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Borussia Dortmund vs Manchester City 1-1 + Penalty Shootout 5-6 HD All Goals & Highlights 28/07/2016

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Manchester City Borussia Dortmund
Borussia Dortmund vs Manchester City 1-1 HD All Goals & Highlights 28/07/2016


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  1. Nicolas Campos says

    First one and like

  2. El Nucho Barcelona says

    3rd like and coment

  3. I Love Turtles Barcelona says

    8 like

  4. вардгес хачатрян says

    Ты русский?!

    1. Emre Demirbağ says

      Rush B

    2. Mr Nobody says

      cyka blyat

  5. HushedGraphics • Graphics & Intros says


  6. Akash Gupta says

    wunderbar!!!! i understodd german !! 😛 😛 yey!!!

    1. Mr. Anonymous says


  7. Daniel Berentz says

    Why are chinese people watching this game in the stadium!? There not even
    from these countries

    1. Adrian 19 says

      +NigelHasNoHDCamera so you either have to be from the same area code or you
      have to be born with that club tatted on you’re chest? You can’t just start
      supporting them over the years? You have to support them and them only?
      That makes a lot of sense. It sounds like you’re what’s wrong with the
      sport, having that attitude like “oh I liked them before they had pep” it’s
      like saying you can’t like a singer because you heard a popular song on the
      radio and all the singers fanboys are saying “well I liked them before that
      song and I’ve been listening for years”. Just let them support who they
      want to support no matter where they live or how they found out about that

    2. ZydomHD says

      +Endurance Da fuq is your problem boy. Settle down

    3. MrVlaDy G says

      +Endurance Judging from the way you communicate with people, I highly doubt
      that. Even if you are older than me, i would still consider you as a kid,
      if not child.

    4. Khadija Majait says

      Hilarious when people say that they should support a team from their own
      country, when actually their players are from other countries! Come back
      when you have a club full of players from YOUR country! Dumbass…

    5. Venom HD says

      +Endurance I bought some bleach would you like some?

  8. Toasty says

    is that angus gunn in goal?

    1. MrVlaDy G says

      Ya hes beast

  9. James _3 says

    Man City were getting dominated the entire match

    1. Abyss -X- says

      +James Rwamakuba 6-1

    2. Tony G says

      United better than city haha I guess dumbass but not these couple of years
      so you and United could enjoy Europa league ☺

    3. James _3 says

      +Tony G Ciry can enjoy having to go to the Europa League they have no
      History like United City only have money and it hasn’t gotten them anywhere

    4. David De Gea says

      +James Rwamakuba Every ManU supporter is saying that City has no
      histroy..History isn’t everything.Look at Blackburn,look at Aston
      Villa..2nd Divison teams,but with a history.

    5. The Beast says

      +James Rwamakuba Its all about the present and future mate. MCFC atm is
      better than United. United can enjoy the Europa League.

  10. M.T.H Channel says

    thx footoz

  11. THRIQUILLED says

    They need to work on concentrating in front of goal. When all else fails
    hit low hit hard. BVB

  12. Holzjogurt says

    Raheem Sterling. I really want to know whats wrong with this guy. shouldve
    stayed at anfield. nothing from him, overpaid af, too expensive, worth
    maybe 40mill€, half bc of his age. but glad to see a new hairstyle, at
    least something thats not irrelevant to him.what a pitty

    1. Holzjogurt says

      hm, which way to understand that ?

    2. WATFORDFC4LIFE says

      Sterling is good? Go and watch a man city game mate, and then you’ll see.

    3. Elias Khan says

      have a look at sterling now

    4. Holzjogurt says

      haha yes i hope he keeps up

  13. Marko Milicic says

    Angus Gunn is a new Neuer

    1. Viktor Talevski says

      +Viktor Talevski od*

    2. Marko Milicic says

      +Viktor Talevski Danas sam bio u Makedoniji

    3. Marko Milicic says

      +Viktor Talevski Dojran

    4. Viktor Talevski says

      +Marko Milicic dobro, jas inaku ziveam vo Bitola, inaku se pokape vo

    5. Victor Wilson says

      He looks more like David De Gea, Literally.

  14. Ali Cina says

    Man city keeper is fucking good and really quick and still young

  15. diego tardelli says

    Todos estaban poseidos por higuain al principio

  16. Mr Nobody says

    where is marco reus

    1. Venom HD says

      Its a friendly they don’t need him

    2. Hikokuro says

      but city needs aguero and sterling??

    3. pl0x1337PwnEpix says

      He was injured.

  17. MCFC16 VLOGZ says

    Cmon city!

  18. TheElakiri123 says

    sterling is mosquito

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