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BOB KODI Addon. Phoenix Alternative. All in 1 KODI Addon. 3rd Party.

2017 kodi repo

BOB Kodi Addon. All in One Kodi addon. everything you need!!
Phoenix Alternative/Replacement.

For the CM1/JM1 Android TV Box please visit jm85.co.uk

The CM1/JM1 Android TV box comes with a built in Kodi addon updater meaning you don't have to add your addons anymore.

One click updates to all of the latest addons. New updates will come out once a month to make sure you always have the best addons available.

To see how easy this is, watch this video – https://youtu.be/MiJtYixvmt8

If you are using KODI then its best used with a VPN. To find out why then please watch this video – https://youtu.be/KL4QQlLdhX4

If you are looking for this VPN (the best avaliable) then click on this link below.


If you want Smart DNS and a VPN then i recommend clicking the link below.


Thank You

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  1. Illmatic Da Don says

    what’s a good one for live tv

    1. Jose Fernandez says

      Illmatic Da Don …Goodfellas 2.0 addon

  2. Steven Mcarthur says

    what kodi are you using

    1. Jasonmoore85 says

      +Steven Mcarthur I use 16.1 at home but as more ppl are using 17.3 I made my video on that

  3. DJ Rob-Low says

    Love your short, sweet and to the point videos.

  4. Michael Bartlett says

    Jason -what Kodi Version are you using for this video?

  5. Steve Kelly says

    Jason – These videos are slightly out of focus so it is difficult to read the line of information for the stream. Can you do it again or read out the stream please.

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