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Black Lives Matter is NOT a Race

All video Watson channel

YouTuber Derrick Pilot (Some Black Guy) joins Paul Joseph Watson to reveal the truth about Black Lives Matter.

Is Black Lives Matter a peaceful group?

Do black people fear the police when they walk down the street?

Are African-Americans oppressed in America?

How much does the glorification of gangster chic by the dominant culture and hip-hop contribute to black crime statistics?

Check out Derrick's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7e57qWIEAZTQAaFwHpKdlw

Follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Some_BlackGuy

Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/paul.j.watson.71
FOLLOW Paul Joseph Watson @ https://twitter.com/PrisonPlanet

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  1. Mavis Blinnie says

    They are a riot group that self-identifies as a peaceful protest group

    1. Mavis Blinnie says

      Mike Will that’s okay, I self-identify as a non, whatever you said 😉

    2. Defias Bandit says

      They are a racist riot group.

    3. Rainman Slim says

      a terrorist group*

    4. Jimmy says

      Kind of reminds me of that quote from Lord of War “Every faction in Africa
      calls themselves by these noble names – Liberation this, Patriotic that,
      Democratic Republic of something-or-other… I guess they can’t own up to
      what they usually are: the Federation of Worse Oppressors Than the Last
      Bunch of Oppressors”

    5. King “Richie” Richard says

      Yeah, They are a radical socialist, ethnocentric, racist, nationalist,
      domestic terrorist group.

  2. The Mirror says

    Martin Luther King would be disgraced.

    1. Somebody I Think says

      Martin Luther King Jr. was a disgrace. He did absolutely nothing and was
      simply a Marxist plug.

    2. Troy Baker says

      Somebody I Think – Quit being a fool. MLK was assassinated by the elites
      because of the social power he held when alive. Capitalism and Socialism
      are not mutually exclusive. You can have elements of both in such a fashion
      that it promotes free market ideals while stifling dependency at the bottom
      while not allowing those on top to hold such significant power and control
      over the lower majority. It’s called rewriting what you call society but
      not in some evil bullshit Marxist Frankfurt NWO fashion, like what we have

    3. weezlBPro says

      i had to like this comment cause it had stopped at 666

  3. TheZarn003 says

    Y’all should get E.T. Williams, The Doctor of Common Sense, on the show.

    1. Hugo Mungus says

      The DR. of Common sense is a good dude.
      But how about ET the extra testicle?

    2. C Ali says

      He was on Alex Jones show.

    3. Jessica Wicker says

      +C Ali that is really cool!

    4. King Marth says

      Agreed Get ET on here.

  4. ThyNameIsSkepticism says

    Things sjws think are races

    Things they think are genders

    1. Maddy “Tater Salad” Perennity says

      That’s anti-science.

    2. Charles H says

      No it isn’t – it’s not even a religion – it’s an ideology.

    3. a disgruntled employee says

      i identify as an apache helicopter please show respect

    4. elock1277 says

      So are we related then?

    5. a disgruntled employee says

      no but we are compatible and can make baby apaches

  5. Steel1974 #7 says

    some black guy & Paul in one video?
    Top 10 anime crossovers

    1. toastedjambread says

      +Scott Simpson Kek. Too bad, Quentin Tarantino is a liberal shill.

    2. Ian Sooklal says

      ummmm ok.

    3. toastedjambread says

      +Ian Sooklal Do you self a favor. Go watch Pulp Fiction. I guarantee you,
      you will not be disappointed.

    4. MrKockNoker says

      I chuckled so much like a little girl at this comment. So classic.

  6. Paul Joseph Watson says

    How much does the glorification of gangster chic by the dominant culture
    and hip-hop contribute to black crime statistics?

    1. Ryan Beattie says

      +Howard Bailey I respect your beliefs, I just don’t see it that way. Sorry
      if that offends you in any way lol.

