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Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, President Trump just came out on Sunday and made every journalist chuckle because Trump informed that he wouldn’t tell them what Obama told him. In his own words: “I just went to the Oval Office and found this beautiful letter from President Obama,” Trump said.

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  1. BeHisLikeness says

    Duhhhh… Mark this is Wednesday… we have already had this news…

    1. AVERY TATE says

      BeHisLikeness some didn’t

  2. Ronnie Tackett says

    I heard Sean Spicer say to the press that they would be called out if they

    1. Mike Thaxton says

      IDK about that but Putin made Obama his ****

    2. Mike Thaxton says

      65% says different and this isn’t the NFL where a player flames out after a
      year you idiot !

    3. JamesOscar says

      Nate B
      more atheists than trump believers?
      you making up some serious BS now !!

    4. Mike Thaxton says

      +JamesOscar Forgive that liberal because he just doesn’t know how stupid he
      and democrats are

    5. Wayne Kurr says

      +Mike Thaxon Greetings Komorede! Am very much liking new president. He is
      to making Amerika grate again. I am being from Amerika too, just liking you!

  3. the best Reason says

    Daddys home AMERICA !!!!

    1. the best Reason says

      Nate B naw just excited to see trump elected president to make all of
      america great again…
      i suspect u didnt believe he would be elcted did u????…..
      well he was!!
      i bet u aslo think he will not be a great president to…..
      hahahaha just wait and see how he will make AMERCIA GREAT AGAIN

    2. Patricia Swisher says

      the best Reason. hes a child called d duck

  4. Stavey Putin says


    1. Be Reasonable says

      Stavey Putin nj

  5. You Tube Zero says

    Trump is a genius, he has the liberal media distracted, and while they and
    the rest of the left are distracted and nitpicking these stupid points
    about letters, and crowd size, and alternative facts, he is able to get his
    real work done.

    1. JamesOscar says

      Ann Johnson
      i was just saying he’s not a millionaire, he’s a billionaire!

    2. Patricia Swisher says

      You Tube Zero. youre right hes doing it all behind everybody back even the
      republicans wake up America

  6. Milton Hackett says

    happy fifth nobama day everyone

    1. John Drohan says

      Does anyone remember the NAME of the fat black guy on the 60’s T.V. cartoon
      ”The Jetsons” ? HELP….

    2. Still of the Night says

      John Drohan Fat Albert??

    3. John Drohan says

      Trick Question . There WERE NO BLACKS in the ”Jetsons”……..future’s
      looking BRIGHT !

  7. Caffine addict says

    Letter says I gave 221million away again with Kerry.I will have the last
    laugh.We organized that Women’s March with my buddy Hillary.I hid money in
    offshore banks catch me if you can.I left butt plugs in the top left drawer
    in the Oval Office.The people seen right through me.

    1. Patricia Swisher says

      Caffine addict. u r a addict alright u r so nutty i can even find the words
      stupid stupid stupid

    2. David Anderson says

      too much caffeine buddy

    3. Alexis Poulos says

      Block the Tel Aviv trolls pretending to be American on social networking

    4. Mark Taykor says

      I would love to sell you inside info on wallstreet about the nest president

  8. Sebbonx Xsebbon says

    I love President Trump bypasses the traditional media with twitter!

    1. Bob Taylor says

      you are so right AJ too many people let these assholes get to them. people
      listen to AJ don’t become a childish liberal, they are the ones destroying
      our country. last thing we want is more people acting like them. they cant
      face fact or deal with the truth, don’t stoop so low!

    2. Wayne Kurr says

      You talk this way ,Bob. Do you not realize that your statements are
      contrary to the very tenets that you espouse?

  9. Laurie Eymer says

    Please start refering to him as President Trump . thank you

    1. arjeliomas says

      jenann – that could be the dumbest thing somebody wrote in the last two
      days. Here’s your sign…

    2. arhatyellow says

      Laurie Eymer Why use profanity?

    3. Ann Johnson says

      Laurie Eymer He is our President swallow that

    4. trueblue2k2 says

      There is always “DJT”. It’s reminiscent of JFK for whom Americans hold much
      respect, or the ever popular “Mr. President”.

    5. arjeliomas says

      trueblue – OPD. He’s OPD.

  10. J Briggs says

    i say this seance GORGE SOROS is starting protesting and rioting wars
    PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP should declare state of emergency that will fix
    GORGE SOROS crap.

    1. J Briggs says

      +Ann Johnson i will pay to see that . LMFAO

    2. J Briggs says

      +Nate B thumbs up . man you need to be president of America.

