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Better Ways to Make Money on YouTube – YouTube Sponsorship Opportunities

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Paid sponsorship opportunities for YouTube influencers can be extremely more effective than earning revenue by Adsense alone. Derral discusses with Adam and Agnes from FameBit all about sponsorships on YouTube.

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  1. Cepillin TV says


    1. Derral Eves says

      Welcome +CepillinTV or bienvenidos

    2. Teo Ramires says

      # #ffff#ff#e e8966ddogfff333 204! !#!###
      5 dé r#######98p

    3. RJ GAMES says

      +Derral Eves do you know clintus mcgintus

  2. isitebuild says

    Great info on alternatives to adsense. Not sure if famebit would be a good
    fit for my channel…like you mentioned you lose the benefits and
    flexibility of YT. What’s your take on Planet Cameo..I was invited to
    partner with them?

    1. Derral Eves says

      You can lose some benefits and flexibility with MCNs… But, FameBit is not
      an MCN.

  3. TT says

    G’day from Perth, Western Australia – the most isolated city in the world.

  4. Maxine F says

    No. I perfer tutorials since i am new to creating a Youtube channel.

  5. Kami Kisses says

    hello from lithuania. one thing about myself? uuuhhh oh right sometimes if
    i play this game where somebody takes something and hides it when i have my
    eyes closed i can guess what it is from the first time

  6. Kami Kisses says

    derral please reply
    do you know any more sponsorship websites that dont need at least 5000

    1. Wini567 FTW says

      There’s No-Scope and Cinch Gaming

  7. Anthony Jordan (oobumblebeeoo) says


    1. BONM D M says

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  8. StephBoyz says

    I wish I could have a lot of subscribers

    1. VenoM HUBB says

      hey do you have ps4

    2. VenoM HUBB says

      if youd I could get you some subs

    3. StephBoyz says

      YesI do

  9. Sri Gadiraju says

    hi derral i am from India and
    I have been watching your videos from a long time actually 🙂 … really I
    got a lot of info from your videos … can u pls give me some guidance
    regarding YouTube channels popularity

  10. Palm Springs Cindy says

    Lets do this.

  11. Techna says

    I was born in Austria, I speak german but I did go to a American school,
    and then I moved to rome. so now I speak Italian too

  12. Benjamin Santa Slither.io/Diep.ioFAN says

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  13. Fardin Mondal says

    if i make 100 dollars in 1 year can i get the money?or i have to make 100
    dollars in 1 month to get the money?please help

  14. ToxicWasp says

    How do I make my vidios more pouplar?

  15. Brosz YT says

    Hi I am from Singapore

    1. Brosz YT says

      I speak Chinese and English

  16. HellCat7 says

    Im from Australia

  17. NicPOWERBREAKER says

    +Derral Eves Very Informative Amazing Job, whenever I need help I go to
    your channel your the best Thank You

  18. NicPOWERBREAKER says

    Yes I really love what you are doing with this


    hello from India

  20. Ninja Gaming says

    u make me a money oh yeh baby

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