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Best Places To Drink Tea In The World

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We continue to come up with suggestions in order to improve your lifestyle, this time with 7 Best places to drink tea in the world!
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We're not sure how many of you guys are regular tea drinkers, but in this video we aim to entice you to travel the world and explore these amazing places to drink tea.

From England to the Sahara Desert, you will learn a few things that might make you buy a plane ticket and travel around the world.

In this video we'd like to answer the following questions:
What are the best places to drink tea in the world?
What tea is the best?
What is the best green tea?
What is the best black tea?
Can you drink tea in the desert?
What tea do you drink in Japan or China or Asia?

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  1. ajibola alibaloye says

    Mom said if she sees me on my computer again she will smash my head on the keyboard
    I know she wont she loves menajjsjdjfksksnebehwiowcnbxbskaow928e7ushsbbsbxnka

    1. gokul m anil says

      ajibola alibaloye lol

    2. Shiv SJ says

      did she bang your head while you were typing your name too?

  2. Rim Bel says

    The tea in the Sahara desert is a moroccan tea ,it’s most famous in Morocco honey ,I wish you will correct this information.

    1. ladyessi says

      Rim Bel Indeed, why did they call it a berber tea? That is ridiculous…. They serve mint tea which originates in the fertile Atlas mountains in the are of Fes city.

    2. merzouk reims says

      Rim Bel Tea in the désert it’s a TOUAREG thing, and yes TOUAREG are berber, the first time an international channel say something true about Sahara

    3. Rim Bel says

      +merzouk reims​ yes there’s a touareg tea but it originates in the north of Morocco and Spain ,and the touareg tea is also delicious but different from the north,east,west moroccan tea .however the tea in Morocco is very varied; each part of the country has its own touch on the tea as well as touareg whom are a part of moroccan population. (Sorry for my bad English)

    4. Rim Bel says

      +ladyessi the origin citizens of Morocco are berber(amazigh ) and a lot of moroccan population have an amazighi roots.in morocco you can find some of touareg population, and they made tea with their own way as well as all north African country and north moroccan people,and as you can see in the video they talk about the other countries as a whole country but when they talk about the north African country they just mention a part of their population Which is an integral part of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia,(I don’t know if you understand me ,I’m just trying to explain but my English is very weak )

    5. Yaya Ben says

      the Moroccan tea is the only great tea in “Sahara desert ” there is no such a thing as the famous (Atay mche7er <3 ! ) !! special greetings to the Moroccan Aluxers

  3. Alux.com says

    Hey Aluxers, would you travel around the world to meet people, drink tea and tell stories?

    1. pradeep mohan says

      Assam tea and Hyderabad Iran chai

    2. Abdul Basit says

      Alux.com and you didn’t added pakistan obviously u ppl cant see the beauty of my country our northern areas secure naturally the most beautiful places in world for example hunza, skardu, chitral, these placees are beyond your imagination at least ppl who are reading this just google these places names and u will get it what i was talking about and see positive and beautiful side of Pakistan not the one media usually shows you

    3. Equilibrium Drive says

      Alux.com You didn’t include Darjeeling.
      Seriously, the Brits looted all their tea from British India and you overlooked the entire subcontinent.

    4. Fazulul Rahman says

      Assam in India and Sri Lanka is definitely missing.

    5. avishek das says

      Hey Alux you did’t mentioned Darjeeling,India.

  4. prashant yadav says

    India is the biggest consumer of the tea , average people of India drink atleast 3 cups a day. many type of Teas are grown here. but you underestimated it.

    1. prashant yadav says

      Vellan Subrumaniam its awesome bro. but the taste of tea is only determine by its making process.
      every tea vendor on the coner of any street in india knows how to make it awesome. this is the same for every home too

    2. Shantanu Sonawane says

      yeah I also agree with you

    3. Pan S. says

      India AND Sri-Lanka

    4. Abdul Basit says

      prashant yadav but yaar wo baat ker rhe he most beautiful “places” for drinking tea is lia maybe nhi aya wese me bhi thora haran ho ajana chahiye tha india ko pakistan ko to ye videos wale wese hi bho nhi dete chahe jo ho lol

    5. Abdul Basit says

      prashant yadavwese video bakwas he research nhi kiya ino ne srilanka or pakistan bhi ana chahiye tha india bhi

  5. omar sy says

    Im subscribed to this channel even though i dont have a penny

    1. Alux.com says

      A lot of millionaires/billionaires started out from scratch! And it’s pretty much never too late to start being a new you.

    2. ATHAR KAZI says

      Alux.com I am amazed by your interactions with your subscribers

    3. SLAM Music says

      it’s free to subscribe!

  6. Criminology 101 says

    Common alux you skipped India the largest and most diverse tea market on earth.

    1. Optimus Prime says

      we don’t consume it that much compared to how much we export to england…

  7. kibichi Altair says

    LOL tea without India i call that BS.India is the single largest producer and consumer of tea after china. cities like Darjeeling and Assam which are famous across the world for its quality tea.

    1. World Mania says

      U r right

    2. Spinxo says

      India is the largest tea producer. not the largest tea exporter. Indian tea are garbage. no offence. I wonder why SL is not in the list.

    3. Dhanu R says

      kibichi Altair It is not haven’t you ever heard Ceylon tea one of best teas in the world.

    4. Johonan andrew gomes says

      kibichi Altair Sri lanka?

  8. clementi says

    find one kopitiam and drink teh c

  9. mohan raj says

    how come indian tea is missing??

  10. Kiran Shinde says

    what about India?

  11. Jack Sewani says

    Subscribed.. all your videos are worth watching.

    1. Alux.com says

      Good to have you with us +Jack Sewani 🙂

    2. Abdul Basit says

      Alux.com why your webside dont give a damn tonpakistan add check out my country its beautiful man why dont u search by your own google will speaks for mee see pics of northern areas

    3. Jack Sewani says

      Abdul Basit bro they are not doing on purpose.. many countries are not in alux.com videos that doesn’t mean those countries are not beautiful.. sit back enjoy and appreciate what others have.. and many people believe your country is also very beautiful.. I do 🙂

  12. Mazda 787B (MR.B) says

    Why sipp when you can succ

  13. Sai M. says

    Surprised that you missed out on Pakistan/India (Chai)

  14. Soumik Sarker says

    I thought Makaibari darjeeling tea and Assam tea, worth about 500 to 1000 USD per kg, to be in the list. Africa is famous for coffee. what crap is this video?

  15. Rajat Goyal says

    wht abt india? i guess india is the only one who exports luxury tea in thw world !! and india consumes tea at a bulk level

  16. little man says

    india and sri lanka brit got the tea from india stupids

  17. Spinxo says

    No Srilanka and India.but UK??? bullshit. Does England grow tea?

  18. Aditya Manjrekar says

    Congratulations Alux.com for not including India.. U did an awesome job.. Idiots..?

  19. rjsonny says


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