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Song: Electro-Light – Symbolism [NCS Release]


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  1. SniperScoutHD says

    Nice vid ;D

    1. FootoZ says

      +SniperScoutHD Thanck you

  2. ProPes TV says

    Amazing video :D

  3. Ddd Mmm says

    What about Robbens spectacular “belly goal”

    1. Afnjfvkwbvkjbvkb Fafqvvqvaq says


  4. Sagar Patil says

    Just realised one thing….May be I am wrong…

    Whenever a player hides behind the goalie and then scores, shouldnt he be
    declared offside??

    1. elliott v says

      +Sagar Patil tbh i dont think it should be given as offside if it takes a
      deflection unless its purposely kicked against an opposing player in order
      to beat the offside. if its a shot that takes a deflection then i dont
      think it should be offside

    2. Sagar Patil says

      +Rob Palin ohh… Ok.. Thanks mate…

    3. Sagar Patil says

      +Harsh marsh Yes makes sense

    4. ahmed m fawzy says

      +Sagar Patil the moment the ball gets out of the player kicking it any team
      mate of his beyond the offside line is offside

    5. Afnjfvkwbvkjbvkb Fafqvvqvaq says

      +Sagar Patil u

  5. Brian laLA says

    Were all the plays in the video considered goal? like Robin van Persie 2:04
    was acting like ref said it wasnt a goal

    1. DidEA_Robya says

      +l9lMuFcBeNl9l Before you ask I play for Stalybridge Celtic, a team in
      greater Manchester.

    2. Brian laLA says

      +l9lMuFcBeNl9l Do you have any idea why Robin or Ronaldinho made a dirty
      face after they scored like that? or why refree blew the whistle?

    3. TVMastry says

      +Brian laLA Under educated ref made false call but was (as far as I know)
      was ruled a goal

    4. old m8 dk says

      when a goal keeper is kicking it is still considered to be in his hands
      until after the kick is complete and it is foul to kick the ball away while
      the keeper is still kicking, hence why ronaldinho got carded

    5. ceb red says

      its a bookable offense to block a keeper drop kicking a ball and i assume
      the same goes for taking it when it is in the process of being kicked. if
      however the keeper puts the ball on the ground to kick he no longer has
      possession so it is not a foul to tackle him

  6. Rafid hassan oney says

    Ronaldinho invented “cunning goals”

  7. Andres Roaro says

    The ones where the keeper is about to hit the ball and you take it from him
    in the air are fouls. Don’t know which rule says that but it is.

    Also Giggs scored a cheeky FK like the one they scored to Cech in the CL

    1. Ramon Wijnen says

      The keeper doesn’t have the ball in his hands anymore so it should be a goal

    2. Andres Roaro says

      +Ramon Wijnen No man and actually you can see Ronaldinho being booked after
      in the first clip and actually I believe this is a not so old rule,
      probably came around the time where taking your shirt off for celebration
      means an immediate yellow card.

  8. B0yka says

    1:02 great saves

  9. Rosa Ruiz says

    Las palomas

  10. crunchyleaf51 plays says

    how is the notts county ladies goal Laura Basset from Arsenal ladies like
    arsenal are clearly the team defending the free kick and notts county are
    attacking :)

  11. Paresh Badga says

    4:39 its norwich and southampton or sunderland

    1. ojefford47x says

      Wrong, it’s Nottingham forest

  12. Paresh Badga says

    4:39 its norwich and southampton or sunderland

    1. Alejo Quintana says

      +Paresh Badga its norwich and nothingam forest

  13. chis black says

    Etto goal with Chelsea 

  14. Cristiano Hikmat says

    serbia u-17 not.This is tactic AZERBAIJAN national.This is tactic Vagif


    did the first one count?

  16. JunHong Bae says

    what is the name of the song

  17. ygg drasil says

    Love the first ‘Unknown’. You’d think that keepers would check behind them
    from now on, but no.

  18. Pungi Plays says

    when the keeper places the ball down and one of the opponents sneak up
    behind him isn’t that offside though?

    1. ceb red says

      no cos u cant be offside if the ball comes from the opposition

    2. Pungi Plays says

      o ye…

  19. Stretix Long says

    1:30 как-то жалко вратаря

  20. Jay Archaicesque says

    Lol most of this is arsenal ex or future players

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