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Bethenny Frankel Dishes on Wild “RHONY” Mexico Trip | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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The "Real Housewives of New York City" star gushes over the amazing cast trip to Mexico–and which castmate is a nightmare to travel with!

Full Story: http://www.eonline.com/news/869402/bethenny-frankel-dishes-real-housewives-of-new-york-city-s-mexico-trip-from-luann-s-falls-to-disaster-ramona

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Bethenny Frankel Dishes on Wild "RHONY" Mexico Trip | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. tom jones says

    Is it just me, or is Bethenny getting prettier and prettier

    1. Nancy Anderson says

      yes Bethany looks better now than when she was younger. Her face is glowing and her high cheek bones look great.

    2. LizziChiVegan says

      I don’t believe the injectables softening her jawline story. I believe she had something invasive done and had the jawline literally sawn down or something. No way is botox going to have that drastic effect. Look at old pics of her. Her jawline is huge.

    3. MintBoy One says

      Restaurant lighting, amateurs.

    4. fun one says


    5. Ackee23 says

      money does that… also she had botox on her jaws to “soften” her jaw line… she spoke about it in an interview.

  2. Li Yu says

    “golden girls meets the hangover” iconic.

    1. Carmen Garcia says


  3. Din says

    The Mexico trip was iconic. Best housewives trip ever. It was art.

    1. Carmen Garcia says

      Din yesssssssss!!!!!!!!!

    2. Bero Felo says

      Din ?

    3. sauce chronicles says

      Din I LOVE their trips. They’ve mastered the art of trips ?

  4. K Kennedy says

    lol … you wanna put her in a fucking dog bag…ramona is not even a part of the human species…

  5. missclubb says

    Bethenny is so hilarious, I’m dying!! RHONY is way funnier than I thought it could be.

  6. Gus Gus says

    She looks great! 🙂

  7. Marcin Bukowiecki says

    she’s turn me now to watch second time the last episode :DDD i love her

  8. Stafford Stafford says

    Why doesn’t she just get skinny girl tattooed on her head. Nauseating product placement

  9. Co Co Puff says

    “There’s nothing one can do to Drink Ramona prettier ” funniest line ever.

  10. Musicala says

    So weird hearing Bethenny praising Luanne lol

  11. Benyikoko says

    LOve herrrrrrr

  12. Mandy Martin says

    I love Bethany she is hilarious

  13. Polly Stanton says

    My favorite by far. # 1 housewife show?

  14. Carmen Garcia says

    Omg I love Bethany more and more everyday!!!!! She’s fucking AWESOME!!!!

  15. zélig wilsonゼリグ君 says

    She needs to get a Skinny Girl Tramp Stamp already loool
    Ramona is extremelly demanding with the crews but
    A few episodes ago when there is an insect in her closet you can see how rude Bethenny talks to her employees.She’s not exactly the best person to call out Ramona on this.

  16. jennifer Loy fairhurst says

    It’s DARKER!

  17. Syris says

    I love her!

  18. Sheila Kelemen says

    Your the best

  19. vlogMEXP says

    damn that why I call hot Milf

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