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Best Free Kick Inside Penalty Box ● HD

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  1. Fredy Jesus Rodríguez Rico says

    good bro ?⚽

  2. Gorilla says

    Please Like This Comment for no REASON!!!

  3. Austin Craft says

    Free kick inside the penalty box? How does that happen? Thought that would
    be a penalty kick..

    1. AR7 says

      backpass to the goalkeeper

    2. Austin Craft says


    3. Sign In says

      Austin Craft and then they pick it up

    4. The A-Gamer says

      Austin Craft yah ikr wtf

    5. Randale Majere says

      Indirect free kick.

  4. Vorname Nachname says

    Bayerns “freekick” against Hamburg 2000/01?

    1. iSamzyyHD says

      Vorname Nachname+ pauleta free kick in 1972 wow you really think anyone
      knows these

  5. A- Ali says

    What is the song called

    1. Omari The People says

      its annoying

  6. PENALTI says

    То самое чувство когда на канале FootoZ увидел российский футбольный клуб

    1. Vladimir Galtsov says


  7. Pitch Invaders says

    Like or die by a ghost!
    Sub and win a billion dollars!
    Have a great day!

    1. Brian Keith Jones says

      you’ve definitely invaded the comment section with spam

    2. Pitch Invaders says


  8. GamerFAILS says

    This music is annoying af

  9. mahmut sami türkeri says

    nice video

  10. Jose Rivera says

    por que marcan ese tipo de faltas dentro de area?

  11. WI FI says

    These are halirious seeing 15 men in a box

  12. Nermin Terzić says

    Huh, horrible goalkeeping at 0:21.

  13. ferociousfrankie says

    I’m surprised more faces and balls don’t get destroyed in these things.

  14. One Above all says

    How does a free kick happen inside the penalty box

    1. Brian Keith Jones says

      when a defender passes the ball back to the keeper and they pick it up
      inside the box

    2. Randale Majere says

      havent you heard indirect free kick ever?

    3. Sarthak rastogi says

      Randale Majere chill

  15. Azka Mumtaz says

    i’m suprised a lot of people doesn’t know that free kick can happen inside
    the penalty box

    1. Tynan Roussety says

      When was this rule changed i had no clue!

  16. Spencer Dresden44 says


  17. Raju Ahmed says

    really Awesome

  18. Felixe says

    FootoZ Sunscribe????

  19. Felixe says


  20. lucas melo says

    isso é uma especie de penalti?

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