    2. T-Trum says

      First off fantastic video.Americans have been idolizing gangsters for a
      long time. We love the outlaw lifestyle, they are truly free from any form
      of authority. We romanticize outlaws and gangsters. From Jessie James to Al
      Capone and now to some extent urban gangsters they live in a way that can
      be romanticized.

    3. FLGSC says

      Paul Joseph Watson How much did Wagner contribute to Nazi’s?

  7. Some Black Guy says

    Thanks for having me on!

    1. Adm Edward says

      Some Black Guy
      very clever and well spoken for a 16 year old ! You put fasiltas to shame

    2. Jesus Christ says

      pete brook *you’re* ***

    3. Mike Rice says

      Some Black Guy good conversation too bad more people don’t think like you

    4. Zoe V says

      Some Black Guy Derrick you’re the best!! 😉

  8. Morgan Clasper says

    BLM is like Islam at this point. “We’re peaceful, and if you disagree we’ll
    kill you!”

    1. Dread Wolf says

      jehovasinz they need to use the truth to make the feminists and BLMs wake
      up and learn, but because people are emotionally involved with ideals they
      don’t help the real issues both are as bad as each other, if one would use
      thinking people and not overly emotional people then we non SJWs would win.

    2. SpartiuS94 says

      BLM is like Radical Islamists**

      You can’t say like Islam 🙂

    3. Odrama Vinladen says

      What about all the white people that are brutally killed by police? if I
      was to go around shouting #WLM id be called racist or most likely a white
      supremacist….. These people chant Black power, If I was to run around
      shouting White Power I would be called racist and a white supremacist . #BLM
      is clearly a racist organisation.

    4. lo lo says

      +SpartiuS94 i don’t know. the religion itself promotes radical ideology. I
      think, if you’re an Islamist, but you’re not radical, would be like saying
      you’re Christian, and you’re being a bad person.

    5. Pale Feather Valdez says

      And don’t forget how blacks can call whites crackers, but whites can’t call
      them nigers..

  9. daniel boyd cooper says

    i’m glad i sub to both channels. as a veteran police officer i think mr
    pilot would make an excellent police officer. its your cool level headed
    ability to deal with baseless insults that shows you have the skills to
    deal with the hardships the job will throw at you. after watching your
    channel for the last few months i would be proud to work with you.

    1. jonny bravo says

      it takes longer to cut hair then be a cop..

    2. daniel boyd cooper says

      +jonny bravo and the training never stops

    3. ChocoCaramel says

      daniel boyd cooper Thank you for your service! 🙂

    4. daniel boyd cooper says

      +ChocoCaramel thank you for your kind words, I am proud to serve.

  10. Top 10 Rules For GOOD Game Design says

    Hey Paul, Black Lives Matter (BLM) is actually, by definition, a
    multinational terrorist organization funded by George Soros and many others
    in the Democracy Alliance and Freedom Road Socialist Organization. BLM has
    also reached out to ISIS terror cells and been recognized by al-Qaeda.
    Blood is on BLMs hands and they kill and destroy again.

    1. The_Blazer says

      +Les Duncan That’s a pretty damn big assumption, just like Trump’s
      extrapolation. Especially when you consider that refugees are not meant to
      stay forever. The fact of the matter is, 65000, which is the actual number
      we have right now, is 0.021% of the American population. That’s not scary
      to me, it’s irrelevant, assuming they are properly managed.

    2. Top 10 Rules For GOOD Game Design says

      +The_Blazer Yeah, I tend to assume the worst. It’s a personality flaw. We
      can just agree to disagree on the outcome and see with the future brings. I
      obviously hope you’re 100% right, though.

    3. huge jarse says

      until they start blowing people up.

    4. on the rocks with salt says

      Until they start blowing up people? Uh, they started. Where were you?

    5. munzer abufarah says

      wow u must be in the CIA or Youtube haha

  11. Erin Rene says

    I’m a proud black,trump supporting, republican! MAGA!

