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Biceps, Triceps & Hamstrings! INSANE SUPERSETS! | Qdoba Meet & Greet!

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Meet N' Greet @ Qdoba w. fellow fitness enthusiasts. Loading up on protein and good food before jumping into this week's Biceps, Triceps and Hamstring training! Join Qdoba Rewards for free food, news, email offers, and more! (#MoreFlavorIsBetter!) http://bit.ly/SHQRewards



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#FTC: Thank you Qdoba for sponsoring my channel. My opinions are my own; I only load up on food I believe in.

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  1. MultiCaloka says

    i’m doing 8×5 (8 sets 5 reps) program.do i need superset,dropset etc…?

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      You CAN add these things in. They are just different methods to make your
      routines more intense

  2. Lee Kennedy says

    Sometimes when I do triceps workouts (can be anything from dips to close
    grip bench and so on) I get this little tingle in my right elbow but no
    pain, it just feels a little weird , any idea what it is?

    1. -,' RED ',- says

      i think its a tendon or muscle wiggling around. used to get it before.

    2. zafeiris rez says

      +,’ RED ‘, nerve

  3. David Ev. says

    Do a calves video!

    1. M Sherazi says

      Yes, please!!!! ?

    2. SaladTossing says


  4. Jordan Springer says

    Scott after seeing you do the mercy 30’s, your biceps have never looked
    bigger! You’re totally still growing man!

  5. Thomas Rapp says

    What kind of shoes do you wear for deadlifts and squats?

    1. Best Slowpoke EU says


  6. Kakashi Hatake says

    Love your video Scott, however I have a question. Can I take every exercise
    to failure in every set? I’ve been doing this for a few years and I’ve seen
    no problems but I want your viewpoint on this controversial question.
    Thanks and great content as usual!

    1. chris Bradley says

      Hey , I second that question ? Although Iv been doing exactly the same for
      over a year now and my gains increased when I did . I don’t save for the
      next set , I go all out on every set to failure except warmup sets
      obviously . And combined with drop setting , what a killer ?

    2. Kakashi Hatake says

      +chris Bradley Thnaks for sharing bro and I have also been lifting to
      failure for 10 years actually! I have seen gains but today is the first day
      I tried not going to failure and here’s what I found; you end up adding
      more volume without going to failure. Example today I used only dumbells
      and used 150s for 10 reps on my first set when I could’ve gone to 12. The
      next set I found I could actually do the same amount of reps rather than
      dropping to 6 like usual when failing reps. I also actually got more of a
      pump too. M suggestion change it up go to failure sometimes and other times
      don’t you’ll make more gains getting the best of both worlds. Hell one day
      you could even take all your last sets to failure on each exercise.
      Whatever changes it up I guess. thanks AGAIN!

  7. muscleandmath says

    I think you’re doing sldl not rdl

    1. muscleandmath says

      Oh wait it looked like you were touching the floor but you won’t

  8. Evan Voss says

    My only workout is bench press supersetted with bicep curls

    1. TheCStrike2 says

      That’s the way to go man

    2. 97jeesus says

      you’ll develop an awesome aesthetic physique (sarcasm)

    3. banditBoy943777 says

      How are your shoulders feeling? lol

    4. Rich Pirañha says

      You’re taking my advice.

    5. Tassos Avlonitis says

      Thats one exercise more than vegan gains’ workout

  9. amiller81983 says

    I didn’t like this video

    1. ScottHermanFitness says


  10. Anthony Formichelli says

    Hey bud, need some help on traps and serratus.

  11. twicepast7 says

    Wish I could of gone!

  12. Marko Rabasovic says

    Man I STILL can’t do a proper pull up. Been doing pull downs for two weeks
    and cannot pull up once. :/

    1. ripppking says

      If you’re heavy set it’s understandable

    2. Marko Rabasovic says

      +ripppking 6 feet tall at 76 kilos. I’d say I’m in the range. Perhaps my
      grip is too wide? Need to practice the form?

    3. Erik Bentley says

      +Marko Rabasovic Try crossing your legs in front of you and flex your core
      if you’re able to. 🙂 If that doesn’t work just focus on strengthening your
      back and biceps as well as your core and I’m telling you you will blow
      yourself away with how many pull ups you’ll be able to do.

    4. Marko Rabasovic says

      +Erik Bentley I’ll have to just keep at it, will def give that a shot,
      thank you!

  13. Danny Hermosillo says

    Can you make a video on whether to retract scapula during bench or not? A
    PTA I know says not to but I heard otherwise from everyone else

    1. Danny Hermosillo says

      P.S. , before this, I injured my shoulders and never retracted my scapula
      during bench

    2. Yisrael Dubin says

      +Danny Hermosillo when you’re doing a push-up or any other chest variation
      where your back isn’t on a bench (cable press, etc.) you should go through
      retraction and protraction. On the Bench press, however, keep the shoulder
      blades retracted the whole movement.

  14. KillerDeegan says

    so my gold standard whey protein makes my heart race all day long. stopped
    taking it n it stopped happening. ever seen this b4??

  15. MaxAtTheMax says

    You still have the stupid accent. Just stop. You’re obviously forcing it…

  16. Musa Ahmad says

    awesome workouts

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      thanx man!

  17. drabnail777 says

    Yo Scott, have you ever considered vegetarian or maybe vegan diets?

  18. Conservative Views by Christine says

    I’ve never tried the hold, I will start to see how it works.

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