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Best Screen Recording / Capturing Software for YouTube

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Looking for the best screen recording and capturing software. I give you my best pics for window and mac users for hard core gamer to business person. I give you all Free programs to the best paid screen recording software.

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My Favorite YouTube Tool TubeBuddy
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CamStudio (Windows) people said that there are some malware in this software. Download it at your own risk.

Quicktime (Mac)

Open Broadcaster Software (Mac, Window, Linux) Gamer Made!

Best Screen recording Software (Paid)
Camtasia Studio (Windows, Mac)

ScreenFlow (Mac)

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  1. Gamer 11s says

    Just use Action Mirillis .U can record at 120 FPS with 1080p 🙂

    1. TECH for U says

      use BSR

    2. THEWAHGAMES says

      +TECH for Use a vcr

    3. iWulfy says

      I can crack it

    4. ranBULL says

      Thanks a lot! 🙂

    5. Gamer 11s says

      u w

  2. xXTheSuperDudeXx says

    listern closely when he said obs he didnt he said obo XD

    1. Pro sheep Minecraft Slither.io says

      it has a watermark i use it lol

    2. Tamara Atieh says

      for the free trial is 10 minutes and the full version is 12 hours

    3. Xtriolovist says

      Look closely when xXTheSuperDudeXx typed listen he typed listern XD

    4. Cheryl Emmy says

      I use it and I records 10 mins for free and I think 20 for paid version

    5. 8-Bitzgameing says

      he sad ophbopbgeihf0e9gheg LOL

  3. Guus De Kroon says



    1. RickeyGaming says

      +ETHAN THE GAMER it made mine all choppy

    2. PandaKid5545 says

      +RickeyGaming mine to

    3. PandaKid5545 says

      +RickeyGaming I suggest using screen o matic for minecraft not that choppy
      but when you move your mouse it has a circle in the middle of the screen

    4. kdiwk aj says

      Lol that got me to like wut

    5. Kalyso says

      +ETHAN THE GAMER same here

  4. YroGaming says

    not working on my mac for its lagggggggggging

    1. EndOfTheLine GT says

      hahaha yro! waddup dudeeee

    2. MariKam says

      Hai yro

    3. Too far says

      Yes it’s called: “having a mac”…

    4. BSG says

      Ditch Mac. Think Gamer.

    5. kittywittynumbr1 #1! says

      Me too…

  5. Prem Chand says

    The best video capture software is Debut Video Capture Software. Try that
    one out

    1. Gregory Hall says

      its crashed three straight.. send report with email… forget it.

    2. JonyGoon says

      Is it free? Thats all i wanna know lol

    3. Prem Chand says

      it has a free version that’s quite good

    4. Growka//TIM says

      Ex- friking- scuse me?! I had to go through my computer for an hour
      cleaning out all the crap it downloaded! DONT GET: ITS A VIRUS!

  6. johar rizvi says

    did he just say Mac gamers……Hahahahahaha

    1. Galbi 3000 (Galbi3000) says

      +StrangeRobot Media Productions “playing on macs is fine if you can’t get a
      PC yet”. If are wanting to play games and you can afford a price bloated
      Mac then you can afford a decent enough Windows PC for playing many more

    2. Out Of The Box says

      I got it as a present from an aunt it was her’s then she passed it onto me
      for college work. :/ I seriously can’t afford one myself.

    3. Silent Wolf says

      lol the only thing I play on Mac and probably the only good game is League
      of Legends

    4. MrRamziaB says

      LoL isnt a good game though…

    5. Silent Wolf says

      ? Lmao wtf is it then

  7. Kevingamingpantz says

    When I record gameplay it lags slot with OBS

    1. Peiwei- Ni says

      🙂 i will try my best

    2. TECH for U says

      +Peiwei- Ni okk

    3. Kalyso says

      same here

    4. TECH for U says

      +kalyso try bsr..:)

    5. Autumn_fizz says

      I tried to download it and it has a virus 🙁

  8. X_XRainbowX_X Huffman says

    OBS dose not work on my windows pc I dont know what to do plz help

    1. TECH for U says

      use bsr


    hey does camstudio have malware and viruses

    1. THE CORN EMPIRE says

      im joking i was just testing you guys knowledge what ever you do do not
      download the camstudio

    2. tigger112 says

      ye do not download camstudio of you google it the top one is malware of
      you go in by . A URL by youtube you have a 50 50 it will be good but do not
      get it

    3. THE CORN EMPIRE says

      no camstudio has access to your camera and even the good one anyone can
      access i just hope no pervert who wants to perve on kids in his class is
      reading this

    4. THE CORN EMPIRE says

      or her perverts can be girls to im not sexist

    5. Ethan Roberts says

      I just downloaded camstudio but quickly uninstalled it because it
      downloaded a anti virus with out me knowing. And i have AVG

  10. MspGamerGirl says

    use screen-omatic its soooooo good i use on all my vids it doesn’t even lag
    and its FREE

    1. MspGamerGirl says

      If u buy PRO for £15 😀

    2. Vishaal S says

      +MspGamerGirl oh OK
      Thanks for replying

    3. MspGamerGirl says


    4. Mercedes U says

      Thank you so much! My brother has started doing game videos and I wanted to
      find a good recorder. I think this is the best free or cheap option! I
      guess we will see when he makes his first video with it.
      Thanks again!

    5. MspGamerGirl says

      Np 😀

  11. cubbears boy says

    guys these websites seem sketchy have any of you gotten viruses from
    downloading it

    1. Michelle Valdez says

      Obs isn’t a virus.

  12. LNCRFT [Currently inactive] says

    OBS is very CPU based, when your CPU usage is too high, the video will lag.
    Set priority to high for OBS and then it’s a bit better. So: Quad core CPU
    minimum and recommended but dual core is ok too.

    1. Silent Wolf says

      Everything is CPU based lmao

  13. NotEvenDeathCanSaveYouFromMe says

    camtasia for 299 ? uhh.. then tpb got you covered i guess xD

  14. VIBHOR KAIN says

    On my pc obs never recorded fullscreen I don’t know why they are not
    recording full screen

  15. Thomasclonegaming mlp and more 1265744 says

    I use openbroadcaster software and it is so awesome

  16. SammyRatty says

    Obs freezes on me whenever I exit from it is window and nothing will help!
    Plz anyone tips anyone I am so desperate

  17. Potterhead_05 112 says

    it freezes for me and only records my audio on 1 frame

  18. TuBoom GamesTV says

    OBS Sucks for me every time I record/stream It freezes.

  19. xDragonGamerGirlx says

    Downstream is on windows

  20. MrRamziaB says

    yet Camtasia cant make simple scrolling credits…

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