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Best Funny Goals in Football ● HD

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  1. Jona D. says


  2. SLITHER . IO says


    1. Haider Rafiq says


  3. Jake says


  4. Ludvig Hellström says

    The legend say that if you’re early on a comment, they respond back

  5. Nikola says

    You can find just HD Football videos on my channel, check it out i you
    want, thanks :D

    1. EL USS says

      Nikola I will if you check out my ones

    2. Nikola says

      No problem

    3. Samuel Klein says

      Nikolai will ifu check out my vids and subscribe and ill do the same

    4. Nikola says

      No prblm 🙂

  6. AN02HD says

    nice video FOOTOZ i really liked and enjoyed this video!!

  7. CarvaxD_765 XD says

    hello you videos is beautifull

    1. aSlAm ËmArAtHï says

      RIP English ???

    2. CarvaxD_765 XD says

      Si hablo español

  8. OJF 785 says

    5:54 was the greatest

  9. Just Awesome King Lion says

    song pls?

    1. LexPlays says

      Just Awesome King Lion jensation donuts

  10. Samuel Klein says

    Last time I was this early

    Zlatan played champions league football

    1. Alejandra Mundo says

      Samuel Klein last time I was this early Gerard actually won something

    2. AR7 says

      did he? ucl and…..?

    3. Kay LFC says

      Samuel Klein lol

  11. Just Awesome King Lion says


    1. Davor Musulin says


    2. Dorin says

      Jensation – Donuts , see NCS release

  12. Wilfran LARabia says

    2:42 Fake

    1. Mosawir's Gaming /Prank channel says

      Wilfran LARabia Ikr

    2. Adi Vila says

      you clearly don’t know about backspin on a football. He put lots on it,
      causing it to SPIN BACK. It’s not fake.

    3. LP Masters says

      thats not fake its a nice Backspin

  13. LOVE SOFTBALL says


    1. Flow says

      That’s not relevant, He has 300,000…

  14. Rafly Prtm says

    what is the name of the music?

    1. Dermot Moriarty says

      Come on , it’s terrible.

  15. yakuub mohamed says


  16. Mohammad Rafi Skandare says

    oh my God i can not stop laughing

  17. John Nike says

    Good video lol

  18. LOVE SOFTBALL says

    Vanossgaming os the best youtuber

  19. Benjamin Brichot says

    nul la vidéo

  20. Elie Abou Jaoudeh says

    Any idea about the game in minute 3:11?

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