    1. Sarah Hudock says

      Matthew Nelson I’m just confused now?

    2. Mattnel says

      +Sarah Hudock its just a meme

    3. Zach Lang says

      Arron Rene We need more people like you.

    4. Muddy Witch says

      Arron Rene Keep your head down dude, the hive mind will be after you!!!

    5. KingKyleTV says

      Arron Rene God bless!

  12. Pewn says

    What a reasonable dude. Bravo! More people like this please!

    1. War Planner says

      +Frank Black..and YOU’RE a grammatically challenged mouth breathing prole.

    2. Pewn says

      LOL owned!

    3. Bill Carter says

      WKaliberr you mean the polls where they only pick democratic Killery
      supporters to poll. LOL

    4. WKaliberr says

      TYES +Bill Carter

    5. Fenrir says

      This “reasonable dude” is vilified and called RACIST names like uncle tom
      by other, more “real” black people because he has common sense and doesn’t
      act like a thug. Black Lies Matter is exposing the hypocrisy and violence
      that is ingrained in the black culture.

  13. eton3331 says

    Worse thing is that Derrick will be ousted by the Black community because
    he doesn’t think with the hive mind that they do.

    1. eton3331 says

      The Dose Of Truth quite honestly I’m done feeding this troll. He’ll
      threaten death to us “morally bankrupt coons who are dividing this country”
      I’ve already proven my point with him showing his true colors. He does have
      a point on moral arguments however that they are not debatable though. But
      it doesn’t excuse him threatening death to us “coons”

    2. XLastXOneX says

      +eton3331 Death? Interesting, I didn’t know that “overdue a**whoopings”
      always resulted in death… Stop lying rah… can’t help but show the good
      ol red white and blue son…

      Rah, you clearly missed the point… look at my nation as it stands now….
      it is racially divided and it shows… how else do you think the
      organization known as BLM got to be this powerful this quickly?

      This is the work of coons and other racial agitators on both sides who were
      given a platform to spread their division be it YouTube Worldstar, or Fox
      news… *That* has to stop…*Now*… by any means necessary… if it
      requires a little physical coercion or fear of an a** whopping to
      accomplish this goal, then by all means….it is well worth it… the Union
      was preserved once through violence, and it can be done again….

    3. nitro836 says

      Better to think for yourself than let others think for you.

  14. brettvett1 says

    BLM are uneducated, ignorant naggers. Most dangerous species on earth.

    1. jack ikr says


    2. Squade Brooks says

      brettvett1 wtf is wrong with you? You can disagree without being hateful

  15. Doctor BeBop says

    I’ve never been able to understand why Obama does not recognize or publicly
    acknowledge his white heritage. His mother was white, he was raised by his
    white grandparents, his black father abandoned him, his adoptive black
    father had nothing to do with him, yet he seems to identify with blacks and
    hates whites. My question is, why? Is it because he looks black? Why the

    1. Moxie Boosta says

      Typically biracial people identify as either or…

    2. Muddy Witch says

      Anton K That has never made sense to me. It’s like saying that because I am
      half Irish and half Scottish and I live in Scotland I have to over
      compensate in a community of Scottish people for my Irish half. That makes
      as much sense to me as Obama feeling he has to compensate for his white

    3. Jacob Meehoff says

      +MelitaJay “so dynamic that it’s hard to go unnoticed” <-----I think she means black ppl are over emotional and more dramatic, for attention, than others.

    4. AIRG01 says

      Doctor BeBop Obama was raised by his grandparents, grew up in Hawaii, and
      has no genetic ties with the ancestors of black people in this country. J
      Edgar Hoover had more in common with black people in this country, and
      yea……….don’t be a sucker for appearances. Politically Obama has been
      the president of gays, muslims, and illegals. LMAO The guy talked about
      basketball, uses slang, and sang Al Green to appeal to black voters. Obama
      said he’s the first Kenyan-American president. People worship symbology and
      are deaf to truth.

