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Best Goalkeeper Skills Ever – Manuel Neuer, Joe Hart, David de Gea, Rogerio Ceni, Julio Cesar and other.

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1. Hendersin – Light It Up
2. Nate Good – Gold Coast Prod. Jacob Levan

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  1. Bakdaulet Akhatai says

    Достоин для лайк и репост

    1. DavidBowieFan R.I.P says


    2. Filipelive11 says

      +LushGamez123 pinches rusos están locos!

    3. Elrubius OMG says

      +Filipelive 11 jajajaja jo putaxD

    4. Daniel Kappes says

      +Elrubius OMG song?

    5. Luka Petrovic says

      puši ga

  2. JDoactive says

    3:01 Gullit in goal?

    1. saxman642 says

      +Styrax And that particular save is Higuita’s once in a lifetime original
      the “scorpion save”

    2. WaRz_ EvoLution (WaRz_EvoLution) says

      its hene higuita

    3. JDoactive says

      +Nil’s Rene Higuits

    4. Marat Vikultsev says


    5. fifakönig 1 says

      no that’s rene higuita

  3. skid says

    1:00 – We all know you are a n Attacker , Neuer :D

    1. spexler says

      +SKXD #sotrue

    2. Paweł Praski says

      +skid no neuer this is schwabe 😉 Germany vs Poland u20 ;p

    3. MeinCtutweh Aua says

      This isn’t Neuer! ?

    4. A AlShami says

      +MeinCtutweh Aua who??

  4. Samuel Adesunloro says

    2:03 wasn’t a skill, it was a fail, a horrible one!

    1. dantealighieri1265 says

      +Samuel Adesunloro yeah, I guess this was his last game 😀 I don’t think
      that any coach wants to see that^^

    2. Samuel Adesunloro says

      +dantealighieri1265 lol innit.

    3. Ludwig says

      +Samuel Adesunloro China goalie

    4. Samuel Adesunloro says

      +Ludwig Tsoi I know -_-

  5. arowa powel says

    who is the french goalkkeper at 1m12 ?

    1. mehdi houmi says

      +arowa powel Bingourou Kamara

    2. Qwerty Ross says


  6. Joshua Lämmlin says

    i sometimes played as goalie (usually cdm) and trust me: as a goalie you
    loose 60% of your ball control ??

  7. Alexander Shakib says

    Surely all of these guys were wingers before turning pro goalkeepers. Some
    of those skills… goalkeepers just don’t do that

  8. alex jr says

    the Fernando Prass?? really?

  9. HyperGaming says

    1:17 he should really play outfield.. He has the physique and ball

  10. Xander Crews says

    poor editing horrible music and you show the same video over and over. You
    suck uploader

    1. Xander Crews says

      Literally anyone barring the mentally handicapped could do better and i’m
      sure many handicapped people could do better too. You sir are an idiot,
      with a terrible vocabulary. Windows movie maker can do better and I doubt
      there is anyone who can’t follow WMM walkthroughs.

  11. Gonçalo Nascimento says

    olha me esse a imitar o Renê higuita

  12. Algerian Man says

    1:32 AbdelMalek Assla Algerian goalkeeper ?
    1.2.3 vive l’Algérie ❤

  13. TheCanadianGamer says

    de gea was going to be a striker, but because of his size he became a goal

  14. Valentín Romero says

    Entre para ver la de Cech a Vardy, me voy decepcionado

  15. FIMKATUBE says

    Fat like from me.

  16. Tresh Talk says

    0:43 is this guy crazy? he could’ve broken his legs

  17. SpYreX & KSC says

    not your video:DD

  18. Bann torn says

    Del Piero at 5:20 :D

  19. RAJA WAJIH says

    nice 1

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