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Best Humiliating Goals ● HD

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  1. SLITHER . IO says


    1. KingOfTheIll says


    2. Dennysmash Gamer says


  2. ItJustHadToBeDone ! says


  3. Passive Agony says

    2nd viewer

  4. You Tube says


    1. KingOfTheIll says


  5. Wesseltheking Halderman says


  6. Raul Andrei Brinza says

    11avo que pro pra

  7. Eduardo Buitrago says

    song please?

    1. Jorge Nitales says


  8. julio angel escalera martinez says

    3:27 will griggs or fire you defence is terrified

    1. Deez Nuts says


    2. alexia blonde says

      +Deez Nuts wtf slitherio

  9. itsMeFootball says

    the player in 2:58 Died
    he’s name is Theyab Awana


    1. Flow says

      from a car accident it was sad when i heard that 🙁

  10. Baran Doğan says

    2nd Goal TUNCAY ŞANLI

  11. No Social Media No Life says

    1:05 how can he get nut mugged by a player thats like 13 yards out with no
    power on the ball? bad gk!! ashamed

  12. lightbombs says

    there are a lot of humiliating goals by messi and none is in this video why

    1. alexandre clodial says

      same for Ronaldo 🙁

    2. lightbombs says

      +Timothy Solis lol barka fans.. just saying a fact Ex: boateng’s ankles

    3. Timothy Solis says

      You don’t get it do. Do you?

    4. Mindy Chambers says

      Messi is bad that’s why there are no parts

    5. lightbombs says

      yall need some brains

  13. Bruno klyron says

    El gol potrero de Penaldo sobraba

  14. Emir Çelik says

    what a song?

    1. ii_antony XV says

      Tobu – Candyland ?

  15. Jonty Cr7 says

    2.15 the confidence though.

  16. Lee So Young says

    lol butt kick

  17. Dark_ Lux says


  18. bbkangs says

    Knew Balotelli’s goal would be the last clip

  19. Miguel Angel Gabarre says

    gitanos futbolistas

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