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Bernie Sanders Sells Out His Revolution And Endorses Hillary Clinton

Your president Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders has totally sold out to Crooked Hillary Clinton. #CrookedHillary

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  1. Adolf Hitler says

    heil Trump

    1. Declan Miller says

      ‘rolls eyes’

    2. General waffen says

      Heil mein fuhrer 14/88

  2. Adolf Hitler says

    heil Trump

    1. Ralph Stevens says

      HILDEBEAST ? Is that you ?

    2. General waffen says

      Heil mein fuhrer 14/88

  3. Lord Adblock says

    Its stupid that he took his brainless followers donations to “fight the
    establishment” but then does a 180 and now is saying “vote for the

  4. Ultrajamz says

    He’s a good communist, he sold out for free! Sad!

  5. Tomahawk1775 says

    A true Comrade to the Communists who Control the Democratic Party and his
    followers are the perfect Useful Idiots!

    1. MercuryAudioVideoArt says

      …..and may I add that woman makes great beans!!



    1. MercuryAudioVideoArt says


  7. Masteraidan1Gaming says

    *Sigh* oh well bernie voters are not happy about this im 99% sure he got
    payed off

  8. pfcwar5150 says

    Trump for the Win!

  9. pornboi yonkers says

    0:40 Bernie just uncucked himself

  10. JasonWilliamC says

    Of course he endorses her. She’s the best chance he has of pushing through
    any of his agenda. It’s not selling out at all. They’re allies even if they
    don’t always agree.

  11. Philly Forever says

    I’m writing in Bernies name I can’t vote for Hillary.

    1. Lachy Guerin says

      why not vote for Trump since Bernie sold you out

    2. Philly Forever says

      You know what – you’re right. I don’t know if I would call it selling me
      out, he probably made a deal that benefits the revolution.

    3. Lachy Guerin says

      +Philly Forever He spent the whole presidential nominee campaign giving you
      proof on why Hillary is unfit to be president. Now that he is out he has
      turned on his most loyal supporters and told you to vote for hillary. Would
      you really consider voting for her purely because she is also a democrat?
      Bernie sold out. His revolution is over. But Trumps revolution continues.
      He is a literal oustider and the media, the democrats and even the
      republicans who should by all means be supporting him are doing their best
      to destroy him. Because if they don’t, he will destroy them and their
      corrupt system. Its time to come home, Philly. Bernie has left you out in
      the cold, its time to board the Trump train and make America great again.

  12. Dime2782 says

    TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. G SPAWN says

    spanish sub please. jajajjaa

  14. MercuryAudioVideoArt says


  15. jjjjbuddy says

    $600,000 BEACH HOUSE TO BOOT. socialist idiots. STOP THE STEAL. .. TRUMP

  16. Reich-Wing Watch says

    Donald Trump said Hillary was the best Sec of State in human history. Why
    is it selling out if Bernie endorses Hillary but not Trump?

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