can be the difference between breaking a max record or tearing your shoulders to pieces.

One of the most common mistakes beginners make when bench pressing is they bench across their shoulders instead of across the chest which is the muscle you are trying to focus on when benching. This simple mistake can lead to years of damage being done to the shoulders and unknown amounts of gains being left behind due to lack of chest engagement when performing the movement. #HTH #SHFAthlete #ProjectGains

(0:02)- Bench Slide- BARBELL
(0:42)- How To: Barbell Bench Press (The Set-Up)
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lr8hSS…

(2:32)- Bench Slide- DUMBBELL

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  1. matthew wilson says

    awesome vid scott great tips as always thnaks for being a fitness
    inspiration to me

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +matthew wilson Thanks bro!! Happy to help you make those gains!

    2. matthew wilson says

      your welcome +ScottHermanFitness and thanks for the helpful tips

    3. ScottHermanFitness says

      +matthew wilson anytime bro!

    4. matthew wilson says

      thanks +ScottHermanFitness for all the tips and everything been a hermanite
      since 09 and thanks for the pic u sent me a couple days ago my fav pic and
      u look awesome

  2. Laaxxn says


    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +Laaxxn damn.. more like 20th! haha

    2. Laaxxn says

      +ScottHermanFitness hahaha aww 😉

  3. Anabolic Aliens says

    Most commercial benches are at heights that don’t make any sense, so it can
    be tough to get set up and un-rack. Good tips!

    1. Informed Fitness says

      +Anabolic Aliens I know what you mean! I have short legs so a lot of
      benches don’t allow me to use any foot drive! Thats my excuse and im
      sticking to it lol…but srs some benches are so high!

    2. argentotenebre says

      +Anabolic Aliens you can raise it with plates under the posts of the bench

    3. Anabolic Aliens says

      +argentotenebre I should have been more specific. I was referring to the
      height of the racks. Forces me to have to un-rack and then retract like
      Scott said, except when I have a spotter. It’s better to be locked-in from
      the get-go.

  4. Craig Julaton says

    It would be awesome to see you doing some powerlifting. See how strong you
    can get

  5. Diced2TheSox says

    Thanks Scott, as always really helpful! Going to use this!!!

  6. ZombieTube4u says

    This was actually really useful I haven’t seen anyone mention doing this
    tip in bench press tips nice one 

  7. Spawn223311 says

    I’ve actually given up on flat bench (even with dumbbell) because i just
    feel uncomfortable no matter what I do and i do not do this technique
    because its almost like doing decline bench press, and i personally don’t
    like that since i want to do a flat bench. I just use dumbells and adjust
    the bench just 1 setting above flat position (maybe 2 or 3 if the bench has
    a lot of levels) but without it being an complete incline press, that
    little leverage takes away the stress from my shoulders and its the closest
    position to flat bench that i can do. Just in case it helps someone haha

  8. ThatIsANiceLamp says

    Are Dumbbells better for your shoulders/gains than barbells when doing

    1. ShyBoy6ty9 says

      +ThatIsANiceLamp The main difference is that you’re using more stabilizers
      when you bench with dumbbells, as well as each pec/triceps working
      independently of the other. It’s something to keep in mind if you ever feel
      the need to switch up your workouts, but I wouldn’t dwell on it.

    2. Juani Porta says

      +ThatIsANiceLamp It’s different, for different tipe of workout. The barbell
      allows you to lift more weight, as you dont use stabilizers, as this guy

  9. FitLeben says

    hey man great video! Hows the camaro ss doing? id love to see a video about
    it again!

  10. Rohan says

    Wow great tip, my bench is good but that dumbbell tip will def help!

  11. Haaris Majid Training says

    I recently started doing this and my pressing feels so much better. I do it
    exactly the way you do it in this video! Im set to PR this weekend and I’m
    glad I started using the slide technique

  12. meswim MX says

    Nice tip!!! But, I’m wondering … What about the incline bench press???
    How could it be? 

    1. Gregory Serrano says

      +meswim MX I was wondering the same thing.

    2. DurpenHeimer says

      +meswim MX You can’t do the slide on an incline press.

    3. Brian Penalosa says

      Just do the scapula retraction. Shoulders back and down. Pin them down on
      the bench before lift off

  13. Justin England says

    Great video, I defiantly flair my arms out thanks for the tips sir.

  14. Gregory Serrano says

    This video… was awesome. Thanks Scott!

  15. Juani Porta says

    That was useful, Thanks bro!

  16. Matthew Barnard says

    Thanks for the advice! You very likely just saved my shoulders from injury.

  17. Koenma says

    the dumbbell tip was on point. Gonna try it today. Thanks

  18. MickyAvStickyHands says

    Ever done the electric bench slide?

  19. William Granville says

    Sure, now you tell me, I did chest yesterday. lol I can’t wait to try this
    next chest day.

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