    3. niki phillips says

      And all of his celebritard sheeple too ! Liberal=mentally ill !

    4. J Briggs says

      +niki phillips i like that lmao .

  11. John Vasquez says

    when are they going to remove that muslim prayer rug hanging on the wall
    behind trump in this pic ?

    1. X-one muzikbox says

      John Vasquez thunder will strike you and your family

    2. John Vasquez says

      X-one muzikbox – lmao

  12. Lynn G says

    This is Obama trying to get a message out and Trump not playing into his

    1. Moonstorm0551 says

      Lynn G I don’t know why Jimmy Carter started this “tradition”….I just
      wish someone would put a stop to it.

    2. arjeliomas says

      Why? Human decency a little too much for you to bear?

    3. Master Penquin says

      im pretty sure it contains something that Trump knows isn’t something to be
      shared. If anything, people will ask Obama what he wrote, and if it was
      meant to be shared, he would tell. No one was probably supposed to know
      about the letter in the first place.

  13. Todd Andlin says

    I really dig your guys news reports but your titles are getting a little
    click baity……

    1. itchy AIDS says

      and after the last few months that gary guy is getting a little cunty

    2. JamesOscar says

      i agree totally. i’ve actually had to thumbs down a few videos.
      i really hope they quit with the sensationalizing and just report the
      damned news

    3. Harry O says

      Amen! Well said!

    4. Barbara McCormack says

      JamesOscar…News, what news!?

  14. jack hunter says

    the letter realy says…donald dont send me to prison….yup

    1. X-one muzikbox says

      You got no job… stop texting me

    2. jack hunter says

      heaheaa i dont need to work….if you knew me you would
      understand…heaaa….but your a dumb neegro transexual…is it not time
      you went out looting….yup

    3. X-one muzikbox says

      Your father

  15. letmetellya says

    I think Trump should give you first dibs at everything so the mainstream
    will have to take it from you.

    1. Mr. Nick b says

      letmetellya hey let’s go and create a new petition stating Gary gets first

  16. Mike McGomer says

    I heard it reported by you that the inauguration had a really big crowd and
    you showed a good shot. Now when I watch the time lapse they seem to be
    right… Any views?

    1. Mike McGomer says

      +JamesOscar Ok, i’m going to check it out, but the camera angle might be
      deceptive, and I can’t see PBS. pulling that kind of deception. I want to
      be wrong, especially the way his spokesman blasted them. I know he’s under
      fire like no one else.

    2. Gonzalez131 says

      +Mike McGomer did you check out the link for the video i posted ?

    3. Mike McGomer says

      +Gonzalez131 U mean the gigapixel? I was just there. It looks good, but
      like I said at that angle it could look like theres no bust oh MLK and then
      you see another angle and it’s there, so the press lied outright there.
      this I can’t tell. Just with this I can’t say..But with the press record I
      might even believe PBS could do this, nothing would surprise me.

    4. JamesOscar says

      +Mike i have seen, and say sadly, that pbs newshour has been tilting left
      for some time now.

    5. Mike McGomer says

      +JamesOscar Left is the first turn down hill.

  17. Deborah Harris says

    I wish he’d stop talking about the rigged election jargon. Just move on and
    let the media be. He can’t control them.

    1. Maniacman2030 says

      +Deborah Harris Agree with you there. Should be getting down to business so
      we can clean up the mess Obama left behind.

    2. kwacou says

      Deborah Harris He is controlling them, he’s picking the talking points
      (narrative ) and they’re stupid enough to run with it. No more where’s
      Waldo (meant Russians) Let’s just tell the truth, mainstream media sucks.
      Real journalism died under Bush and weapons of mass destruction. Thank God
      there’s now a matured the internet.

    3. Deborah Harris says

      kwacou Trump should focus on following through what he said he was going to
      do so the media will have no choice other than to follow his progress.

  18. S Martin says

    The liberal leftist MSM is getting spanked on a regular basis. The more
    they lie the more we support Trump and are the reason he got elected. I
    love it.

    1. roland l says

      M Neufield :
      When there was Sir Barrack Obama , all he wanted was to start a war to hide
      his so many crimes , like in Libya started a war , then in Syria he paid so
      many jihadists , terrorists ,and Isis , not to mention Isil , to go to make
      war on the president of Syria , but some other countries help against the
      war on Syria …

  19. COWBOYS NATION! 214 says

    SHUT THE FCK UP!!! You sound stupid just like these other FOOLS!!!!!

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