    5. Pale Feather Valdez says

      He’ a racist..

  16. R JN says

    Feminism is an ideology, not a gender. BLM is an ideology, not a race.
    Damnnnnnnnnn Daniel.

    1. Rocket Scientist says

      he said that… simply saying something does not make it true.

      look up what an “ism” is

    2. R JN says

      Rocket Scientist that’s the point, sir. It’s a badass counterpoint to a
      dumb accusation by a brainwashed regressive.

    3. Rocket Scientist says

      +R JN who made the claim that BLM is a race?

    4. R JN says

      Rocket Scientist it’s a counter to an accusation that one isn’t “really
      black” or unsympathetic to the plight of African Americans because they
      don’t support BLM

    5. DeusExMachina10001 says

      @ Rocket Scientist: The issue is that they constantly claim that people who
      are against them are racists for being against them. As though being
      against BLM equates to being against black people. It’s like how feminists
      claim that people who oppose them only do so because they are sexist.

  17. !Us! Studios says

    BlackLivesMatter is a movement of peace the same way Islam is a religion of

    1. Italian Soldier from WW2 says

      Well modernization of Christianity fucked it over.

    2. jeffeharkins says

      that makes no sense at all

    3. Tristan Holmes says

      This is either insane cringe or insane bait

    4. Rank17Medic [PVZGW] says

      Guys, how do you not see what he means?

    5. ViolettaVie says

      !Us! Studios Islam is a religion of peace or a peaceful way of life. It
      governs all aspects of human existence, which means that it has a
      political, economical, and social system with an overarching spiritual
      context. Every aspect of life has spiritual consequences both good and bad.

      You have people who are Muslim but do not know their religion similar to
      any religion where the people aren’t devout or educated on their doctrines.
      This becomes dangerous when you have horrible people who use religion as an
      excuse or pretext for horrible actions. They take verses from Qur’an which
      they have no knowledge on and use it to harm.

      Any person who studies Islam and the Qur’an would know that the aspects of
      the Qur’an which talk about political actions are for specific situations.
      Those verses aren’t for everyday occurrences. In fact, there is a verse
      which condemns killing and equates killing one person with the killing of
      all people.

      And I take umbrage with anyone who would try to paint Islam as violent. A
      system or way of life has to take into account all aspects of human life
      and one aspect is conflict between nations. Islam outline how to deal
      politically with others, how to broker treaties and what to do with those
      nations break peace agreements and acts aggressively with your nation after
      the fact.

      So next time you want to pretend Islam is violent why don’t you take in to
      account what the Qur’an is saying on particular matters or ask someone who
      knows instead of blindly following what the media or people uneducated
      Islam are saying.

  18. Carmen Delgina says

    Well clearly he’s an Uncle Tom. As soon as I heard him him articulate his
    words and not say “dis or dat” that he was a traitor to all black people.

    1. Max Benedict says

      He’s a fucking black male

    2. Johnny Walnuts says

      Anthony Marshall Triggered much?

    3. Anthony Marshall says

      +Johnny Walnuts is that suppose to make me feel bad, because I don’t lol

    4. Jameson Jaksch says

      Anthony Marshall Don’t say lol.

    5. Darren Brown says

      He’s not an Uncle Tom he is a coon!

  19. Pony Kazy says

    I feel like Black lives matter should be renamed, “Black lives (only)
    matter when police are involved.”

    1. Smuttyyo Combat says

      do u even know the meaning of supremacist?

    2. Jordan “randomjunk101” Washko says

      +Smuttyyo Combat yes

    3. Rockit Jim says

      or when white people are involved

    4. merztire says

      Yeah, they don’t do anything when they kill each other… I guess those
      black live matter.

    5. madingo02 says

      +Jordan “randomjunk101” Washko Oh yeah cause BLM goes around lynching white
      people. GTFO

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